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Smart insights on a blockchain market supply & demand.
ICO as a tool for community development and post-MVP product dev stages.
Private token sale event with benefits for early partners
Ideaology portal L.C.C. is based in Dubai (UAE), with a 40+ team
Lack of people, knowledge and funds
Over 40% of new businesses fail because their product does not fill a gap or offer a solution to the marketplace.
Around 30% run out of Cash. They spend their whole budget on unimportant, short-term issues and lose sight of the big picture.
Lastly, 30% of start-ups fail due to problems with their workforce technology and management knowledge, too.
IDEAOLOGY combines the three elements necessary to take a business to the next level:
1. Blockchain technology, 2. Blockchain Launchpad and, 3. Crowdfunding & IDEA founding
Ideology platform will offer a variety of services as Crowdfunding, Freelancer, Creative Market and Find a team option powered by IDEA token.
+ the lowest fees + founding & advisory + wallet, apps,..
MARKETPLACE where users can Buy/Sell: Projects ( System, Program, App ), Plug-ins, Website Templates, Finished codes, Fonts, Tutorials, Creative Assets
LOOKING FOR A PARTNER enables to engage partner on your project: Consulting, Customer Service, Analytic, Design, Mobile Dev, Software Dev,...
FREELANCER option to Hire Freelancers: Show your skills and get hired by Community members
CROWDFUNDING OPTION for user's blockchain project
GET FUNDED BY IDEA enabling community members to bring us "ready to start a project" and apply for the full funding by IDEAOLOGY Team.
1 - Platform made for people. Offering various of services as an option to crowdfund or invest in projects, find a team or apply to become a part of team, work and make money or use services as a freelancer or sell creative assets on market
2 - Wallet: Our advanced online wallet will have
options: Invest Hold Send/request Multiple cryptocurrencies with IDEA
coin Buy points which can be used on site
as payment gateway Redeem points to crypto Track transactions
3 - Token: ERC20 ultillity token All three products combined give ultimate platform that will make your business or personal life easier.
Project Launch MVP Development start Team expansion
Whitepaper Office & Incorporation Community Engagement &
Rewarding Programs
Launchpad BETA and testing Launchpad v1.0 IDEA listed on Exchange Pre-ICO and ICO sale
Wallet BETA and testing Wallet Launch
Online Academy Technology News Site Ideaology Auctions Ideaology Exchange ICO listing site
Launchpad ready to use
TEAM A team of talented entrepreneurs, freelancers and developers, committed to a great IDEA: Yours
IDEA Initial Coin Offering
Token name: IDEAOLOGY Ticker: IDEA Token type: ERC20 Blockchain deployed: Ethereum KYC: YES
Private Sale 6M IDEA
Pre-ICO 19.16M IDEA
We accept:
Fundraising Overview
Competitors fees are too high - companies earn on helping/supporting freelancer market
Ideaology multi-sided platform will bring you:
stability visibility rewards
Why Invest NOW?
Serenity 2.0 enables special validator nodes to receive rewards in Ether and then re-invest it back in their business
Technology is not user-friendly (market expansion) and lack of all-in-one environment (multiple sources of income)
The current market cap of Ether is $19,357,015,591, which is 5.5 times larger than EOS, the closest competitor (
SUPPLY: 6 Million IDEA
40% DISCOUNTED PRICE Voting, partnership, visibility
Funds will be invested at: Company incorporation MVP Development Office set-up
IDEA Private Sale
Reduced private-sales price
Reward & Ambassador Programs
Follow the MVP Launshing Countdown & HODL
KYC verification & Buy IDEA:
Sign the Token Sale Agreement