IFRS Update - KPMG | US IFRS, and strategies to ... with the continuously evolving International Financial Reporting Standards ... The IFRS update focuses on standards

Download IFRS Update - KPMG | US  IFRS, and strategies to ... with the continuously evolving International Financial Reporting Standards ... The IFRS update focuses on standards

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<ul><li><p>IFRS Update</p><p>KPMG Business Academy</p><p>12 October 2017</p><p>Dubai</p><p>Transitioning to the new </p><p>standards</p><p>Accounting and financial reporting</p><p>Who should attend</p><p>Course outline</p><p>Understand Explore</p><p>Accounting and financial reporting</p><p>Key learning benefits:</p><p>real-world challenges in </p><p>applying IFRS, and </p><p>strategies to overcome </p><p>them</p><p>the latest developments </p><p>in the growing worldwide </p><p>use of IFRS</p><p>Practice</p><p>examples on the </p><p>implementation and </p><p>application of IFRS </p><p>concepts</p><p>KPMGs IFRS update is designed to keep professionals abreast </p><p>with the continuously evolving International Financial Reporting </p><p>Standards (IFRS). This session provides overview of the current </p><p>IFRS landscape, updates on recent developments and </p><p>forthcoming requirements.</p><p>The IFRS update focuses on standards that have been </p><p>introduced recently the new standards namely, IFRS 15 </p><p>Revenue from Contracts with Customers, IFRS 9 Financial </p><p>Instruments and IFRS 16 Leases which will supersede the </p><p>current respective standards and are expected to significantly </p><p>impact most entities. Further, it covers complex accounting </p><p>issues experienced in the recent years as well as emerging </p><p>issues.</p><p>Course overview</p><p>This course is highly recommended for:</p><p> Chief accountants</p><p> Finance directors</p><p> Finance managers</p><p> Financial controllers</p><p> Accountants</p><p> Financial analysts</p><p> Auditors</p><p>New developments and accounting issues faced</p><p> Complex accounting issues we faced in 2015-2016</p><p> Exposure drafts, projects under development and </p><p>key updates on IFRS</p><p>The new financial instrument standard (IFRS 9)</p><p> Classification of financial assets</p><p> Impairment of financial assets </p><p> The new expected credit loss model </p><p>(ECL)</p><p> Assessing significant increase in credit </p><p>risk</p><p> Lifetime losses versus 12-month losses</p><p> Challenges and our experience</p><p>Revenue from contracts with customers (IFRS 15)</p><p> General overview </p><p> The five step model</p><p> Challenges and our experience</p><p>The new lease standard (IFRS 16)</p><p> Defining a lease contract</p><p> Single lease accounting model for lessee</p><p> Key impacts recognizing new assets and </p><p>liabilities</p><p> Challenges and our experience</p></li><li><p>IFRS Update</p><p>12 October 2017 </p><p>8:30am-4:30pm</p><p>Dubai</p><p>Early bird (before </p><p>12 September 2017)</p><p>Participant fee</p><p>US$799 US$999</p><p>Three ways to register:</p><p>Certificate</p><p>Participants who attend all sessions will be awarded a </p><p>KPMG certificate of attendance.</p><p>Payment</p><p>To reserve a seat at our courses, please complete a </p><p>registration form and pay the full fees before the due date. </p><p>All registrations are subject to acceptance by KPMG and </p><p>will be confirmed with you in writing.</p><p>Cancellation</p><p>If, having registered and paid for a place, you are unable to </p><p>attend the course, a substitute delegate is welcome to </p><p>attend in your place. Fees canceled seven days or less </p><p>before the course begins are payable in full.</p><p>KPMG reserves the right to cancel this course, change its </p><p>date or alter the venue, speakers or topics.</p><p>Register</p><p>ae-fmkpmgacademy@kpmg.com</p><p>+971 4 356 9616</p><p>All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions which are </p><p>available at </p><p>http://kpmgbusinessacademy.kpmguae.com/TermsandConditions.aspx</p><p>. By submitting your registration you agree to be bound by the terms </p><p>and conditions in full.</p><p>KPMGs professional training and management development programs are licensed by the Government of Dubai's Knowledge and Human </p><p>Development Authority.</p><p> 2017 KPMG Lower Gulf Limited and KPMG LLP, operating in the UAE, member firms of the KPMG network of independent member firms</p><p>affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (KPMG International), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. The KPMG name and logo are registered </p><p>trademarks or trademarks of KPMG International.</p><p>Accounting and financial reporting</p><p>Yusuf Hassan</p><p>Partner I AAS </p><p>KPMG in the Lower Gulf</p><p>Yusuf Hassan heads our Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) function in the UAE and Oman. Yusuf also heads </p><p>the technical department of KPMGs Middle East and South Asia (MESA) region, spanning 17 Asian countries. </p><p>Yusuf is also KPMGs permanent representative at the Abu Dhabi Technical Forum, the Abu Dhabi </p><p>Accountability Authority's technical committee in the UAE. </p><p>Yusuf has represented KPMG at many accounting seminars regionally, including the World Accounting </p><p>Summit, CPA Australia Dubai events, CA Sri Lanka events in Qatar, and at various ICAI and ICAP chapters in </p><p>Dubai, Jeddah and Riyadh.</p><p>Yusuf won the ICAEW award for excellence in training and development of finance professionals in 2013.</p><p>Meet your course leader</p><p>Customized training </p><p>solutions</p><p>To create a more tailored learning experience, you may want to run this course in-house. Please contact:</p><p>Saravanan Selvan E: sselvan@kpmg.comT: +971 4 356 9616</p>http://kpmgbusinessacademy.kpmguae.com/Registration.aspx?c=50http://kpmgbusinessacademy.kpmguae.com/TermsandConditions.aspx</li></ul>


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