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  • 1. zEnterprise The Ideal Platform ForSmarter ComputingImproving Service Delivery With Private Cloud Computing

2. What Users Like About Cloud Computing Self-service requestsUser request services via a web portal Fast provisioningAutomated provisioning/de-provisioning of resources as needed Elastic capabilityResource can be elastically provisioned to quickly scale out andrapidly released to quickly scale in Low cost pay as you goUsers pay for what they use06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 2 3. But Businesses Have Concerns AboutPublic Clouds Lack of Reliability Examples of public cloud outagesApril 2011, Amazon, 2 days,Amazons Trouble RaisesApril 2011, Azure, 6 hours Cloud Computing DoubtsJan 2011, Salesforce, 1 hour April 22,2011 ComputerworldMay 2010, Amazon, 4 outages in 1 weekApril 2010, Azure, 40 minsJune 2009, Amazon, 5 hoursMarch 2009, Azure, 22 hoursJuly 2008, Amazon, 5 hours 45 minsAprll 2008, Amazon, 3 hoursFeb 2008, Amazon 2 hours;, 1 day Lack of Security/Compliance Isolation of applications and data, data encryption/segregation Compliance with laws and regulations Limited Archiving Network performance and amount of data involved are limiting factors 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 3 4. Transform And Improve Service Delivery WithA Private Cloud Instead Private because it is only used by enterprise employees Offers same capabilities as a public cloud Virtualization platform with elastic scalability Support for instant provisioning of service Self-service portal to request service Metering and billing capability to support pay as you go model But with advantages over a public cloud Multiple architectures Control of security, data protection, availability, and workload management policies Lower cost! What Technology is Needed for a Private Cloud? 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 4 5. zEnterprise Provides An OptimizedVirtualized Platform Multi-architecture virtual environments enable a broad range of workloads Elastic Scalability z/OSLinuxAIXLinux Windows System z PowerSystem xAdd processors to HypervisorHypervisor Hypervisorz114 / z196 while runningzManager provides consistent Data NetworkManagement Networkstructured management for allvirtual environments Add and configure a blade zManagerquickly Create virtual machines andHardwareManagementnetworks quickly Console(HMC)06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.05 6. zManager Minimizes Time And Labor ForHypervisor And Network Setup Read the entitlements for blades Auto-discover and inventory for all elements No need to install and configure libraries or sensors Automatic setup and configuration of the hypervisor Two internal networks all physically setup out-of-the- box in zBX Pre-configured private and physically isolated internal management network Private and secure data network06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 6 7. Hypervisor Setup And Configuration Lab Test Do-It-Yourself vs. zManagerDIY Tasks (per Blade) Elapsed Time Labor Time Initial communication setup & education6 min 26 sec 6 min 26 sec Boot VIOS disc & install (creates LPAR for VIOS automatically) 37 min 59 sec36 min Configure VIOS networking2 min 49 sec 2 min 49 sec Create new storage pool for LPARs35 sec 35 sec Install VIOS service fixpacks61 min 5 sec 20 secTOTAL TIME1 hr 48 min 52 sec 46 min 10 seczManager Tasks (per Blade)Elapsed Time Labor Time Add entitlement for a blade 90 min92 secTOTAL TIME 1 hr 30 min 1 min 32 sec97% reductionin labor timeSource: IBM CPO Internal Study 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 7 8. Network Setup And Configuration Lab Test Do-It-Yourself vs. zManagerDo-It-Yourself Tasks (for two BladeCenters)Elapsed/Labor Time Planning (includes time to go over docs, etc)5 hrs Cabling2 hrs AMM Configuration2 hrs Logical Configuration (L2) 8 hrs Blades network configuration 4 hrs Testing2 hrs Documenting the configuration3 hrsTOTAL TIME26 hrs zManager Tasks (for two BladeCenters)Elapsed/Labor Time Planning 3 hrs Cabling (pre-cabled in zBX)0 hrs AMM Configuration (done in zBX)0 hrs Logical configuration (L2) 30 mins Blades network configuration 1 hr 30 mins Testing (pre-tested) 0 hrsDocumenting the configuration (all part of zManager)0 hrsTOTAL TIME5 hrs 81% reduction in labor timeSource: IBM CPO Internal Study 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.08 9. Automated Hypervisor Setup And Pre-configured Network Enable Fast Platform Scale UpTotal Labor Per Blade (Minutes)120100Network Setup80LaborHours604020 HypervisorSetup Labor 88% Less setup labor Hours 0 ManualAutomated HypervisorHypervisor and Setup andNetwork Setup Pre-configured Networkson POWER on zEnterprise06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.09 10. Manage Virtual Servers With zManager From one console, create virtual machines in z/VM and in zBX hypervisors z/OSLinuxAIXLinux Windows Start / stop / delete virtual System z PowerSystem x machines under HypervisorHypervisor Hypervisor zManager control Data NetworkManagement Network Create virtual networkszManager Monitor resource usage Hardware CPU, Memory, Power Management Console consumption(HMC)06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.010 11. DEMO: Create Virtual Server WithzManagerCreate virtual server on a Power blade Enter name for virtual server Assign number of virtual processors Specify memory Add network device Add storage device Specify boot option Select workload 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 11 12. IBM System z Solution Edition For CloudComputingAdds package of software and services for self-serviceprovisioning, chargeback and monitoring IBM Tivoli software (runs on Linux on System z)Self-service provisioning Tivoli Service Automation Manager System z Solution Edition(TSAM)for Cloud ComputingChargeback Tivoli Usage and AccountingManager (TUAM)Monitoring Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VMAIXLinux Windowsand Linuxz/OS LinuxSystem zPower System x IBM Lab ServicesHypervisor HypervisorHypervisorPlanning, installation, configuring,testing services zManagerSignificant package discounts(Unified Resource Manager) 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.012 13. Self-Service Provisioning With Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM)TSAM ServiceAutomated TSAM starts the deployment Automated Provisioning process via IBM Tivoli CatalogApproval (via TPM)Provisioning Manager(TPM) workflowUser browses CMDBservice catalogAdds service toshopping cartSubmits request Self-service portal for users Enables standardization via a catalogLinux of service offerings z/VM Automates request processing with pre-defined workflows Fast provisioning of virtual servers06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 13 14. TSAM Uses Tivoli Provisioning Manager(TPM) To Provision A Virtual Server Automates provisioning of virtual servers via cloning from images or installing and configuring software Tasks automated through automation workflowsPre-built workflows describe provisioning stepsAutomatic workflow execution with verification at each stepAutomation Package Developer allows customization for data centerbest practices and procedures Virtual image repository allows customers to centralize and standardize on provisioning materialsImages, application packages, configuration properties 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.014 15. Self-Service Provisioning For zEnterprise Request ServiceTivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM) for servicesCatalog AutomatedOut-of-the-boxAdministrator Administrator TivolizManager HCM/NIMTivoli Provisioning (zHMC)zHMC/ProvisioningManager Manager (TPM) DFS(TPM) z/OSLinux AIX Win LinuxSystem zPower System xHypervisorHypervisorHypervisor 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.015 16. DEMO: Self-Service Provisioning With IBMTivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM) Submit a request to add a new virtual machine (VM) under z/VM to an existing project VM created with a complete software stack (zLinux, WebSphere, customer application and Tivoli Monitoring agent) installed Requester is notified via email when the request is completed06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 16 17. TSAM Automated Provisioning Is Fast 300 140 minTotal Deployment Time* 250 200 (minutes) 15089%reduction 100 15 min 500ManualAutomated Install on Installz/Linux with TSAM* Excluding network transmission time06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 17 18. Pay-As-You-Go Chargeback With TivoliUsage And Accounting Manager (TUAM)Tivoli Service AutomationWho is consuming Manager (TSAM) and datawhich IT Resources?collectors provide resourceusage statisticsWhat is the cost of Costing engine to assignthe IT Resources? costs to resource usageHow to calculate costsReporting engine to providefor different usersinvoices and reportsProvided by Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager* 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.018 19. Public vs. Private Cloud: Which Option CostsLess For Delivering Mixed Workloads?Which option provides the lowest TCO over 3 years? Public 1332 lightCloud workloads95 heavy CPUworkloads Private Cloud68 heavy I/O workloads 1495 workloads zEnterprise06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.0 19 20. Variability In Image Usage Allows ForReduction In The Number Of Servers Required Consolidation ratios based on benchmark data assume always on operation On average, not all workloads are active all the time Amazon EC2 public cloud recognizes this by running with an oversold factor of 1.7Assumes each server can support 1.7 times the indicated capacityof virtual machines This means we dont need as many servers as the benchmarks indicate 06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.020 21. Deploying Light Workloads 1332 PublicLarge Cloudcompute instances 1332 light workloadsIBM WebSphere NDMonitoring software (ITCAM)Private28 Online banking workloads*, Cloud IBM POWER7each driving 22 blades in 1 zBXtransactions per secondwith light I/O* CPO on-line banking benchmark06 - Improving Service Delivery V2.021 22. Deploying Heavy CPU Workloads With Light I/O95 Public Cluster Compute CloudQuadruple Extra Large compute instances 95 heavy CPU workloadsIBM W


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