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Introduction to the Identity Community by Kaliya Hamlin @identitywoman Open Identity for Open Government A WORKING GROUP OF IDENTITY COMMONS IIW -East INTERNET IDENTITY WORKSHOP September 9th, 2010

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This is a presentation was given as introduction to the Identity Community for IIW-East with the theme Open Identity for Open Government.


  • 1. IIW-EastINTERNET IDENTITY WORKSHOP A WORKING GROUP OF IDENTITY COMMONSOpen Identity for Open Government September 9th, 2010Introduction to the Identity Communityby Kaliya Hamlin @identitywoman

2. Who is IIW?Co-Founders Co-ProducersPhilKaliyaDocWindleyYoungSearls HamlinHeidi Nobantu SaulIIW-East Production Co-Facilitation 3. 5 yrs of Face to DIDW Face MeetingsBurton GroupIIW5 RSAIOS 42007 IIW 4 IOS 3IOS 2OSIS Interop 2 2006IIW 3 Data Sharing WorkshopDIDW RSA Burton GroupIOS 1 OSIS Interop 1 2005 DIDWIIW 2 2004 DIDW IIW 12003 DIDW 4. 5 yrs of Face to DIDW Face Meetings GroupBurtonIIW 11 2010 RSAIIW-Europe DIDWIIW-EastBurton GroupIIW 10 2009RSAIIW 9 DIDWIIW 8Burton Group OSIS Interop5RSA IIW 7 2008OSIS Interop 4 IIW 6 Data Sharing SummitData Sharing Workshop OSIS Interop 3 5. Peers and Relationships 6. Unconference Format 7. Container to ConnectVarious Efforts 8. Planetwork Loose Afliations of PeopleEvolution of Identity Community Link TankFireFly Liberty Alliance Current OrganizationsHigginsProjectSUN OracleBTMicrosoftIdentityLots of CompaniesCommons (1)Organizations (no longer)PassportXRI XDIHailstorm SAMLv1 & 2Company Identity IBMGang Proprietary Service (no longer) VENN OF IDENTITY Protocol standardized at OASISInternet Identity OpenIDWorkshop v2 Protocol standardized at OASIS IMIIdentity MetasystemOpenID earlier version (no longer) Interoperability Foundation TIME Information Card StandardIndependent Open Protocol Information CardIndependent Open ProtocolFoundation IdentityCommons (2)(no longer)PamelaProjectPaper:Shared UnderstandingKantara Intiative Project to be annouced atEvent IIWOpen IdentityExchangeProject to be Project with Codeannouced at IIW 9. Mission statements: Identity Commons: Support, facilitate, and promote the creation of an open identity layer for the Internet, one that maximizes control, convenience, and privacy for the individual while encouraging the development of healthy, interoperable communities. Information Card Foundation: Promote, protect, and enable the development of an open, trusted, interoperable, royalty-free identity layer for the Internet that maximizes control over personal information by individuals OpenID Foundation: To foster and promote the development of, public access to, and adoption of OpenID as a framework for user-centric identity on the Internet; and To acquire, create, hold, and manage intellectual property related to OpenID and provide equal access to such intellectual property to the OpenID community and public at no charge. Kantara Intiative: Foster identity community harmonization, interoperability, innovation, and broad adoption through the development of open identity specifications, operational frameworks, education programs, deployment and usage best practices for privacy- respecting, secure access to online services Open Identity Exchange: Collecting aggregating, and distributing information regarding the identity-related services industry to businesses and other stakeholders in that industry in order to improve conditions in that industry by fostering innovation, market transparency, and identity-related product and service interoperability; Providing a neutral, open market registration system for participants in the identity-related services industry; Data Portability Project: Data portability enables a borderless experience, where people can move easily between network services, reusing data they provide while controlling their privacy and respecting the privacy of others. Our Mission is to help people to use and protect the data they create on networked services, and to advocate for compliance with the values of DataPortability. 10. One of the main community organizations linking various efforts is Identity Commons. OIX Open ID PDXOSISOpen Source KeyFoundation Identity SystemInformation Group that who'sCardhome is at IdentityFoundationIDMedia Commons ReviewXDI.ORG DataIndependantPhoto NonprotPortability Project Identity Group OrganizationCommonsKids Internet IdentityOnline Project at Workshop another organizationProjectIdentity Schemas IdentityVRM GangNick's PamelaLegacyEVENTHigginsProject ID-LegalProject 11. Broad Base of Participation SMALL COMPANY BIG COMPANY SPONSORS SPONSORS NONPROFIT SPONSORS MSFT FuGen Solutions ISOC PingID OUNO Kantara/Liberty AllianceCORPORATE PARTICIPANTS SUNRel-ID Info Card FoundationPaypal Facebook Poken OASIS IDTrust Booz Allen Hamilton SMALL COMPANY Google Vidoop Mozilla Apple PATICIPANTS YahooChimp Higgins Project Cisco Burton Group Authentrus ngstr Bandit ProjectHewlett PackaredDigg, Inc. PlaxoSxip PlanetworkInternational Business Machines Privo Internet SocietyCommerce Net IntuitClaimID Expensify Adobe LexisNexisFamilySearch.org NONPROFIT BTNippon Telegraph and Telephone CorporationFreshBooks PARTICIPANTSNovellNokia Siemens NetworksGigya Center for Democracy andFacebookNRI Gluu TechnologyAOL OracleJanrain DataPortability Project Ping Identity OrangeKynetx IdM Network Netherlands Paypal / eBay Rackspace NetMesh Inc. OCLCRadiant Logic Protiviti Open Forum Foundation World Economic Forum Sony Ericsson The MITRE CorporationIETF Socialtext TriCipher, Inc.UNIVERSITY PARTICIPANTS Tucows Inc VeriSign, Inc. W3C Trusted-ID Wave SystemsGoldsmiths, University of LondonNewcastle UniversityStanford University Vodafone Group R &D Alcatel-LucentOASIS Six ApartAcxiom Identity Solutions Acxiom ResearchGOVERNMENT PARTICIPANTSEquifaxOffice of the Chief Informaiton Office,Province of British Columbia LinkedIn Amazon and more... 12. Lots of Open StandardsInformationXRI/XDICards SAML 13. What do we Share? Shared HistoryShared Vision Shared Context Shared LanguageShared UnderstandingShared Technology Development 14. Shared History 15. SHARED EXPERIENCE in past warsTHE Directory Wars of the 90s 16. SHARED EXPERIENCE in past warsPassport & Hailstormvs 17. SHARED VISION for peoples identityon the scale of the web. 18. Freedom and Autonomy for People 19. Open Standardsare Essential 20. No One Dominant Player 21. There will be a Big BangWith all new technologies there is a point at which new things start happening that the creators of the technology did not envision this is a big bang in identity. 22. Shared Context 23. CONTEXT For Shared Vision IDENTITY GANG! formed in 2004 24. CONTEXT For Shared Vision Early on the Identity Gang list was a critical forum for community collaboration it is still active here & many of the protocol efforts & foundations that have emerged have their own lists.http://lists.idcommons.net/lists/info/community 25. CONTEXT For Shared Vision The Identity Gang was probably one of the rst technical communities to have a very active community blog life that complemented our mailing list conversations. Doc Searls played a critical role in getting almost all community members to blog in the early days of the community 2004-2005.There are several aggregated blogs you can go to get a sense of activity in the community. The Classic - www.planetidentity.org/ A newer one under development - http://seriouslyidentity.com/ 26. CONTEXT For Shared Visions Wiki forums were critical for sharing ideas and common language like the Lexicon 27. CONTEXT For Shared Vision Real Time Web ToolsSEARCHThese are newer mediums for collaboration and information sharing using #hashtags etc. to connect work. 28. Shared Language 29. SHARED LANGUAGEdeveloped in Shared ContextIdentity Gang LEXICON (driven by Paul Trevithick)in August 2005 1.Agent6. Entity 2.Claim7. Identity Attribute 3.Claimant 8. Identity Context 4.Digital Identity 9. Party 5.Digital Identity Provider10. Persona 6.Digital Subject11. Relying Party http://wiki.idcommons.net/Lexicon 30. SHARED LANGUAGE developed in Shared ContextScott Davids chair of the ID-Legal group at Identity Commons and council to several of the organizations in this space is working with the American Bar Association to develop a meta lexicon across 35+ lexicons in related elds. We have included 37 glossaries of terms and have over 1700 different denitions! Most of the denitions are more security related than identity related, but they may prove useful to have them all together. 31. Shared Understanding 32. SHARED UNDERSTANDINGusing shared languageLaws of Identity Kim Cameron in May 2005 http://www.identityblog.com/stories/2004/12/09/thelaws.html 33. SHARED UNDERSTANDINGusing shared languageLaws of Identity Kim Cameron in May 20051. User Control and Consent2. Minimal Disclosure for a Constrained Use3. Justifiable Parties4. Directed Identity5. Pluralism of Operators and Technologies6. Human Integration7. Consistent Experience Across Contexts 34. SHARED UNDERSTANDING using shared language A Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web September 4, 2007 Authored by Joseph Smarr, Marc Canter, Robert Scoble, and Michael ArringtonPreamble: There are already many who support the ideas laid out in this Bill of Rights, but we are actively seeking to grow the roster of those publicly backing the principles and approaches it outlines. That said, this Bill of Rights is not a document carved in stone (or written on paper). It is a blog post, and it is intended to spur conversation and debate, which will naturally lead to tweaks of the language. So, lets get the dialogue going and get as many of the major stakeholders on board as we can! A Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web We publicly assert that all users of the social web are entitled to certain fundamental rights, specifically: Ownership of their own personal information, including: their own profile data the list of people they are connected to the activity stream of content they create; Control of whether and how such personal information is shared with others; and Freedom to grant persistent access to their personal information to trusted external sites.Sites supporting these rights shall: Allow their users to syndicate their own profile data, their friends list, and the data thats shared with them via the service, using a persistent URL or API token and open data formats; Allow their users to syndicate their own stream of activity outside the site; Allow their users to link from their profile pages to external identifiers in a public way; and Allow their users to discover who else they know is also on their site, using the same external identifiers made available for lookup within the service. 35. SHARED UNDERSTANDINGusing shared language OECD PaperProperties of Identity At a Crossroads: "Personhood" and the Digital Identity in the Information Society http://bit.ly/OECDdigitalpersonnood 36. SHARED UNDERSTANDING using shared languageProperties of Identity1.Identity is social. 6.Identity is consequential.2.Identity is subjective. 7.Identity is dynamic.3.Identity is valuable. 8.Identity is contextual.4.Identity is referential.9.Identity is equivocal.5.Identity is composite.OECD Paper At a Crossroads: "Personhood" and the Digital Identity inthe Information Society The Properties of Identity were articulated by Bob Blakley, Jeff Broberg, Anthony Nadalin, Dale Olds,Mary Ruddy, Mary Rundle, and Paul Trevithick. 37. Shared Technology Development 38. SHARED UNDERSTANDING IdentiersClaimsSingle StringPairs A claim is by one party about Identiers link things together another or itself. and enable correlation. It does not have to be linked to They can be endpoints on thean identier. internet. Proving you are over 18 for example and not giving your real name. 39. the Evolution of the VENN 40. Eves diagram 1.0 and 2.0 41. Evolution of OpenID } OpenID v1+ Lightweight Identity LID+XRI / i-names+ sxip v2 42. Evolution of SAML This diagram is from a presentation by Eve Maler given at IIW 43. Information Cards 44. SHARED INDUSTRY LANDSCAP 45. the Evolution ofDiscovery 46. Evolution of Discovery XRDS --> XRD-Simple --> XRD(within XRI spec) 47. Hammer Stack Today 48. Protocol Family TreeXNS XNS.orgCurrent OrganizationsOrganizations (no longer)XDIXRIXDI.ORGEventXRDS Internet Identity Independent Open Protocol WorkshopIndependent Open ProtocolXRD#1 Oct 2005i-names (no longer) Simple XRI Protocol standardized at OASISYADIS OpenID Protocol standardized at OASIS earlier version (no longer)XRDv1OpenID LID v2 sxip OpenIDWeb Foundation OpenID Fingerv Next 49. Collaboration 50. OSIS Interop 51. 3rd Interop RSA Conference Spring 2007 European Identity Conference 52. EmergingIdeas 53. User Data Banks & Exchanges $APPLICATIONS EXCHANGEREFINEMENT STORAGEID + ENCRYPTION DATA + META DATA SOURCES Stack for User Data Banks - Marc Davis 54. Personal Data Store Ecology Open Standards based Personal Data Stores with people groups and businesses as rst class objects on network. Will include full portability and a range of services. 55. Project VRM - 4th Partieshttp://bit.ly/VRM4thParty 56. Challenges and Opportunities 57. How do all thesetechnical protocols solve real problems? 58. How do we apply these technologies in different realms? Government Social SitesUltimately it must workfor regular people BusinessesOrganizations 59. Usability?Different Contexts 60. What are theemerging legal frameworks to protect & empowerend-users? 61. How does identity work between them? TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL ?BUSINESS LEGAL 62. Where are we going? Open Identity for Open Governmentcovered in the next presentation by Mary Ruddy 63. IIW-EastINTERNET IDENTITY WORKSHOP A WORKING GROUP OF IDENTITY COMMONSOpen Identity for Open Government www.internetidentityworkshop.comwww.idcommons.netKaliya Young Hamlin @identitywoman [email protected] www.identitywoman.net