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I’m better than you. I’ll choose two students. They can compare something. You can make the sentences. strong. Arm wrestling. stronger. ____ is _________ than _______. strong. How _______ you are! . tall. Height. taller. ____ is _________ than _______. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Im better than you.1Ill choose two students.They can compare something.You can make the sentences.strong

Armwrestling____ is _________ than _______.strongerHow _______ you are! strong tallHeight

____ is _________ than _______.tallerHow _______ you are! ! tall

oldAge____ is _________ than _______.olderHow _______ you are! old bigHandsize

___s hand is ______ than _____s.biggerHow _______ your hand is! biglonglongHolding the note

___ can hold the note

_______ than ____.longerHow _______ you can hold! longfastRockScissorsPaper

____ is _________ than _______.fasterHow _______ you are! fastsmart

____ is _________ than _______.smarterHow _______ you are! smartcute

____ is _________ than _______.cuterHow _______ you are! cuteThe End