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IGNATIA N PRO GRAMS A Book: What is Ignatian Spirituality? Ign atian Terms Fr. Pedr o Arru pe 2010-2 011 Euchari st 2011-2012 MAGI S First Jesuits

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MAGIS. Ignatian Programs. A Book: What is Ignatian Spirituality?. First Jesuits. Fr. Pedro Arrupe 2010-2011. Eucharist 2011-2012. Ignatian Terms. First Jesuits. Ignatian Breakfasts Thursday , Sept 13, 2012: Bl. Favre, SJ Thursday , November 7, 2012: Fr. Lainez , SJ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ignatian Programs

Ignatian ProgramsA Book: What is Ignatian Spirituality?Ignatian TermsFr. Pedro Arrupe 2010-2011Eucharist2011-2012MAGISFirst Jesuits1First JesuitsIgnatian BreakfastsThursday, Sept 13, 2012: Bl. Favre, SJThursday, November 7, 2012: Fr. Lainez, SJFriday, February 15, 2013 Fr. Brot, SJThursday, May 2, 2013 St. Francis Xavier, SJ

1st Ignatian Lunch: Tues. Sept 18 & Wed. Sept 1911 11:45 / 11:45 12:35 / 12:35 1:202nd Ignatian Lunch: Mon. Nov 12 & Tues. Nov 133rd Ignatian Lunch: Mon. Feb 18 & Tues. Feb 194th Ignatian Lunch: Mon. May 13 & Tues. May 142First JesuitsIgnatius LoyolaFrancis XavierPierre Favre

Diego LainezAlfonso SalmeronSimao RodriguesNicolas Bobadilla

Claude JayPaschase BroetJean Codure

Bl. Pierre Favre, SJ

Fr. Diego Lainez, SJ

Fr. Paschase Brot, SJ

Fr. Francis Xavier, SJ3April 7, 1506 december 3, 1552And if you wish to bring forth much fruit, both for yourselves and for your neighbors, and to live consoled, converse with sinners, making them unburden themselves to you.

These are the living books by which you are to study, both for your preaching and for your own consolation.

Trained with Favre under Ignatius. Example of Great Apostolic Zeal 1st from the Original Group to leave Europe.Taught Catechism to children as they gathered around him.InculturationLearned of Japan went there.Learned of China headed that way

St. Francis Xavier, SJ4Evangelize the WorldPresenter: Vincent Strand, sjPastoral CareHopefulEncourage to Grow

St. francis xavier, sj5Help me become a heroOne who executes both spiritual & physical feats;One who gives himself up to be a part of something greater;One who departs on a journey and returns changed.Help me to emphasize the MAGISOne who does his best in every area;One who strives to be great in all aspects of his life.

Help me become a person with & for othersOne who respects himself as well as others;One who performs deeds not for himself, but for others.Help me become a leaderOne who persuades others to do the right thing;One who guides others through action, not talk.

We pray to you for help, St. Xavier.Amen.

Luke RothanSt. Xavier High SchoolCincinnati, Ohio

What is evangelization? Why is it important to me?How do we live this evangelization; Regarding our Church, our Colleagues, our Students, our Family, etcWhat is the invitation to me from this morning?

??? 4 SharingPrayer to St. Francis Xavier, SJ

61500 September 14, 1562Jesuits respond to challenges from the world.The name 'Society of Jesus' is arrogant. There is an order of the 'Gesuati' in Italy, and other orders bear the name of the Most Holy Trinity or of the Holy Ghost. The traditions of the order life are ignored. The pastoral privileges of the Society of Jesus are comparable with those of the mendicant orders, and are no menace to the clergy. First Provincial of Italy & Provincial of France

Fr. Paschase Brot, SJ

7Fr. Paschase Brot, sjOpen to growthPresenter: Katy SalzmanLoyalConfidentCompassionate


Through your most holy passion and death, I beg of you, Lord, to grant me a most holy life, and a most complete death to all my vices & passions & self-love and to grant me sight of your faith, hope, and charity. AmenSt. Alphonsus Rodriguez, SJ

When have you not fit in because of ?When have you noticed another not fitting in because of ?How did you feel? How did you respond?As educators, what can you do to create mindset of understanding, helpfulness, etc?Share with a neighbor (someone new?)Questions to Share

AbilitySizeExperienceAgeSkin colorEtc9

1512 January 19, 15652nd Superior General of SJ1st Biographer of St. Ignatius of LoyolaPapal Theologian during each of 3 periods of the Council of Trent

Fr. Diego Lainez, SJAt night, Ignatius would go up on the roof of the house, with the sky there up above him. He would take his hat off and look up for a long time at the sky. Then he would fall to his knees, bowing profoundly to God...10Fr. Diego lainez, sjIntellectually competentPresenter: Tom HaindfieldDesire for LearningCritical ThinkingTeach Well

11Grant me, Oh Lord, to see everything now with new eyes, to discern and test the spirits that help me read the signs of the times, to relish the things that are yours and to communicate them to others. Give me the clarity of understanding that you gave St. Ignatius. Amen---Pedro Arrupe Ignatian Heritage Week

How do you challenge yourself to learn well?How do you challenge your students to learn well?How do you challenge others to learn well?Share with a neighbor (someone new?)Questions to Share

12April 13, 1506 August 1, 1546Older BrotherConfraternityGermany

For reformGeneral ConfessionDaily ExamenWeekly EucharistStudy and appropriate catechism

Bl. Pierre Favre, SJ

Father, in the name of Jesus, give me the Spirit13Blessed Pierre favre, sjSharing Faith

Presenter: Greg GlennSODALITYCLCGRIEF14Prayer for DetachmentI beg of you, my Lord,to remove anything which separatesme from you, and you from me.Remove anything that makes me unworthyof your sight, your control, your reprehension;of your speech and conversation,of your benevolence and love.Cast from me every evilthat stands in the way of my seeing you,hearing, tasting, savoring, and touching you;fearing and being mindful of you;knowing, trusting, loving, and possessing you;being conscious of your presenceand, as far as may be, enjoying you.

This is what I ask for myselfand earnestly desire from you. Amen.Have you, recently, shared your faith with another?FamilyColleagueStudentOtherTalk to another about what thisQuestions to Share