in search of the amber room reading. it took the country’s best artists about ten years to...

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Download In Search of the Amber Room Reading. It took the country’s best artists about ten years to make the Amber Room. Several tons of amber were used to make

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  • In Search of the Amber RoomReading

  • It took the countrys best artists about ten years to make the Amber Room. Several tons of amber were used to make it, and it was also decorated with gold and jewels. The design of the room was in the fancy style popular in those days. Para 1. How was the Amber Room made?

  • The King of Prussia wanted to be friendly to Russia.Or maybe he wanted to have a troop of the Czars best soldiers. Para 2.Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift?

  • Para3. How did the Amber Room become one of the wonders of the world? Catherine II told her artists to add more details to the Amber Room. Almost six hundred candles lit the room, and its mirrorsand pictures shone like gold.

  • Para4. How did the Amber Room get lost?In 1941, the Nazi stole the Amber Room.100,000 pieces were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes and then put on a train for Konigsberg.

  • Para 5. How was a new Amber Room built?A new Amber Room was built by studying old photos of the former Amber Room.

  • 1. The Amber Room, which was the best work of amber art ever made, was originally made to be a gift to the Russian people. 2. It was Frederick William I who gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great. True or FalseFT3. The Amber Room served as a reception hall for the guests of Frederick I. 4. Peter the Great had the Amber Room moved to another place. .FF

  • 5. The Amber Room was one of the great wonders of the world, but no one knows where it is now. 6. We dont know what happened to the Amber Room during the World War I.FT7. Nowadays, a new Amber Room has been made in St. Petersburg.T

  • Amberfancy style4 metresgoldjewels

    Description of the Amber RoomMaterial1._______ColorYellow-brownDesignIn the 2. _________ popular in those daysDecorationsdecorated with_____ and______LengthAbout 3. _______

  • Designedwinter palacemore detailspalace

    History of the Amber Room4. ________ for the _______of Frederick I.Given to Peter the Great by Frederick Williamand became part of the Czars 5. ___________.Moved to a palace outside St Petersburg by Catherineand 6. ____________ were added to it.

  • celebratedsmall art objectsthe room itselfready / built

    Some furniture and 7. _______________ were removed from the Amber Room by the Russians in wartime, but some of the Nazis stole 8. _______________.A new Amber Room was 9. ___________ for the people of St Petersburg when they 10. ___________ the 300th birthday of their city.

  • Careful reading to solve difficult points

  • 1. Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, could never have imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such a strange history. (P1, L1) could not/never have done

    He cant /couldnt have gone to Beijing, for I had a talk with him just now.

  • could have done Eg.There is still some time. You could have come on foot.should have done Eg.There was a lot of time left. You should have finished your homework.

  • 2. The design of the room was in the fancy style popular in those days. (P1, L5) fancy adj. I dont feel like making a fancy meal.

  • vt. , 1) Dont fancy that you can succeed without hard work.2) I fancied him to be dead.3) He fancies himself as a good writer.4) I dont fancy walking in the rain.

    have a fancy (n.) for ,,,,

  • 3. However, the next King of Prussia, Frederick William , to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. [] +

    =, who / whom the amber room belonged to,

  • belong to The horse under the tree belongs to Mark.belong Put the chair back where it belongs. He belonged to the golf club when he was young. belong to (me. him. us). belong to ing

  • As we know, the USA is a developed countrybelonging to the First World.The house belongs to my grandfather.The house belonging to my grandfather was destroyed in the fire.

  • Correct the mistakeThe house was belonged to an old lady.

    China is a country that is belonging to the Third World.

    As a writer, he really belongs the 18th century.tobelongsbelongings Please take care of your belongings when you are on the train.

  • 4. About four metres long, the room served as a small reception hall for important visitors. (Para2, L9) serve as He served two terms as President. He served as a waiter there. When you sleep in the open, old newspapers can serve as a blanket.

  • 5. She told her artists to add more details to its design. (Para3, L3) addto He added that he was very pleased with our work. Please add some sugar to the milk. Add the score up. His being absent added to our difficulty. The money he spent one day added up to about $100.

  • 6. This was a time when the two countries were at war. Para4, L2 at war at at peace at breakfast at rest at table at work at school at war/work/home/tableon show/duty/sale/holiday/fire/watchin trouble/danger/battle/doubtunder repair/discussion/construction

  • 7. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. (Para4, L6) There is no doubt = Its clear = Its beyond argumentI doubt whether he is telling the truth. (I dont doubt that he is telling the truth.(

  • Do you doubt ____ she will succeed?I doubt _________ he will keep his word.I have no doubt ____ he will win the game. thatif/whetherthatdoubtthatdoubtwhetherif

  • 8. remain (1) vi. , I went to the city, but my brother remained at home. (2) link-verb. n. /adj. //adv. My friend became a boss, but I remained a teacher. The death of the old man remained unknown. The problem remains to be discussed.

  • Nothing remains but to send the invitation out. ()It only remains for me to sign the paper that you gave me. ()He bought a new book with the _________ () 40 yuan.=He bought a new book with the 40 yuan ___. () remainingleft

  • [1] Although he has taken a lot of medicine, his health ______ poor. (2002)A. proves B. remainsC. maintains D. continues[] remain prove maintain continue B

  • [2] It was already past midnight and only three young men ______ in the tea house. (2006)A. left B. remainedC. delayed D. deserted[] remain ; delay desert B

  • --- Why do you look so upset? --- There are so many troublesome problems which___. A. remaining to settle B. remained settled C. remaining to be settled D. remain to be settled.D

  • Discovering useful words and expressions1. to choose carefully--2. not seen or found very often--3. welcome area in a hotel ---4. to surprise somebody very much---selectrarereceptionamaze1. Find the word or expression for each of the following meanings from the text.

  • 5. no more than--6. made of wood--7. trying to find something; looking carefully for something ---8. to manage to live or continue in difficulties--9. to take something away --less thanwoodenin search ofsurviveremove

  • 10. person who creates things which can be considered works of art --11. of an earlier period or time; happening before --12. in a situation in which two sides fight each other ---artistformerat war

  • 2. Complete the passage with the words below. Chen Lei studied art history and the early ________ of China in a university. He was able to recognize the _____of different cultural relics from former times, dynastiesstylerare designed decorated style doubt fancy dynasties amazing worth jewels

  • especially the Tang and Song dynasties. One day he was looking in a second-hand furniture shop when he saw an _______ object among the many different vases and ______. It was a mirror ________ in the Song Dynasty and _________ in the ______ style of that time. amazingjewelsdesigneddecoratedfancy

  • He recognized that it was a _______ cultural relic, but at a price he could afford, so he bought it at once. Later he gave it to his local museum. The people there were very happy and without ______ consider it one of the treasures of their collection. To them, it was ______ much more than Chen Lei paid.raredoubtworth

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