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IGNITED MINDS Unleashing the power within India By - Sanjeet Yadav

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Ignited Minds Unleashing the power within India

By - Sanjeet Yadav

Song of YouthAs a young citizen of India,Armed with technology, knowledge and love for my nation,I realize, small aim is a crime.

I will work and sweat for a great vision,The vison of transforming India into a developed nationPowered by economic strength with value system.

I am one of the citizens of a billion,Only the vison will ignite the billion souls.It has entered into me,The ignited soul compared to any resources,Is the most powerful resourceOn the earth, above the earth and under the earth.

I will keep the lamp of knowledge burningTo archive the vision Developed India.

About the Book Name of book: IGNITED MINDS Unleashing the power within IndiaAuthor: A.P.J. Abdul KalamLanguage: English Copies sold: Over 1 million Publication: Penguin BooksYear of publication: 2002No. Of pages: 189 Cover: Paperback

Highlights of the bookDr. Kalam has dedicatedignited mindsto anintermediate schoolchild, named Snehal Thakkar, whom he met at a school and while talking to thestudents, a question had come up: who is our enemy? Kalam recalled that many answers came up, but the answer on which all agreed came from her: our enemy is poverty. It is the root cause of our problems and should be the object of our fight, not our own.The small book contains dynamic and original ideas, examines attitudes afflicting the Indians, and present prescriptions for the rapid growth of India to enable the country to emerge as adeveloped country.

1. The dream and the messageSpirituality must be integrated with education. Self realization is the focus. Each one of us must be aware of our higher self. We should ignite our dormant inner energy and let it guide our lives. The radiance of such minds embarked on constructive endeavor will bring peace, prosperity and bliss to this nation.

2. Give us a Role Model

A nations wealth is the young generation of the country. When they grow up, who can be the role models ?Mother, Father and elementary school teachers play a very important part as role models.When the child grows up, the role models will be national leaders of quality and integrity in every field including politics, the sciences, technology and industry.

3. VisionaryLeaders and Scientists

Vision ignites the minds. India needs visionaries of the stature of J.R.D. Tata, Vikram Sarabhai, Satish Dhawan and Dr. Verghese Kurien.These type of visionaries can involve an entire generation in mission- driven programs which benefit the country as a whole. You must build on the resources represented by our young professionals and by our nations farmers. Without their involvement, we cannot succeed. With their involvement, we cannot fail.

4. Learning from Saints and SeersWe survived as a nation the onslaughts of invaders and the numbing effects of colonialism. We have also learnt to adjust to the rifts and divisions in our own society. In the process of all the adjustment, we also lowered our aims and expectations. Our spiritual wisdom has been our strength. We must regain our broad outlook and draw upon our heritage and wisdom to enrich our lives. We need to home- grow our own model of development based on our inherent strengths.

5. Patriotism beyond Politics and ReligionThere are success stories among failures. There is hope among chaos, promise among problems. We are one billion people with multiple faiths and ideologies. The absence of a national vision makes us vulnerable. There is need to reinforce this seam and amalgamate us into one national forum.

6. The Knowledge SocietyAncient India was a knowledge society that contributed a great deal to civilization. We need to recover that status and become a knowledge power.We must learn from our mistakes to achieve a better standard of life. A developed India will supplant a spirit of defeat with the spirit of victory.

7. Getting the Forces TogetherWe need to adapt the implementation of our programs and policies into a mission mode to succeed.Progress cannot be swift and far reaching if the path is full of potholes. The abundant national resources, human and material, remain to be fully utilized.

8. Building a New State

The way to development is through purposeful activity.The young have to be guided properly, so that their lives find a proper direction and their creativity is allowed to flower. To facilitate this, certain educational reforms must be initiated.The mindset must change, showing willingness to take pragmatic risks. Success will follow.

9. To My CountrymenWe need to realize that missions are always bigger than organizations, just as organizations are always bigger than the individuals who run them.Missions need effort and the mind provides the purpose. We need a vision that is shared by the entire nation. No ideology is above the security and prosperity of our country. No agenda is more important than harmony among the people.Our freedom did not come as a gift. The whole country struggled for decades to achieve the first vision of independence, so we have to protect it.

ConclusionNations consist of people and with their effort, a nation can accomplish all it could ever want. Motivating Indias youth especially, is the central theme of Ignited minds. Igniting Minds is all about breaking away from the forces that would prefer selling cheap labour and raw materials and providing a large market for goods and services of other nations. It is about developing that conviction in ourselves, and discarding the things that hold us back.Dr. Kalam writes, embed the thought Nation is bigger than the Individual in the minds of the leaders and people. And when they recite this, I see the developed India.

EvaluationThe beauty of this book lies in the fact that, while emphasizing on the technological development of nation to make India stand in the elite group of developed Nations the author also drew attention on social and cultural aspect. The author mentioned how spiritual education along with Knowledge can create wonders. The book talks about how one should integrate our cultural and social values (ethics) with modern thinking, Enthusiasm of youth. This integration will produce potential leaders, Role models for tomorrow which will have integrity, respect and the thought of Nation comes first embedded in their hearts and minds.