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IMPRESSIVERAMY GEORGE MORCOS prologueNeither of these ten places and their impressive phases, have changed the world,nor and none of them have been replaced ,by some other :space within ,the baking yeast of their times by the ten fingers of the hands ,a creator of all the thoughts synchronizing all of the actions of their impressive self characteristics of being: the people that have built up this historical background 's engravings by the static-moving story of weaving expressions of the features ,bodies into or out from all impressive ,reasons . 1- An identity to inheritance2-Branio3-The beautiful and the ugly4-Impressiveness everywhere5-into life6-without life7-Ideas in conflict with actions8-Impressiono9-Kcraneniola10- impressive me11- impressive you12- All the human being that you are always giving13- The most powerful pitching voices of some universal impressions14-Formed out by all the oceans of a tear .15-Their never-ending laughters .16-All the silences17-In the music of the true Mind .18-All of his victorious acts of Masters19-Impressed by its all .. .20-In presence of eternity21-Impressively22-INKS 1_:impressive !Impressive !.!.But this is from now on and forever that theysay so..! _ The inhabitants, whom were living with some of the impressive people in most of the respected countries around the globe since the begining of times , space and skies, would say :_Yes once and for all ,never again in the early days of a past Century 's atmospheric spheres under the pressure of heat and even cold!I shall impress you!_ They could say all of them at the same time,Indeed :Fury ,Quietness and all of their beloved mystic family during the first moving phases of the planets through the lights of rays filling up all the blank emptiness of a space in its infinite dimensions.. Drawn up day by day,night after night by a dominant force from the divine nature of existence .The man whose name was Fury remembered always these loyal and lawful words wrapped into their inclusive meanings.. They may be expressing still,their strongenthousiasm ,surprise or thrill about these impressive feelings of true faith and real thoughts as the people were having from time to time: the first impressions of the images of life , minute after a minute of fury or of silence .In the heart of our first impressive days with the world .. Some of our characters were starting up to form up their body features and portraits of one 's mind in the living soul of those human beings.As a result ,they were not just making up their mind 's up whithin their thoughts and actions but to inherit one of that true world 's greatest inheritance of identityof the body and the powers of the mind.. .Fury ,Quitness are both silently inspired by myself , and the Master of all creativity that in reality had the dramatic and humoristic physical aspects at thesame time. That is because ,they have been looking to each other 's skin ,skeleton-bones and shapes out from which is made the talented skills of their sensible languages ,embued by a mythological influence of a humanitarian native civilization in chronological commands and orders viewing them through the eyes in colorfulness of the feelings towards the citizens ,wearing all the clothes that are in ever- changing contrasts with men and women impressive but sensitive story . 2What could be best described by Fury 's portrait itself under the white ,black , and indigo coloring up the flying clouds of this landscape filling in and out the skies impressively . Fury was that principal merging character ,a mixture of good and bad ,roughness in the calmeness ,of an event ..A Discovery .He his leading up his author to be enough perceptive ,the talkative speaker ,the witness ,the suspense of all the plots in action with a suspended surface of times ,where his impressions with Quiteness : the woman in his life would keep all thesecret of this impressive story in the brain or Branio in the fruitful seasons of thenature,naturally or super-naturally characteristics of all the thinking minds in struggle with the soul of impressive people ... The ones that i already know ,the ones that i do not choose to know ever..They hurt or they destruct ,while others do construct:_ to be extremely fair with you ..! Fury was saying to Quiteness and his people 's landmarks in the oceans ofever-flowing expressions of the soul ,the body and all the feelings of life in love iFury character in the midst of all the people 's portraying themselves their own featured characters in drama performances ,comedy ,that all the styles and genres seem to engage nowadays in the 21 th Century the everlasting longing re-acting appeal and call for the next century to become one of these villagers of a world under the infinity of a transparent skylight in phase of all the metamorphosis of a human child being who has grown up with hope and desire to be ..While God is ..To become his only Creator ,in its all ..In a matter of seconds Fury 's facial expressions was impressively ,precisely facing a new expression of sensational surprising thought of the mind so.:_Toutes ces impressions laissees par tous les pouvoirs du monde demeuraient ..! _:_All of these impressions were leaving out from all of the powers of the world the one that remains..! .

_:Impressive !Always impressive he was declaring standing up with all his ten fingers and the ten hands of his people 's lands that were placed ,located betweenone sky and two continents of their first earthlands discovery in the impressive contrasts of light and dark colors being the reflections of their everlasting human and superhuman features . If you just think about this in a simple ,smart mannerwith some incredible -magical gestures or without a single gesture of expression that defines ,describes ,identifies the intense past to the present: living beings of nature fighting on and on with the living creatures .in, and of all kinds of creative imagination ,in biology ,architecture ,astrology ,cosmology._:Impressively done and told !_ Quiteness in the silence of the echoing waves of the seas sailing on like a flying bird carrying out all the speaking voices of this impressive land of written manuscipts about the world most glorious future in faith of the happiest fate of all fates intitled to be even so the everlasting lastings of destiny:,is..Was..Becomes the passanger ,the messanger,Became , is becoming a dream ,being today 's the real days of those peoples in tomorrow 's lives.

3Fury 's perceptive perceptions about all of his impressive story , would not in fact, come out from his lips violently but rapidly so vividly: expressing the potential active energy of a man in constant and regular re-action with the idea of an ideological conception he has grown up with,with his followers onto the universal pathways out into the pleasing delightfulness of natural beauties giving us all the powerful impression of a furious but passionate realism,idealistically .Quiteness would rather wonder about his loving feelings towards the people and herself in the impressive homeland of justice ,equality and freedom against :unjustly .. in here .. Somewhere where everywhere is down here and up there ,the beautiful and the ugly fight on and on as warriors dressed up by a fire from the sun in war with the coldest ice of a moon ,in the deepest depths from the air breathing in and out the winds voyages to the sea oceans of their citizens ' freedom traveling on hopefully or desperatly expressed by the oldest paintings of portraits then suddenly ,frantically they were on their way home to their true self identity ,delivered by the furious but : intimate tenderness of an impressive humanity for an utmost liberty for Nature 's re-production ..Impressively .

_:Impressive for some of these existing peoples that you are , aren 't you impressed ...!It seemed that we were penetrating a house with binds of an invisible mind visible by the sound ,the images , the tracking of its regular -continuing motions of lignes and shapes drawing up by all the senses ..All their impressive meanings of visibility in her only beautifications :the life 's grand pride of being alive ..until the sleeping death takes us away apart to its other home of another human care .

Truly thinking ,this is not really what we had been searching for about the life wehave been meditating about all the way in ,all the way out along the shores and rivers flowing from side to side during a lifetime chosen by a superior dominantforce of a destiny equivalent to an impressive image of her eternal existence !

4They were being treated sincerly and most of all :clearverly to the suddeness of allthe miracles of names in achievement with the greatest events of all the times in history and out of all the history,.. How so ,impressed we had been when alittle sadness ,when remembering the immense joy we were having for the onesthat until now make the universe :The brightest moonstars ever !Just a small of a sad tear was falling down with another little tear on their faces ,from their memories remenbrances in a just little tear 's appearances on the skinyportraying features that were ever-changing with time from space to down town ,the countryside 's traditional word expressions passing through all the senses of sounds where their lineaments are aligning one after another.. The story of youth ,the history of the olden ages that would turn on all the leafy pages of a past

century to the present ones wherefrom Africa to the New World ,and the countries dreams to be dramatically free