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NC Community College System is developing immersive learning solutions to develop the North Carolina workforce.


  • 1. Modernizing BioPharma Training: The Immersive Learning System Project North Carolina Community College BioNetwork

2. Immersive Learning

  • Immersive Learning is :
  • I3D - use pedagogy and entertainment to create engaging and behavior-changing learning.
  • Immersive Learning can :
  • accurately replicate processes
  • allow students access to sophisticated virtual equipment
  • safely simulate dangerous situations or processes
  • allow for multi-users at multiple sites simultaneously Aldrich, 2005

3. Maintenance Training

  • Equipment can be examined with the click of a mouse
  • Problem Solving skills enhanced by programming bugs into the simulation
  • Virtual Tutor can guide students

4. 5. 6. 7. Eisais Tablet Press

  • Based upon Eisais SOP for a single product.
  • Designed assuming no previous tablet press experience.
  • Modeled using HQ digital photos and actual audio recordings made on site at Eisai.
  • Controlled using only a mouse, arrow keys, and space bar. Simple to use,yet highly effective.


  • Tutorial mode demonstrates the controls for the system
  • Research Mode allows participant to practice without adhering to the SOP
  • Full mode operates under actual conditions and participants should follow SOP precisely

9. First screen to pop-up explains the mission. 10. Participant notebook, can access by pressing space bar anytime. Allows participant to check figures or access optimal values for equipment set-up. 11. Material hopper must be raised and rotated shown inappropriate position. 12. One of the screens showing the equipment set-up. 13. Future Development

  • BioSafety Lab Level 3 Training in the virtual world
  • Cleanroom Training
  • Aseptic Fill and Finish
  • No limits!!

14. For More Info

  • Contact Matt Meyer or Phil Sheridan
  • 919-807-7155
  • [email_address]
  • [email_address]


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