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Outsource image provides effective image masking, alpha channel masking, Photoshop layer masking, background removal services, adding transparent background to your images with digital photo enhancement services


<ul><li> 1. IMAGE MASKING SERVICES, OUTSOURCE PHOTO MASKING SERVICES IN INDIA:Outsource image offer alpha channel and Photoshop layer masking services across the world. Image masking service is same like clipping service but it contains lot of delicate work. Compare with the image clipping it takes the more time. Most of the famous advertising companies were using this making image to expose their business and attract the customers. In past five years we are giving the vast quality of the service in the image masking.All of our clients were in the most famous position and their business are depends fully image related. Our clipping images are used in the magazines, classified ad, product sales company catalogues, broachers etc. On that we are handling the competitive work like the hair correction, semi- transparent, blaze, sightseer attractions and hair transparent etc. For that our team was using the special effects of the tools which was updating regularly.Our innovative image editors were easily obtains the creative expectations of the customers and finishes the editing work with their satisfaction. All of our employees are trained to catch the customers expectations and trying to fulfil their needs without any compensation.Are you trying continuously to make a path for the competitive customers images, but it is achieve by the image masking techniques. Outsource image editors are experienced person in the image masking and finish the customers images within a short time period. To overcome the defects during the time of image masking we are using the world best software like adobe photo shop.We are using tools like the pen tool, the magic eraser tool, quick selection tool, magic wand, lasso tool, layer mask and channels. All of the masking techniques are finished within a quick time period and collect the low cost for that service with reasonably.Some of the masking techniques are followed by our professionals depends on the condition of the images. Some of the types are, Alpha channel masking Complex layer masking Photoshop transparency masking Collage masking Translucent image masking Hair maskingSome of the expectations of the customers and our customised services are, Customised back ground Customised white back ground Customised resize Customised combination Customised colour specificationBenefits for customers by using our outsourcing service:1) Create transparency for customer request2) Clip and change into customized backgrounds3) Create ads, magazine covers, broacher models4) Hair masking without disturbing the other parts in the images5) Remove background colours from images </li></ul> <p> 2. 6) Allow masking for hair, semi-transparent7) Creating desired Image to work smoothly with fine edges8) Remove background with gradient transparencies from images9) Edit desired image without the embedded backgroundFor more detailsVisit: http://www.outsourceimage.comMail: </p>