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One of the most striking smartwatches out there, we looked at the i’m Watch Smartwatch to see if it is as useful as it is pretty. What do you think?


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Im Watch: Smartwatch Review


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For the latest tech news, visit www.latestdigitals.com everyday! www.latestdigitals.comSpecifications and Features- im Watch SmartwatchThe im Watch Smartwatch has 4 GB of storage, which is more than sufficient for a smartwatch, and this should make up for the fact that it only has 128 of RAM, low even for smartwatch standards.

www.latestdigitals.comBattery Charge and Software UpdatesJust like other smartwatches today, the im Watch smartwatch relies on a nonstandard USB cable for charging, and fully charged it is good for a full days use or more depending on how you use it.

www.latestdigitals.comDo I need one?We dont know, but were destined to help you find the answer out for yourself! Read the rest of the article and make your choice!

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