impressionism, pointillism, post-impressionism

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Impressionism, Pointillism, Post-Impressionism. Mrs. Geis’ favorite!!. Impressionism. Began in France 1862; Renoir and Manet were students, and decided to paint outdoors for just one day. “ en plein air” “Immediate representations through color and light” .. An impression - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Impressionism, Pointillism, Post-Impressionism

Impressionism, Pointillism, Post-ImpressionismMrs. Geis favorite!!

Impressionism Began in France 1862; Renoir and Manet were students, and decided to paint outdoors for just one day. en plein airImmediate representations through color and light .. An impressionMany artists would gain this impression from painting outside ( constant change in light) while some focused inside in salons and the ballet ( constant movement)Known for short, choppy brushstrokes, and rare use of blackCritics were harsh barbaric. Insanity .. However, after Impressionism, painting would never be the same.ManetCalled Father of Modern ArtA bar at the Folies-Bergre 1882

3Monet Waterlilies 1921

Always painting outdoors, did lots of series to she how light affect color ( again- values of impressionism- light and color) Most famous is his waterlilies series.4Close up on waterlilies

Rouen Cathedral Series

Changed color palette as light changed.6Renoir Le Moulin de la Galette 1876

Notice patches of light very chaotic. French Life. 7Degas

Most known for his ballerinas, but also did French life ( cafes) and bathers. Not only did he do Impressionism painting, but also did the style using pastels.Even though he was a part of this group according to his style, he was actually a very grumpy, reserved man that would not associate himself with the other artists and their lifestyle. His only confidant was Mary Cassatt.8Degas

Degas started doing sculpture when he was going blind.Mary Cassatt Young Mother Sewing 1893

Degas discovered Cassatt. Mainly portraits of mother and daughters. Inspired by Japanese prints ( for bold colors and sharp designs), and fit into Impressionist style with vivid hues, patches of golden light. 10Pointillism(Post Impressionism)Technique gives it its name- painting in tiny dotsBased on the belief of optical-mixing; if the colors are close together, the eye will mix it (complementary colors)George Suerat founderGeorge Suerat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884-1886

Simpson Parody

Toulouse -Lautrec

Mistaken for a mini Degas ( sometimes literally- he was very short!) Inspired by contemporary life in France.14Czanne Still life with apples

Didnt really belong to any group what made his work so profound and different was that instead of imitating/making an impression on reality as it appeared to eye, Cezanne focused on underlying geometry precursor for Cubism. Colors very bright and vibrate noticing change of color, not just value, in each object. 15Gauguin Day of God 1894

Brilliant color to expression emotion- lived in Peru for a while and many of his pieces are inspired by the exotic primitivism. Only friend to Van Gogh.16Van GoghSelf Portrait

Oh there is so much to share!! Will reference to the book. 17Van Gogh The Bedroom 1889

Close up detail of his brushwork