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IHRSA 2012 - IHRSA's 31st Annual International Convention & Trade Show - will be held March 14-17, 2012 at the L.A. Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. Visit ihrsa.org/convention to learn more and to register!



31st Annual International Convention & Trade ShowMarch 14-17, 2012 Los Angeles, California USA L.A. Convention Center

I N T E R N A T I O N A L H E A LT H , R A C Q U E T & S P O R T S C L U B A S S O C I A T I O N

IHRSA is rolling out the red carpet in THE entertainment capital of the world for the 2012 International Convention & Trade Show.IHRSA 2012 is the premier event mix to business with pleasure . . . and you have a starring role. The action takes place at the L. A. Convention Center in downtown L.A., which is located in the middle of one of the most exciting entertainment complexes in the entire world: L.A. LIVE. Developed over the last decade, L.A. LIVE has revitalized downtown Los Angeles, turning the once sleepy city center into the areas prime nighttime destination. Just walking distance from the Trade Show and main hotels, L.A. LIVE includes these notable attractions: > The Grammy Museum Enjoy exhibits, memorabilia and the best songs ever recorded at this rstclass museum that celebrates all things music. > Staples Center This state-of-the-art sports and concert arena is home to the NBAs Lakers and Clippers, and the NHLs Kings. All teams will be in town and playing during the week of the Trade Show! > Nokia Plaza Like a scaled down Times Square, this 40,000-square ft. open air plaza features live entertainment, a huge LED billboard and themed restaurants, such as ESPN Zone and other fun, friendly establishments. > World-Class Cuisine If you like ve-star dining, youll love restaurants such as WP24, Wolfgang Pucks Chinese-themed gourmand paradise, located at the Ritz-Carlton at L.A. LIVE. > The Conga Room Co-owned by Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Smits and other celebrities, this Latinavored nightclub delivers live international performers and pan-Latin cuisine to spice up your night. > The Nokia Theatre Home to the MTV Video Music Awards and other major concerts and celebrations, this venue attracts the hottest acts on the planet. Will one of your favorites be there this March? L.A. LIVE is all contained in one easily accessible central complex next door to the Convention Center. But if all this isnt stimulating enough, you just have to venture out a few blocks to visit other world-famous attractions, museums and restaurants, including the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall located just a couple of miles from L.A. LIVE.

This value-packed four-day Convention will make your L.A. trip as productive as it is fun!

Mingle with the A-List of the Industry!IHRSA 2012 will provide an extraordinary opportunity to experience the best that the tness and health club industry has to offer: inspiring speakers, special panels, educational workshops, unparalleled networking opportunities, receptions and social events. Here is are some things you will not want to miss:

Making Connections Orientation

Wednesday, March 14, 7:30am - 9:00am Designed to provide tips on how to meet new people and make connections that extend beyond the event.

Roundtable Discussions

Popular topics are discussed in a casual, interactive format. Among the offerings are: Networking Roundtable Luncheon (Pre-registration required; Available tothe first 500 IHRSA Member 4-Day registrants only.)

Wednesday, March 14 | 12:15pm - 1:45pm Sponsored by TGS Group Networking Roundtable Continental Breakfasts (pre-registration required) Thursday and Friday, March 15 & 16 | 7:00am - 8:00am Networking Focus Groups Thursday and Friday, March 15 & 16 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm

MDAs Augies Quest

Third Annual Womens Leadership Summit

Wednesday, March 14, 2:00pm - 5:00pm A lively panel discussion by some of the most distinguished women in the industry, followed by panelist-led roundtable discussions aimed at fostering camaraderie and professional growth for women.

Industry legend Augie Nieto has been living with ALS for six years, and he is the Chief Inspirational Ofcer behind the Muscular Dystrophy Associations Augies Quest, which has raised millions of dollars to nd a cure for the disease. Join the Quest by participating in two special fundraising events (additional fees apply): 3rd Annual Zumbathon! for MDAs Augies Quest Thursday, March 15 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm The Bash for MDAs Augies Quest Friday, March 16 | 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Evening Receptions

Kick back with friends new and old at the end of the day at one or more of following gatherings: Opening Welcome Reception Wednesday, March 14 | 8:00pm - 10:00pm Sponsored by Motionsoft Go Canada! Reception (for Canadian delegates) Thursday, March 15 | 6:00pm - 7:00pm Sponsored by the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) IHRSA Regional Associations Reception (for members of IHRSA affiliated US regional associations) Thursday, March 15 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm Planet IHRSA: The International Reception (for international delegates) Thursday, March 15 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm Sponsored by Snap Fitness

> AWARDS A CALL FOR ENTRIES!Get the recognition you deserve! Send in your applications for these IHRSA awards, which will be presented at IHRSA 2012: 4th Annual Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship Outstanding Community Service Award For more information and to download applications, visit ihrsa.org/awards. THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS DECEMBER 31, 2011.

For the latest updates and to register: ihrsa.org/convention 800-228-4772 (US/Canada) +1 617-951-0055 (international)


> GENERAL SESSION SPEAKERSFounding Editor, Fast Company, and Best-Selling Author


> Practically Radical: Transforming Your Company and Challenging Yourself

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | 5:30pm - 6:30pm Sponsored by Matrix Fitness Using lessons set in a variety of elds (from health care to software, from automobiles to nancial services, from hotels to hospitals) Bill shows his audience how to shake up their industry, transform their company, and recharge themselves. Here are some of his core messages: What you see shapes how you change. The most successful companies dont just outcompete their rivals; they redene the terms of competition by embracing unique ideas. Where you look shapes what you see. The most creative CEOs aspire to learn from innovators far outside their industry as a way to leapfrog their rivals. Theres nothing wrong with your organization that cant be fixed by whats right with your organization. Savvy change agents dont disavow the past. They rediscover and reinterpret whats come before as a way to develop a line of sight into what comes next. The best way to change your business is to make change a normal part of doing business. About William Taylor Bill Taylor is an agenda-setting writer, speaker and entrepreneur who has shaped the global conversation about the best ways to compete, innovate and succeed. His latest project, Practically Radical: Not-SoCrazy Ways to Transform Your Company, Shake Up Your Industry, and Challenge Yourself, is based on in-depth access to 25 organizations that are making deep-seated changes under the most trying circumstances imaginable. These organizations from hard-charging technology companies to long-established nonprots, from hospitals to automakers to banks are mastering a set of strategies and practices that define the work of leadership in turbulent times, ideas from which every leader can learn.


President and CEO, IHRSA

> State of the Industry ReportThursday, March 15 | 8:00am - 8:30am There has never been a better time to be a part of the health club industry. Joe Moore, IHRSA President and CEO, will tell you why as he shares current research on how the industry is doing.


Founder, Simon Sinek Inc., and Author

> How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Thursday, March 15, 2012 | 8:30am - 9:30am Sponsored by Precor Incorporated It all starts with why. How does one idea do so much? Simple. It doesnt matter what you do, it matters Why you do it. With a little discipline, anyone can learn to inspire. In this presentation, Simon Sinek offers an unconventional perspective that explains WHY some people and organizations are more innovative, more profitable, command greater loyalties from customers and employees alike and, most importantly, are able to repeat their success over and over. These are not the one hit wonders. These are the ones who change the course of industries or even society. Because its all based on how people think and act, this unique view of the world has application in big business and small business, in politics and non-profits. Though some people have a natural ability to start with why, this presentation offers compelling evidence that, with a little discipline, anyone can learn how to do it. About Simon Sinek Simon Sinek teaches leaders and companies how to inspire people. His book, Start With Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, was voted one of the best leadership books of 2009. Sinek is leading a movement to nd, celebrate and encourage the next generation of great leaders. He writes, consults and speaks all over the world about the concept of Why the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us. Having a clear sense of Why is the one common factor that all great leaders, those able to inspire those around them, possess.

IHRSA was a great opportunity to learn from the best! It was nice to hear the trials and tribulations of the other clubs, so that we dont have to make the mistakes to run the best programs. That alone, is priceless.~ Alana Pitt, Columbia Lake Health Club Ontario, Canada 2

IHRSA 2012 - 31st Annual International Convention & Trade Show March 14-17, 2012 Los Angeles, CA USA

>Co-Founder, Alltop.com, and Founding Partner, Garage Technology Ventures, and Former Chief Evangelist, Apple,


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