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  • 1. Universidad Autnoma de Nuevo Len Centro de Investigacin y Desarrollode Educacin Bilinge iGEM : International Genetically Modified Machine Competition

2. iGEM FOUNDATION Began in 2003 High Schools 20115 teams in 2004 164 teams in 2011 3. iGEM -CIDEBFirst and unique publicschool in the divisionregistered school in LatinAmerica.Development in areas ofmolecular biology, geneticengineering and syntheticbiology to high school level. 4. What do you think? 5. What the people think ... What scientists think ... 6. The design of systems that donot exist in the real world Organism betterment 7. ADVANTAGES 8. What do you think about the risks of aproject like this may have? 9. KIT: Banana (100 g) Salt (1 pizca) Liquid detergent (20 ml) Distilled water (20 ml) 2 Plastic cups Cold cane alcohol (90%) Spoon A filter (may be coffee or strainer) A small bottle glass Plastic bag 10. 1. Make mash the banana in the bag.2. In the glass mix the detergent, salt anddistilled water. STIR WELL!3. Add 2 tablespoons of mashed banana to the mix.4. In another vessel, through a filter, pour theabove mixture, letting ONLY the liquid. 11. In a test tube or in a glass beaker, pour someof the resulting liquid. Add a dash of alcohol gradually and ...