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S. L. C. T. M. T. Marketing Group. Improving “Bricks & Clicks”. Stephanie Masone, Lucas Hernandez, Caterina Anello, Thomas Navarra, Michael Vida, and Trevor Herring. Statistics of “Bricks and Clicks”. Online shopping has grown exponentially over the past decade around the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Improving Bricks & Clicks

Improving Bricks & ClicksStephanie Masone, Lucas Hernandez, Caterina Anello, Thomas Navarra, Michael Vida, and Trevor HerringSLCTMTMarketing Group1Statistics of Bricks and ClicksOnline shopping has grown exponentially over the past decade around the worldRetailers that have both a physical store and online presence have reported an average of 23% growthAccording to a survey of U.S. online customers:82% are satisfied with buying experiences that began and ended with the online storeSatisfaction dropped to 61% when they researched online and then bought their product in a storeHOW CAN WE CHANGE THIS?Inside the Customers Mind5 Essential Facts Customers Look for On Internet Stores:OrganizationCustomers like when a website is set up in an efficient way; this helps the customers to get to the product as easy and as fast as possibleOnline Customer ServiceCustomers like to feel that if they have questions, they can be answered quicklySimplicityIf there are too many options, customers do not like to feel bombardedLayout and DesignFor example, JCrews layout is always very seasonal and inviting; most customers appreciate the layout and designAccessibility34% tablet users and 21% smartphone users have made at least one purchase on their on store App (comScore)Customers like the fact that they can make purchases outside of the store and outside of their homes Inside the Customers Mind5 Essential Facts Customers Look for in Stores:Organization Customers like to walk into the store that is presented in a neat and organized fashion where each section is categorized perfectlyCustomer ServiceCustomers like to be greeted in a friendly and pleasant manner as well as engage with employees when in needLayout and DesignCustomers like to walk into a store where the window is inviting or the colors are displayed in an appealing fashionFor example, JCrews layout is always very seasonal and inviting; most customers appreciate the layout and designMusicCustomers want to walk into a store and feel a good vibe throughout their whole shopping experience; music can effect the behavior of a shopperLightingLighting sets the scene and captures the mood of the store so customers have a specific shopping experience

Pattern Is FormedNotice how 3 out of the 5 essential bullet points are the sameIt is important to integrate the physical store location and online presenceCustomers look for the same thing when shopping online and in the store so their experiences can be the same and cause happiness to generate profit

How can we make customers happy?

Consumer Product Areas:ApparelFurnitureElectronics

We chose to focus on these industries because we feel our recommendations can benefit this trio in many sufficient waysConsumers make decisions about purchasing items from these three product areas on a daily basisPeople are constantly moving, buying clothes, or advancing technologicallyRecommendation #1Item of the WeekTypical Many stores such as: JC Penney, Old Navy, etc. present this to their customers using one item

However, our firm would recommend that you incorporate an Item of the Week Sale with a Points Rewards SystemInstead of using one item to advertise to your customer we recommend using 3-5 items as your sale promotion

Logistics of Items of the Week:Our firm suggests the best way to improve the sale of certain items is to incorporate a Points System with your Items of the Week PromotionsIf a customer were to purchase one or more of the items advertised as an Item of the Week, either in the store or online, they would gain a specified amount of points When that customer reaches a certain amount of points, they will receive an e-mail containing the link to the coupon they have earned based on how many points they have gatheredThe coupon can be printed and used in the store or used with an online purchase through a coupon codeTheres a Catch!The catch The coupon is valid in the store for a limited amount of time. However, its online use does not expire This way, we can ensure an increase in your stores website traffic if a customers in store coupon inspiresAlso, coupons cannot be combined in store or online. One coupon per purchaseApplying Our Idea:For example, if we were to apply this idea to J.Crews customer pool, we would advise that each promotion item was chosen from a different category, such as: Womens, Mens, Shoes (General), Childrens, etc. This will make sure that every type of customer will be eligible to gain points, by selecting an item that suits their needsGetting Started: Employees will be asked to take the customers information upon checkout. By doing this, a customer is automatically imputed into J.Crews system, linking the customers in-store information with their online account. A customer can keep track of their points easily by logging into their online account, now that they are linked

This is where the customer will create their online account which is linked up to the in store systemOnce the customer fills out all the designated areas and hits submit, a new screen will pop up and explain the Item of the Week with the Rewards/Points System and the coupons they will receive This will assure that each customer has an in-store record and an online record. This starts the incorporation of your online presence and physical store location

Step 1:Step 2:StephanieMasonesm03075n@pace.edusm03075n@pace.eduSubmit123456123456numbersThank you for signing up Stephanie!How our system works:Item of the weekRewards/Points SystemCoupons you receiveYour online account is now linked to your in store account. Start earning your points!Recommendation #2 Our firm recommends that your store should offer a special deal for a customer that orders something online and then comes to pick it up in the storeThe special deal we feel would work best is that the customer can receive a discount on an item that relates to their online purchaseExample: if the customer is ordering from Best Buys online website, and they order a television, when they come to pick it up in the store, they can receive a discount on an item related to the television such as a television stand, an extra remote, etc.This will give people the incentive to come into the store to pick up their online purchase; they also receive free shipping this wayIt also generates positivity and profits towards customers shopping in the store and online Logistics of Online Purchase/In-store Pick up The logic behind this idea is that when the customer places his/her order on the website, an option will be present asking if they want to pick it up in the store closest to themIf they select yes, another option will be generated for a specific time and date that the customer an go into the store and pick it upOnce the customer completes this step, a confirmation page will appearFor the customers with smart phones, they will receive an email which they can present to the cashier at the actual store; this email will have a barcode that the cashier can scan to bring up the item on the stores computer so the cashier can pull the item from inventoryFor the customers without smart phones, there will be an option to print out the confirmation page to bring into the store Recommendation #3Our firms third recommendation deals with social media paired up with in the store shopping and online shoppingWe suggest that a company interacts with the customers personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Getting Started with In Store Shopping: when a customer shops in the store and finishes up at the cash register, when they receive the bag with their purchase in it, they will also find a colorful and attention grabbing piece of paper. This paper tells the customer to take a picture of their purchase and upload it to their social media account hashtagging a specific sayingThe hash tag qualifies the customer to receive a special coupon with a discount on their next purchase! 15Getting Started with Online Shopping: the same concept works for the online store as well as in storeHowever, the customer will receive the paper in the package that is shipped to their houseSame exact paper, the customer is just getting it delivered to their house along with their online purchase Thank you for shopping at JCrew!#JCrewRules on Instagram of your purchase to be entered into the sweepstakes to receive a discount on your next purchase!

The winner will be notified if they won by a direct message on Instagram on 01/25/2015

One winner per contestExample:Recommendation #4This suggestion by our firm has to do with a stores social media accounts and their followersTypical- a store will post a picture on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a coupon code for the followers (customers) to enter upon checkout on the stores websiteThis coupon code usually only works for the online storeWe believe that stores should get more personal with their followers by sending them direct messages with coupon codes after fulfilling certain sharing requirementsWe like to call this method Direct Message SaleThe certain sharing requirements consist of the follower reposting the companys post that will advertise a sale opportunityThen, the follower will have to tag five of their friends in the post and hashtag the company name

As a reward, the company will then direct message the followers that did so with a code to the sale that is happeningThe direct message will look something like this:

By the follower tagging their five friends, the company gains recognitionThe ultimate goal is to start a phenomenon with our social media site

Recommendation #5Stephanie is a strong believer in, if the shoe fits, wear it, and also buy it in every color! This could go along with any type of clothing also!Have you ever found that perfect pair of jeans and just had