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1. ImprovisedEquipmentPeriscope 2. What is a Periscope? A periscope is an instrument forobservation from a concealed position. This is commonly used at wars. For thewarriors to look/see their enemies whencoming. Like in tanks, submarines or evenalone. 3. Objectives1. The objectives are to make animprovised periscope with usedmaterials.2. To save cost from buying a newperiscope. 4. Materials4 pcs of long thin plywood2pcs of short thin plywoodPaint and paint brushesGlue gun with glue stick2 mirrors with the same sizeScissorFolder 5. ProceduresI. Cut holes in two pieces of the longthin plywood.II. Assemble the box in a way that thewood with holes are on completelyopposite sides are not facing each other.III. Place the mirrors on the spaceopposite the holes slantly..IV. Glue the mirrors in an angle that isfacing each other but would also facethe hole that is cut.V. Shape the folder into a cylindrical orrectangular tube.VI. Place the tube on the hole. 6. ConceptThe concept of this improvisationexperiment is to fine out if, as students,we can learn to make improvisedequipment out of ordinary things foundin the households and save moneyinstead of buying a new periscope. 7. Inventors