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its a complete step by step document. that why custom apps development is important and what is the importance of it


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    To bloggers and journalists:

    Potential customers:

    Existing customers:

    How Does A Website Benefit Your App?

    The App Improves In Rankings

    You Build Customer Loyalty

    You Create Another Sales Tool

    Your Signups Increase

    Another Promotional Platform

    Whoever has a smartphone will be familiar with "apps," the term used for applications and programs which run on the phone. Initially these apps were nothing more than simple games or time saving functions, but as technology enhanced and new things came up, the same apps are now important and highly useful pieces of software. Promoting your app is very essential for the apps success and there is no denying the fact; however, you would be surprised to find out that not many apps have their dedicated websites. This could be good news for you! Wondering how? Well, if you go a step ahead and get a website developed for your app, you have already gained a clear advantage

    over your competitors who have not yet ventured into this promotional channel.

    Having a dedicated website for your app serves as a major tool for the marketing of your app, informing the primary and secondary target audience of your presence in many different ways:

    Your website calls for their attention, and tells them about your apps high quality. You are ensuring them that you care about them by providing all that they need to where they are.

    Your website tells them that you care about their choice, and you want them to know the product before they go ahead and use it.

    After sales service is part of a complete brand experience, and your website plays an important role in it. It is your way of telling the customers that their feedback and comments are welcome after they have purchased or downloaded the app.

    Developing a webpage for your app enables you to find your clients (or them to locate you) and provides an opportunity for the developer and the user to interact with each other.

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    Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinik co-founded Viber almost two years ago, on Nov. 9, 2010. The Eastern European country, Belarus, is where the idea of Viber application first came into existence. Since its inception, software exports have gone up by more than 2,000 %, to $270 million in the year 2011. After its launch, Viber has turned out to be the most sought-after communication app, and 100 million users have already signed up. But Viber isnt the first communication app that has made it big in such a short time. Skype (launched in 2003) dominated the industry that is fast becoming a lucrative sector because the new generation is on the lookout for ways to communicate without any boundaries.

    The success of Viber can be attributed to Skype as well; Skype conventionally concentrated on allowing users to make free calls on a PC. A user would be required to sign up and get a username and password to use the service. Skype users recognized and called contacts and colleagues by looking up for the Nickname or Username. With the advent of smartphones and web enabled handsets, Skype launched its app for smartphones using the same username and password format.

    On the other hand, if you used Viber, the app would automatically send an invite all your contacts and numbers. The result: you find out who among your contacts uses Viber. Gone are the days when you had to a schedule a meeting over the PC; with Viber you are always logged on, giving immense freedom to the users. Viber became the new mode of communication over mobile phone that was free and easy. The app has become a key competitor to the early communication apps like Skype.




    How Did Viber Take Over Skype? Usage Of Communication Apps By Age Bracket (2011-2012)

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    Is Viber Really A Success Story?

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    2 billion text messages per month 1.5 billion voice minutes.

    With so much coming Vibers way, one could only wonder: What is it that Viber is going to do next?


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  • What are the factors that would differentiate the best app development company from better? Appnotech brings you factors that you must consider before choosing an app developer.

    Make a decision about your desired platform, i.e., iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Facebook. Once you have decided your platform, find out whether the app development company in question provides these services or not. Through a little bit of research on the companys website, you can find out about the companys portfolio, which will give you a good picture about the companys history and the people who work for it.

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    The Required Platform Of Your Application:

    It always feels good when you are welcomed with a smile. Same goes for the app development company, whether its about a little change or the development of a complete new app, the company must treat you with respect and make you feel special. If you are being called up by the support staff to receive feedback on your project and the staff is available 24/7 to assist you, you are in good hands. Do not hesitate, share your project concerns with them and ask for recommendations if you do not have a clear idea of your project. Keeping the customers particular requirements in mind, Appnotech has also created a system through which clients can get in touch with the app developers at any time of the day.

    Customer First The Personal Touch:

    What do people say about the company? Go to the developers website and read the reviews posted by customers and users. These are the people that will make the difference; positive feedback from a happy customer means that the company is doing well. Testimonials show the real picture of a company; this is where people talk about their experience with the developer. If you make a checklist and keep these things in mind while searching for an app developer, half the job is already done. Its now time to explain your idea and project to the app development company. Once you have done that, you must sit back and relax; the company is there to take care of you.

    Past Performance The Best Indicator:

    How To Different

    iate The Best App

    Development Com

    pany From The Re


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