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Call Web Synergies T: +65 6603 5160 or +91 (40) 66611904 Go to the top of the class with our top-class iLearn Learning Management System The Intelligent, Innovative and Instant Learning Solution that fits the needs of your organization

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The intelligent, innovative and instant learning solution from Web Synergies -


Page 1: iLearn Learning Management System

Call Web SynergiesT: +65 6603 5160 or +91 (40) 66611904

Go to the top of the class with our top-class iLearn Learning Management SystemThe Intelligent, Innovative and Instant Learning Solution that fits the needs of your organization

Page 2: iLearn Learning Management System

You invest in good teachers, trainers and educational programs. Support this investment as other industry leaders have done, with our proven iLearn Learning Management System (LMS).

Our iLearn LMS system can be tailored to your specific training oreducational requirement.

Companies who rely on security and credibility (such as StandardChartered Bank ‐ Hong Kong & BASF) choose to use our LMS system.

Your staff are on the move and mobile‐savvy. iLearn LMS can beintegrated with your mobile applications & social media.

iLearn LMS is scalable and can meet the needs of thousands of staff, or a just few.

Save time, resources & budget. Full accountability of your precious staff and financial resources are easily achieved with the iLearn LMS system.

iLearn LMS is a learner‐ centric training system. Your team will benefit from improved individual and organisational performance.

Your iLearn LMS investment is supported by an established regional leader with more than 175 technical experts, 24x7 service delivery and support.

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“You can't teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it." Seymour Papert – Educator & pioneer of artificial intelligence

iLearn LMS Key Features

Social media enabled

Full Content Management

Standards management

Compliance tracking

Security you can depend on

Collaboration capabilities

Robust reporting – generic &

Certification management

User rules & manager approvals

Course catalogue

Learner‐centred design

Content authoring

ERP/CRM integration

Student assessment and testing

Meaningful analytics that count

iLearn on Cloud option


Page 3: iLearn Learning Management System

“The Intelligent, Innovative and Instant LearningSolution that fits the needs of your organization”

All learning and training activities are managed and integrated.

Provides learner access to all the e‐learning content from any location.

Manage the hierarchy of user access rights.

Manage registration and enrolment of courses.

The software is learner centric which makes it easy to access, share knowledge amongst peers and facilitates online mentoring.

Highly administrator friendly with well defined user management and parameters for selected courses. Easy maintenance of courses, classes & training records.

An integrated platform for learning, administration and training.

Page 4: iLearn Learning Management System

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Web Synergies is an established regional leader in the development and delivery of Business to Business (B2B) solutions and services for clients.

Small & mid‐sized, Fortune 500, Fortune 250, Forbes 200 companies and government organizations have all used us for their key projects and have been delighted with the results.

Our clients include Sony, Cisco, Fujifilm, RBS, Standard Chartered bank, ESPN Star,the British Council, the Singapore Government and Promiseland ‐ amongst hundreds of others.

The Web Synergies difference

Our company was established in 1998 and we have been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2005.

We have proven and superior IT expertise and our team of 175 technical experts who provide 24X7 support.

Take advantage of our extensive intellectual capital and trained manpower.

We offer a worldwide business consultancy.

Our global expertise can be applied locally, whatever the scale of your business or enterprise.