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1. Boost Your Membership! Identify Your Ideal Clients and Engage Them to Maintain and Boost Your Membership 2. Agenda Welcome and Introductions Francis Liska 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings Meagan Rockett Identifying Your Ideal Member & Boosting Engagement Pat den Boer Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Robert Fraser Q & A 3. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings 3rd instalment 178 respondents 5 Key Areas 4. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings Membership growth, higher visibility in industry or field, and increased member participation - top priorities for respondents 5. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings For the third consecutive year, member relationship priorities have focused on member retention 6. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings Word of Mouth - 76.8% Website - 70.4% Conference Attendance - 34.4% 7. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings 31.3% have a marketing plan in place 25.2% are working it (2014) 43.5% are either developing a plan in 2015 or have not done anything about this. 8. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings 30.3% have indicated market penetration rates of 50% or less; 21.7% said they have dont know what their market penetration is 9. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings What can you do? Perfect Customer Be Strategic Segment Your Marketing Vary efforts 10. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings Only 6.1% of respondents indicated that over 50% of members are engaging with them through social media 11. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings Building general/public awareness Engagement/attendance at events News dissemination/starting discussions 12. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings 26.4% - member recruitment 20.8% - member retention 13. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings The largest share of social media staffing was in the range of five to nine hours per week or less. 14. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings 52.8% think their social media programming is somewhat successful, but more could be done with strategic planning 15. 2014 Pulse Report Key Findings What can you do? Devote more time Be Strategic Dont just promote; inform! 16. Identifying Your Ideal Client Augment recruitment Improve retention performance 17. Identifying Your Ideal Client Start with the why 18. Operations staffed, organized and engaged to deliver on the promise? How much do you know about what members think? What competes for members attention? What gap do you fill for members? Identifying Your Ideal Clientwith the why 19. Measure member satisfaction, dont just track numbers: What members care about Why do they show up / or not What keeps them up at night What would put you in the top 3 What can only you provide Identifying Your Ideal Client 20. Be the go-to source for unique information Make it relevant (segment your members) Make it personal Celebrate member achievements & share stories Identifying Your Ideal Client 21. Sharpen Engagement Culture Staff engagement Board and committee engagement Target member communication Identifying Your Ideal Client 22. Organizational Engagement = Member Engagement A small increase in engagement can increase member growth by as much as 25% Identifying Your Ideal Client 23. Contribute more: Find purpose in work Increased focus on the member or client This means team: Works smarter Produces better Grows members Identifying Your Ideal Client 24. Know members communication preferences Make follow-up part of your culture Never take for granted member input Make them proud! Identifying Your Ideal Client 25. Establish clear messages about why your organization matters You can never over-communicate #2! Customize the message in member terms Identify key people to be ambassadors Make it easy for members to reach you M Identifying Your Ideal Client embr Communication 26. Identifying Your Ideal Client Core to most strategies 27. Measurement comes first and last Track trends, and build into communications Make a plan, no matter how simple Scale plan to operational capacity Make it a must- read Make them proud Don't let them guess what youre up to! Identifying Your Ideal Client 28. Identifying Your Ideal Client Stand back and watch your membership engage! 29. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Why Social Media? 30. Widespread consumer adoption of Social Media is hard to ignore. Consumers, both young and old are changing their expectations of how they interact with businesses. Businesses are flocking to Social Media with just about every B2C, NFPs/Charities and even B2B down to your local Orthodontist and Lawyer following closely behind. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members 31. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites. 93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. (Brandpoint) Baby Boomers are connecting on social sites at a rate 20 times faster than the younger generations, with 28% indicating they use the sites regularly. (Accenture) 32. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Because this is where your ideal client is. Social Media is where the Word of Mouth has gone. Your ideal customer is sharing their experiences, goals, concerns with friends and connections. It is important that we are there not to sell/recruit but to share out experience, goals, concerns with those who are interested. 33. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Heres The Problem 34. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Social Media is like getting a free puppy. It doesnt cost anything at all to start and it looks like fun until it chews the carpet, poops all over the backyard, cost a fortune at the vets and you need to spend hours per day walking it. 35. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Lured by Social Media hype, many jump right into the fray without fully thinking through what theyre doing and why theyre doing it. In other words, the fire, ready, aim approach to Social Media is not uncommon. At best, that approach can result in failing to fully capitalize on the benefits of Social Media. At worst, it can be a public relations and customer relationship nightmare. 36. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Where Do I Start? 37. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Top Down Support Analyze current Marketing/Online strategy: Whats Working/Whats Not Website, SEO, Print, email Identify your audience and the value you are providing Research your audience. Create target customer personas. 38. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Define a Social Media Plan/Strategy: What are you looking to get out of Social Media direct sales, better visibility, buzz, customer service improvements, leads, brand evangelists Clear goals avoid: Wasted time, effort, backlash, fatigue, and missed opportunities Goals can be simple Graco reach 1M parents online 39. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Create a Tactical Plan from your Strategy. What you are going to do and when be specific, be SMART. Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely Which Social Media?, eBooks/White Papers, Video, Podcasts, Blogs. Coordinate your website with Social Media and traditional marketing. Engage your followers. Listen. Share your goals and vision. Be part of the conversation. 40. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Dont Sell. Create a relationship with your customer. Social Media is a long game. It takes time and patience. Measure/Monitor the value. What's working/not working 41. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Social Media Research, Quality Content, Time, Engagement, Resources, Expertise Be willing to lose control, but gain a voice Be Human Create an consistent look and feel to your Website, Facebook, Twitter etc. Provide followers with insight, sneak peeks, support and a good laugh etc. make it worth their while Listen, Ask Questions, Reply, Engage 42. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Social Media Funnel 43. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members You Need 44. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Research Take the time to properly research your target client/customer You want to understand: Who they are Where they hang-out on the internet. This includes Social Media sites, websites, search engines etc. What their issues/problems or pain-points are The better you understand your audience, the more valuable your interactions will be. 45. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Client Personas Semi-fictional representations of your ideal client based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. It is not: Target Markets, Job Titles/roles, Specific real people. Its: Common behaviour patterns, Shared Pain Points, Goals, wishes, dreams, demographic (age, education, title) and biographic information Personas help identify where your best clients spend time on the Internet so you can be there too. If you know what your personas are trying to achieve, you can create things to help them reach their goals and overcome their challenges. Personas help you create the right content to reach the right audience. 46. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Client Personas Focus on motives behind behaviors: pay attention to not just what someone is doing, but why theyre doing it. Choose one primary persona; all other personas are secondary Keep personas fictional, but still realistic. No one has a one-size fits all customer; dont define your persona by describing just one real person. Tell your personas story. Dont just list facts about them; weave those facts into a detailed representation of who this persona is as a person. 47. Using Social Media to Reach Your Members Quality content Content is your online currency. Value