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IFE in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra. 2-9 October 2009 and 20-24 October 2009. Natural Disaster: Earthquake 7,6 RS. The Natural Disaster: Eathquake. Wednesday, 30 th September 2009 at approximately 17:16:10 local time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • IFE in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra2-9 October 2009 and 20-24 October 2009Natural Disaster: Earthquake 7,6 RS

  • The Natural Disaster: EathquakeWednesday, 30th September 2009 at approximately 17:16:10 local timeMagnitude of 7,6 RS, epicenter was 45kilometres (28mi) west-northwest of Padang, Sumatra Most affected areas: (a) Padang Pariaman, (b) Agam, (c) Padang, and (d) PariamanGovernment reports have to date confirmed: (a) 1,115 dead, (b) 1,214 severely injured and (c) 1,688 slightly injured

  • AIMIS Disaster Response Lactation Team:First Deployment2 9 October, 2009

  • ObjectivesRapid assessment and mapping of earthquake victims: (a) pregnant women, (b) breastfeeding mothers, (c) babies and infants (under 2s)Observation over the distribution of infant formula and baby foodEarly lactation support for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers

  • Day 1Deployment on H + 23 lactation counselors and 1 volunteerEstablishing center of activity at the city of PadangGeneral conditions: blackouts, emergency rescues, lack of fuel, much chaos

  • Day 2Reporting to the coordination for disaster relief center at the Governors residencePadang city, 1 post natal motherVictims not in tents staying with relativesLack of drinking/clean waterMental & psychological condition of breastfeeding mothers relatively good

  • Day 3Location: Pariaman city and the district of Pariaman (with several sub-districts)30 mothers and under 2sBenefits of breastfeeding and risks of formula feedingMostly mothers lacking confidence on quality of breast milk lack of nutritious food, e.g. instant noodles

  • Day 4Location: sub-district Sei Geringging, district of PariamanCounseling and screening for exclusively breastfeeding mothers20 pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers from 3 villagesGenerally trust health workers not promoting breastfeeding mothers lack knowledge and support

  • Day 5Assisting the Indonesian Society of Pediatrics (IDAI) for IYFE at M. Jamil Hospital health professionalsMore effective if carried out at H + 2 weeks

  • Day 6With IYFE IDAI team, socialization, counseling & screening for breastfeeding mothersLocation: sub-districts of Sungai Limau and Tandike25 breastfeeding mothers (5 6 mos)Poor knowledge on exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding using local indigenous ingredients*Role of midwife in promotion of formula milk and processed baby food

  • Day 7Activities concentrated in the sub-district of Sei Geringging, district of Pariaman10 pregnant women, 3 breastfeeding < 6mos, 17 breastfeeding > 6 mosLocation already visited by an infant formula company midwifeFrom 20 breastfeeding, only 5 exclusively lack of knowledge and support (midwife)

  • Day 8Distribution of clothes, nursing aprons, infant toiletries, towels, toys and booksConcentration of activities: several villages in sub-district of Sungai Limau, district of PariamanReturn to Jakarta

  • RecommendationsEarly deployment of lactation team very important (H + 1 week), for:Accurate assessment and mapping of: (a) pregnant women, (b) breastfeeding mothers, (c) babies and infants under 2sObservation on the distribution of infant formula and commercial baby foodDissemination of IFE guidelines (Indonesian Ministry of Health) to local & international relief agencies*Counseling & breastfeeding support to pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers

  • AIMIS Disaster Response Lactation Team:Second Deployment20 24 October, 2009

  • ObjectivesFollow-up on First DeploymentCounseling and socialization of the benefits of breastfeeding, risks of formula feeding and proper complementary feedingIFE training for volunteers and local health workers

  • Day 1Deployment on H + 3 weeks2 lactation counselor and 1 field coordinator volunteerLocation: Nagari VII Koto, district of PariamanMeeting with religious and community leadersDistribution of packages for pregnant and breastfeeding women feed the mother, and let the mother feed the child

  • Day 2Various products for distribution to pregnant women & b/f mother not available in district of Pariaman Padang cityPreparation of packages, scheduling visits to several villages

  • Day 3Socialization of breastfeeding and proper complementary feeding in 9 villages, sub-district VII Koto, district of PariamanScreening and counseling partial-breastfeeding mothers formula and/or early CFVisiting local Health Office of the district of Pariaman288 pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers 88 < 6mos, 200 > 6 mos

  • Day 4Increase mothers confidence to breastfeed, despite nutritional statusExplain increased risks of formula feeding lack of clean water results in diarrhea Proper CF using local indigenous ingredientsExclusive b/f = 30 mothers midwives push formula feedingEarly CF at 2 monthsFormula donation since week 1 directly from formula company

  • Day 5Finishing various tasks assigned by AIMIReturn to Jakarta

  • RecommendationsThis Second Deployment highlights the many benefits and nutritious advantages of breast milk, especially during disaster period people tend to believe formula milk and commercial baby food as more nutritiousTraining on CF preparation using the many available local indigenous ingredients people not aware that local foods are more nutritiousThird Deployment necessary for training of local volunteers and health workers on IFE


    *cassava, sweet potato, cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, avocado, manggo, banana, potato, etc*see Letter of Recommendation for IFE