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A short overview how digital humanities methods have been utilized in the varied field of identity politics. I focused on gender/sexuality studies because another presentation more closely examined race/ethnic studies. I used this PPT theme because I found it interesting that the ink splatter was meant to look old but was really made up of pixels, and when you're working in a field that makes so much use of literary/other criticism you find yourself looking critically at EVERYTHING.


  • 1. Identity Politics in the DigitalHumanitiesVicky Ludas697-04 Digital HumanitiesDr. SulaFebruary 1, 2012

2. What is "Identity Politics"?The general term for groups that consciously separate themselvesfrom the dominant narrative of straight white well-off males, in theU.S. and elsewhere Gender/Sexuality studiesWomens studiesGLBTQ studies/Queer theoryMasculinity studies Race/Ethnic studiesQuestioning assumptions; looking at each group and subgroup assubject to different and distinct pressures, needs, and relationshipswith other groups 3. Identity Politics and Digital HumanitiesAs DH has now become the umbrella term for a variety of approaches andprojects, what is DH? Computer science majors: 90% menWikipedia editors: 87% menCoding not neutralCritique not irrelevantBoth should be taught! The "Cool Kids Table" meme struck many as exclusive: "Is this field actually constructing itself through competing narratives ofprivileged, middle-class, white, high-school politics in tension with privileged, middle-class, white people who work nicely together?"(Bianco, J., 2012, Debates in the DH, pp. 99-100) 4. Means and MethodsBlogs and online discussion forumsGaming, especially Massive Multiplayer Online Role-PlayingGames (MMORPGs) Performance artDistant readingText analysisCollaborative Google DocsTwitterBecoming Dragon, Micha Cardenas, 5. ThemesAlan TuringThe Gender Genie: Test, 6. ThemesUndermining gender norms:Technology 7. Undermining gender norms: GamingI create butch and gender-non-normative avatars with different videogame avatar systems. My project seeksto test and understand the boundariesof customizable avatars in commercialvideo games and analyze this aestheticflexibility with relation to how gender, race, and sexuality function in the games procedures. This is Blade, myfemale avatar from Fable II.-Amanda Phillips, University of California, Santa Barbara 8. ProjectsTransform DH#transformDH "Transform": not "to change, but more "what can it become?"Toward an Open Digital Humanities" Google Doc "...[D]igital humanities must take active strides to include all the areas of study that comprise the humanities and must strive to include participants of diverse age, generation, sex, skill, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ability, nationality, culture, discipline, areas of interest. HASTACs Queer and Feminist New Media Spaces forum Feminist Humanities Project at University of Oregon 9. Digital Sisterhood Network for Digital Storytelling: Identity Australians Transborder Immigrant Tool Geek Theory, Threads, Cited, 10. Questions?...


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