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iLearn Winter Project 2015 by AIESEC LC PM


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1. Greetings from OCs2. School Profile3. Traditional Costume4. Traditional Art5. Famous Places6. Traditional Cuisine7. Traditional Game8. EPs' Profile

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Hi! My name is Amelindaand I’m part of the organisingcommittee for i(L)earnProject. Well, I was reallyhappy to see that all thestudents able to have fun,learn, and work together withthe interns. For that, I’mreally thankful! Last but notleast, I hope you guys enjoyreading this magazine! Let’skeep in touch :)

I am so happy that theprogram could run well,especially because of thetalented students whoparticipated in this journalisticworkshop had given their besteffort in this project. Thanksfor all the fun and excitement.And, see you when I see you!

Amelinda Adhitama Nathania LamertaOrganizing Committee President Organizing Committee Program


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C s

Hi! My name is Hendra. I amglad to see that all thestudents and the interns gotalong together very well, hadso much fun and laughters.Your contribution to themagazine is ver y muchappreciated . I hope to beable to stay in touch withevery single one of you inthe future.

Hendra Fong Tristan DarwinOrganizing Committee Finance Organizing Committee of Public

and International Relation

Everything grand starts witha dream. Like what MartinLuther King once said, "I hada dream." We, the i(L)earnteam, also have a dream;making our beloved country abetter place. I hope by theend of i(L)earn, the impactsthat we meant to give aredelivered.

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About StamfordSchool

Every Stamfordian aspire to be a leader that willcontribute to the country and the best to the


Stamford School excels in offering to itsstudents a welcoming and cooperativelearning environment with personalizedattention from its faculty and staff. Thisattention is the reason most studentschoose to attend Stamford School.Every faculty member are dedicated tonurturing the whole person, preparingstudents for success in life.

The basis for the school’s curriculum isthe University of Cambrige InternationalExaminations (CIE) curriculum andsyllabus materials.

The students are guided towards sittingthe cambrige International PrimaryProgramme (CIPP), CambrigeChackpoint and International GeneralCertificate of Secondary Education.

During the school year there will be aseries of special events or special daysthat will contribute positively to theacademic and social growth of thestudents and help to bring the schoolcommunity and school spirit together.Some of these events will have a localIndonesian theme to them and othersmay have a more international andmultinational range to them.

by Sebastian Alex

Students and parents in the closingperformance

A Studentwriting an articlefor theworkshop

Stamford SchoolAllegro Altura Complex, DagoBandung, West Java, IndonesiaTel : (+62 22) 251 5255Website:

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you ever been toHave

BrazilBy Edward

Brazil? Do you even know where Brazil is? Brazil is one of the biggest country in South America. The landmark of this country is a huge enormous Jesus’s statue, stand and openboth his arms. The statue is standing on thetop of the hill facing to the sea.

Brazillove to dance and sing. Their most popular dance iscalled Samba. The popular sport for Brazilian issoccer. Boys in early age learn soccer. The Brazilianssoccer team has won the world cup several times.

also has a special cultural. The Brazilian

Capoeira. This is a combination between famous dance and martialart. For example, Brazil has a folk song call farro. This song will beplayed and sang everywhere performed capoeira.

Besides Samba, there is another traditional dance call

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Things to take, things to see



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Hoi AnHoi An is in the middle of the in Hoi An is the world heritage site by UNESCO. The tourists usually use "Xich Lo" as the transportation.

"Tourists like to travel by XichLo for more Vietnamese


want to go there, just go to it. It is unique and colorful atnight. There is a very colorful street called lateen street.It is full of red lanterns besides the Thu Bon River.

world heritage site by UNESCO. it is unique with tall rocksin water.

"In 2000, Ho Long Bay was awarded asthe World Heritage Committee, and the

world Monument Watch in 2012 also. It isone of the New Seven Natural Wonders

of the world."

Head islet, Ngoc Vung islet, Kissing cocks islet. Peoplecan parachute there. Tuan Chau island, it has the beach,resort, dolphin show, crocodile show, rafting. There areSurprise cave, Wooden Stakes cave, Heavenly Palacecave that have lighting. You can have wine party inspecial occasions.All the sights that I mentioned are beautiful.

In addition, there is a bridge called Gagoda.

Ha Long Bay is in the North of Vietnam.

There are stange islets

By Olsen

The ancient

It is the

If you

such as Frog islet, Human

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Famous cities in ChinaDelicious foods, Friendly people, business trips.called "the rossing China". The capital city of China is Beijing which has the Great Wall, one of theseven great wonders in the world. Long time ago, many slaves died of constructing the Wall.

"So the Great Wall is not only made of stone and bricks, alsoblood and fresh of millions of human beings."

In the south part of China, there is another city called, Guangzhou.building in GZ is the Guangzhou Tower. What's more, one of the highlights in this city is itstransportation, which called BRT -- Bus Rapid Transportation. This bus running on its ownroad can fit around 50 to 60 people inside.

Besides Guangzhou, there is also an another charming city named Shanghai.Shanghai is the center of economic and trade in China, Which means every year, millions ofpeople come to Shanghai for business. In Shanghai, there is a famous place called The Bund.

"The buildings in the this area are all in the western style,because they were built by the foreign invaders when China

was the colony of French, England and Germany……"…

After China gained its independence, everything in Shanghai Changed, except one thing that isthese historical buildings. I really love China and eager to visit these three cities soon

By JessicaAha! That gives me an idea. It is

The tallest

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only origami that brings luck is the origami ‘crane’. To

get the luck you need to make 1000 cranes. I like to

make cranes, but it is a little bit hard to make. It looks

very beautiful when using different type of color to

make the origami. If you make 1000 cranes, it depends

on how many days that you want to make the cranes.

The crane is the most common type

of origami in Japsdan . You

can use the cranes

for playing, swimming

and you can pretend

that they can fly. It’s

cool and so nice! You

can try to make the

crane if you learn how to make

it. Hope you can make it too!

The Japanese people can make origami, but the

By CeciliaThe Cranes


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By Ariel

entertain me well but it destroys my eyes. Today, aChinese traditional game called ‘Mama Chicken’ wasintroduced to me. This game made me realize that I couldhave a lot of fun without my gadget.

found all traditional games boring. Only gadgetsI

this is how the game works, one person will be theSothe mom, and he or she needs to protect the kids againstthe big bad wolf. The mom and the kids need tocollaborate to not let the wolf take the child. Being boththe mom and the child is super fun.

It is also very exciting to be the wolf. You get to chase,take and eat other players. However, you need to be fastand have lots of stamina because it is very exhausting. Wealso need to be a cunning wolf to fool the mom.

I know exactly what to entertain me withoutNowdamaging my two precious eyes.

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WowEPs' Profile

My name is Xu Kejun (Coco)and made in China hahaha. Ilove Traveling, Jogging andReading to see more, think

deeper, live happier andhealthier! I am outgoing--

Earnest--Try my best to leada meaningful life.Gluttonous--

Eating is the first thing ofhuman beings. My favoriteMotto: "Every experience


If u believe u can, u just can!That’s the motto of mine! Hi,

my name is Cherry, asmiling girl from Guangzhou,China. Now I am studying inJinan University, majoring inmodern and contemporaryliterature. It’s my honor to

meet you here in Indonesia,let’s cherish the precious


[email protected]

[email protected]

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Halo Stamford! My name is Nhu

(Seira) from my beloved Vietnam and

RMIT university. BOD: 16/10/1995

Hobby: action, science fiction movies;

swimming; games; shopping hehe

Hi Stamford! I'm Thu (Thalia)

from my beloved Vietnam. One

of my favorite mottos is “When

you want to give up, remember

why you started”. I am very

excited about exchanging culture

between my country and yours. I

hope that you guys had a great

time with us through the project.

See ya!;)


[email protected]


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Jack (Feng Jiemin)

Henry (xinyang)

I live in Panjin, LiaoNing Province,China. I love photography and Ilove the students in Stamford, youare lovely and friendly, I like toshow Chinese culture to all of you..

Age : 20Hobby: Basketball, Singing,Reading, TravelingEducation: Jinan University(English and Literature)Personality: easy-going, humor,mild

[email protected]

[email protected]

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to the world


[email protected]