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Career-Advice for IIT Bombay students. Emphasis on Quant Finance Jobs. Decisions-making on Tech versus Finance, Startups versus Large Firms. Introduction to ZLemma.com to help students identify the right jobs/careers.


  • 1. First steps to a Successful Career Ashwin Rao IIT Bombay, Oct 2013
  • 2. My background B.Tech. Computer Science. IIT-Bombay. Ph.D. Algorithmic Algebra. USC, Los Angeles. VP. Quant Strategist. Goldman Sachs, NY. Managing Director. Morgan Stanley. Founder. ZLemma.com (A Tech Startup)
  • 3. Life after IIT IIT tag follows you. Is it a good thing ? "We were so naive during our IIT days !" Acquire versatility in skills and personality Associate with people different than you
  • 4. What are suitable jobs for me ? You can figure it out objectively Glamour, Money and the Mom Syndrome Understand your Skills and your Taste Think Career, not Jobs
  • 5. Prepare Well, but Chill Out Research the various jobs thoroughly Advice from your classmates and seniors ? Personal Life versus Professional Life Never compare yourself with others ! Easy to correct bad jobs or wrong decisions
  • 6. Higher Studies Titles like MBA, Ph.D. - what is their value ? What do the best employers care about ? Ph.D. If you want to be an academic MBA Reset career. Timing? India or US? Masters versus Ph.D.
  • 7. Quant Finance Jobs Derivatives Trader Trading Desk Quant Strategist Derivatives Modeler, Statistical Modeler Algorithmic Trading Quant Analytics Developer
  • 8. Current Wall Street Scenario Regulations have reshaped the industry Compensation levels down but still high Engineers are thriving in quant finance Markets turning increasingly electronic More emphasis on vanilla trading businesses
  • 9. Tech Jobs Boom in Tech, particularly in Silicon Valley Tech jobs don't pay well ? Example - Big Data Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon Exciting tech jobs in India ?
  • 10. Quant Finance versus Tech Do you enjoy Continuous Math? Depth versus Breadth Office environment and Colleagues Compensation Location
  • 11. Interviews Represent your abilities clearly and accurately Typically, a large and diverse set of interviewers Flood of puzzles/programming/math problems Tough Qs in your claimed areas of expertise Evaluation of your communication and attitude
  • 12. Startups Not for everyone Funding Advisors Passion
  • 13. ZLemma Zlemma.com evaluates your profile in great detail Zlemma Quotient (ZQ) your suitability for a job ZQ is a score out of 100 for a specific job Hiring manager model their requirements in detail Jobs ranging from Silicon Valley to Wall Street
  • 14. Addendum Tune in to: blog.zlemma.com Write to: ashwin@zlemma.com for advice Our app is your friend: zlemma.com