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1. 2 iLOOKUSA Magazine Summer 2013 iLOOKBOOK EDITOR IN CHIEF Diane Brown MARKETING Jacque Nelson PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Witherspoon-Photography Manager Contracted Photographers Dana Tarr-Rhode Island Bill Nyx-New Hampshire Laura McDermott-Ohio Beth Scalla-Missouri Anita Leyton-Michigan Laura McDermott-Michigan Renee Frisbee-South Carolina Jessica Snow -Indianapolis Robert Campbell-North Carolina Sonya Prenuda-Texas Josh Davis-Texas Adam Dugas-Texas Bill Worley-Kentucky Keith Hirsch-Georgia Tamika Davis-Alabama Greg Smith-Tennessee Daniel Arthurs-New York Brandon Cooper-Maryland Jason Sayada-Maryland Titorian Richardson-Maryland 2. 3 GRAPHIC DESIGN Samantha Harding RESEARCH AND COPY Dee Ruff iLOOKUSA Magazine is a sophisticated guide paying homage to the art community via talented models, actors and amazing photographers. Our focus this issue is on, Photography, Acting, Modeling, Fashion Design, Culinary Arts and Physical Fitness. iLOOKUSA is the cultural catalyst for a new generation of influential and artistic individuals that entertain, engage, inspire and enhance our audience awareness. iLOOKUSA is presenting this month our fabulous models which are shot by photographers all of the US. There is a little bit of everything in this issue so we hope that you feel entertained and we encourage you to follow us on twitter and Facebook. Also, join us for some our events such as the UC and other fun filled events that are happening all over the USA. 3. 4 index Index On Our Cover Traci Miller Traci Miller is the iLOOKUSA Cover Model for July 2013. Traci is an awesome southerner that took us on by a storm with her amazing personality. Traci is very family oriented, and tells wonderful stories about her family and the Georgia hill she was raised on. Traci is new to modeling but brings with her a desire to excel, a great attitude and a smile that warms your heart. iLOOKUSA Magazine is blessed to work Keith Hirsch of Woodstock, Georgia. Keith and Traci met for a photo-shoot collaboration that is out of this world. Not only did Keith teach Traci, but as you can see he created wonderful images, that are just breath-taking. Thank you Mr. Keith Hirsch, you Sir, are an Amazing photographer. iLOOKUSA is so proud to present our Georgia cover model, Traci Miller. 4. 5 5. 6 6. 7 7. 8 8. 9 9. 10 10. 11 Model-Traci Miller, iLOOKUSA Model Photographer-Keith Hirsch, Woodstock, Georgia From the Editors Desk iLOOKUSA has had a great ride in the past couple of months. We knew that the purpose of the publication was to give new and aspiring artist a platform to show the world their talent. We are confident that we have a team of intelligent models and actors that are going to help drive iLOOKUSA into an arena that will really help the masses. Along this road we have met so many interesting people, from artist that use crazy mediums to 11. 12 create pieces of art, to awesome 10 year olds that have their own youtube channel. We are just blessed to be on the journey. Yes, there are the occasional buckets of crazy that appear to be normal on the outside but overall, are sad and lost on the inside. It does not discourage us in our plight present the world fabulous people. Overall, we still believe that people are good and even the crazy has something to share. So, this is what crazy taught iLOOKUSA this month, and that is to be thankful for the great people that are in our lives currently. We are blessed to have awesome, beautiful, talented, intelligent, kind models, actors, photographers, writers, and staff members. On behalf of the entire iLOOKUSA Team, Thank you. Thank you for all that you do and are going to do. Without you the ride would not be worth it! We are better because of you! Editor n Chief Diane Brown 12. 13 iLOOKUSA SUMMER 2013 iLOOKBOOK IS A COMPILATION OF A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS AND ORGANIZATIONS. THE iLOOKUSA iLOOKBOOK ALSO HAS A FEW OF OUR WONDERFUL MODELS AND ACTORS FROM ACROSS THE USA. iLOOKUSA HAS HAD A GREAT SUMMER FILLED WITH FUN PHOTOSHOOTS, BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT REVIEWS, AND INTERESTING EVENTS. THE FALL IS LOOKING GREAT FOR US! PACKED WITH NEW 6 LARGE EVENTS, NEW CLIENTS, AND NEW MONTHLY ISSUES. JOIN US FOR PRINT, TV OR ON THE WEB! 13. 14 14. 15 15. 16 16. 17 Join iLOOKUSA for a personal interview with Donna Foster. Donna will discuss her pageant path, and her future plans to take on the world! She may be small but she has a dynamite personality and a wonderful giving spirit. Join us as we go to work with Donna and really take a look at how real beauties live. 8-5-2013 17. 18 18. 19 19. 20 20. 21 21. 22 22. 23 23. 24 24. 25 25. 26 26. 27 27. 28 28. 29 29. 30 30. 31 31. 32 32. 33 33. 34 34. 35 35. 36 36. 37 37. 38 38. 39 39. 40 40. 41 41. 42 42. 43 Ad 43. 44 44. 45 45. 46 ad 46. 47 47. 48 48. 49 49. 50 50. 51 51. 52 AD 52. 53 53. 54 54. 55 AD 55. 56 56. 57 57. 58 Ad 58. 59 59. 60 60. 61 ad 61. 62 62. 63 63. 64 ad 64. 65 65. 66 66. 67 ad 67. 68 68. 69 69. 70 ad 70. 71 71. 72 72. 73 ad 73. 74 74. 75 75. 76