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World trade figures have reached an all-time high in January 2011. Greece and PIGS crisis no longer make the headlines. WTO negotiations are on full swing. On the other hand Brent crude trading at USD 116 is giving jitters to the Indian economy. Inflation is playing hide and seek with the policy makers. The fiscal deficit targets seem like a distant dream. The fourth edition of finance digest from NITIE "InFinNITIE" explores the macroeconomic headwinds in the world.It is a pleasure to bring to you mutual fund industry veteran Mr Sunil Singhania, Head Equities, Reliance Mutual Fund in the newly introduced $treet Talk section. The new section of "This and That" introduces some quirky facts from the world of finance. Rejoice with the fun elements of Finquzzitive - the quiz and Cro$$fire - a teasing crossword both centered around finance.Our hearty congratulations to Ashish Korde & Esha Mehta from IIM Lukcnow for writing the award wining article "Unleashing the BCD Nexus in India - Repairing the broken Monetary Transmission Mechanism". Fin-quizzitive and Cro$$fire give you the chance of winning Rs. 1000 each. The deadline for submitting entries is 15th April, 2011.We thank all those of you who participated in this edition of 'In-Fin-NITIE' by means of contributing your articles or otherwise. We look forward to your continued patronage. We believe you would enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoyed compiling it.We would love to hear from you regarding the magazine. Please direct all feedback regarding 'In-Fin-NITIE' to the Editor at [email protected]. Please feel free to distribute the same.


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