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December 2011 Integrating Internal Customer Surveys into ReviewPro

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December 2011

Integrating Internal Customer Surveys into ReviewPro

December 2011

Integrate your internal customer surveys into ReviewPro



Can we analyse your data?

In 95% of cases we can!

Who?• You can use a

customer survey provider

OR• ReviewPro via an

Excel file

December 2011

You will benefit from having all relevant guest satisfaction data in one dashboard within ReviewPro.

Once the import is done you will be able to use ReviewPro to analyse and manage the surveys alongside your review data from OTAs:

• From the sources section of ReviewPro you will be able to compare the internal surveys against other sources such as TripAdvisor and Booking with the ReviewPro Source Index alongside the volume of positive and negative reviews

• From the Semantic Analysis section of ReviewPro you will be able to identify positive and negative mentions of key concepts within your hotel (reception, room, air-conditioning etc.)

• From the Tracking Section of ReviewPro you will be able to manage the surveys alongside reviews and assign Tickets to react to specific incidents that you have identified within a survey, add comments and forward survey results to colleagues


Benefits of importing your Internal Customer Surveys into ReviewPro

December 2011

1) If you have a survey provider (e.g Market Metrix):

• Request the XML specification document for your provider from ReviewPro

• Providers will need to create an XML file according to the document

• The ReviewPro team will integrate the XML into the tool

• There is no cost involved for this from ReviewPro


The configuration processThere are two ways of integrating your internal surveys into ReviewPro:

Provider XML ReviewPro

December 2011

2) If you do not have a provider:

• Collate all of your survey data into an Excel file

• Send your Excel file via email to [email protected]

• The ReviewPro team will configure your file and upload the file into a database to create the needed XML file

• The XML file will then be integrated into the tool by ReviewPro

• This will involve a cost from ReviewPro for the physical hours spent on the process. As long as your excel file does not change, this will be a one time fee.


The configuration process continued….

Excel Database ReviewProXML

December 2011

What can we import?

• Individual Surveys, not general summary information

• All ratings must be numerical and state the “out of” score – if your surveys ask for ratings on a descriptive scale, these must be converted

e.g Excellent = 5/5 Very Good = 4/5 Good= 3/5 Average = 2/5 Poor = 1/5

• All ratings must correspond to ReviewPro Index categories

e.g How would you rate the breakfast? Very Good (4) How would you rate the bar? Excellent (5) How would you rate the café? Good (3)

All of these ratings will fall into the Food and Drink Category. Therefore an average must be taken:Very Good 4 + Excellent 5 + Good 3 = Total 12Total 12 / 3 = 4

Rating for Food and Drink = 4


The configuration process continued….

Food and Drink


December 2011

Question Excellent Very Good Good

Average Poor

How would you rate breakfast?


How would you rate the bar?


How would you rate the cafe?


Comments Good selection of wines


The configuration process continued….Examples:

Name Date of stay Language Category Score(out of 5)


Ben 30/01/201 En Food and Drink

4 Good selection of wines

December 2011

• All numerical ratings have to fall into one of the Department Indexes available in ReviewPro, therefore you must inform us which of your categories you would like to group into one of the following available categories:- Business Centre- Cleanliness- Decoration- Entertainment- Food and Drink- Location- Reception- Room- Service- Value

• If you have many comments from the same customer these will be grouped together in one comment field

• We will not include any email addresses as these cannot be published

• You must include a column for the language of the Review and list it in the relevant Iso code e.g English = En Spanish = Es French = Fr


The configuration process continued….

December 2011 9

Example – A real example from a ReviewPro client

Food and Drink





5 4 3 2 1

This is an example of a survey that is given to customers in a paper format. In order for this to be integrated into ReviewPro the ratings must be converted to a numerical value and sent to ReviewPro in an excel format. Please inform us which of your concepts fall into our available categories.

Global Rating

December 2011 10

Example continued…The paper format converted by ReviewPro ready for integration

Global Rating = 4Service = 4 + 4 = 8 Average = 4Room = 4Cleanliness = 4Food and Drink = 4 + 5 + 5 +5 = 19 Average = 4.7Entertainment = 1

ReviewPro can then convert these to percentages in the tool.

All scores are out of 5

Date of Stay NameLanguage (iso code)

Global Rating Room Cleanliness Service Food & Drink Entertainment Review Content

30/01/12 Ben En 4 4 4 4 4.7 1 The mattress is old and the springs were quite uncomfortable. Shower is very poor and the curtain smells damp. TV selection is poor for this day & age.

December 2011 11

Client Example:

December 2011 12

Client Example:

December 2011 13

Client Example:

December 2011

• Now you are ready to start using ReviewPro to identify areas of improvement based on your Internal Survey results.

• If you have any questions, please contact the client services team:

[email protected]

+34 93 452 0069.


To conclude:

December 2011

• In 95% of cases we can integrate your Internal surveys into ReviewPro allowing you to benefit from having all relevant guest satisfaction data in one convenient place.

• There are two options available to you:

1) If you have an Internal survey provider, they can create an XML file, according to the ReviewPro specifications, that ReviewPro can integrate into the tool

2) If you do not have a provider, you can send ReviewPro an Excel file of your survey results which will then be configured and integrated into the tool via a ReviewPro database

• Please note that whilst your Internal surveys will be analysed alongside the reviews from online travel agencies, and they will have a Source Index, they will not be included in the Global Review Index. This is because the GRI reflects guest satisfaction on the Internet, based on publically available reviews.