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Image deconstruction Erin Staves

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  • 1. Image deconstruction Erin Staves
  • 2. Image 1 The black on white contrast in this image makes the model stand out. The subject of the image is a woman dressed in fashionable clothing, this would suggest this image is for a fashion magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Vogue. Her position in the image is unusual and artistic.
  • 3. Image 2 This image could be on a music related magazine. The subject of the image is using a direct mode of address, this means the reader is involved with the picture. The clothing blends in with the background, as a result you cannot see whether or not the model is slim.
  • 4. Image 3 This image looks as though it could be for a lads mag. The subject of the magazine has been made to look intentionally attractive to attract the attention of the male reader. The subject is using a direct mode of address to entice the reader into buying the magazine. This model is intended to stand out from the page but the red background and the red lipstick have been used intentionally as a common theme.
  • 5. Image 4 This image looks as though it could be for a teenage girl magazine. The model looks friendly and approachable which is demonstrated by the smile, this is used to make the audience want to read the magazine. She is wearing fashionable but childish clothing which is suitable for the theme of the magazine.