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<ul><li><p>New </p><p>Need New SOLUTIONS </p><p>THINKING!</p></li><li><p>Rooted in Engineering, Stellar Track Record, </p><p>Building with an Eye on the Future</p><p>Incedo is a Bay Area-headquartered technology firm </p><p>with operations across North America, South Africa </p><p>and India. In 2011, the technology unit of Indiabulls, a </p><p>diversified business group based in India, was spun </p><p>out as an independent organization, Incedo. Since </p><p>then we have grown manifold to create a very special </p><p>firm!</p><p>We have been practitioners in the past - we are </p><p>proud of that legacy and how it differentiates us. We </p><p>are a technology firm with a track record in </p><p>delivering large scale initiatives and, at the same </p><p>time, have the nimbleness, creativity and personal </p><p>attention of a startup. While we are focused on Data </p><p>and Analytics, Emerging Technologies and Product </p><p>Engineering, we have been serving our clients </p><p>through a wide range of IT services.</p><p>We provide measurable success for clients through </p><p>long-term partnerships that help them solve their </p><p>most critical business problems through technology.</p><p>IncedoWhere Innovation Propels</p></li><li><p>VerticalsWhile we serve multiple industries, we bring an even </p><p>deeper understanding and expertise into the </p><p>following three:</p><p> From improving operational </p><p>efficiency to increasing sales effectiveness, we </p><p>provide a broad array of services to life science firms </p><p>around the globe to enhance their operational </p><p>efficiencies and improve business. </p><p>Our life sciences vertical encompasses sales &amp; </p><p>marketing operation, research &amp; development, </p><p>product launch support and operations.</p><p> Our heritage is in Financial </p><p>Services we have deep expertise in Capital Markets, </p><p>Lending and Payments. </p><p>We bring end-to-end capabilities across platforms </p><p>and business functions to our clients via reporting </p><p>solutions, analytics &amp; visualization, data modelling, </p><p>architecture &amp; build, mobile enablement, mortgage </p><p>servicing technology, and brokerage technology.</p><p> Our telecom </p><p>product development services include an array of </p><p>offerings such as software development, software </p><p>support and integration of hardware and </p><p>middleware. Our solutions for this vertical are </p><p>spread over a variety of offerings like service </p><p>improvement &amp; solution development, network </p><p>monitoring, security in industrial IT solutions, </p><p>wireless &amp; wireline product development, application </p><p>development, industry-specific solutions.</p><p>Life Sciences:</p><p>Financial Services:</p><p>Communication Engineering:</p></li><li><p>Emerging TechnologyAs a strategic focus, we intend to focus on our specialty </p><p>areas including:</p><p> Specialized solutions and </p><p>services for data collection, cleansing, consolidation </p><p>and governance to ensure consistency in the ongoing </p><p>use and maintenance of data.</p><p> We implement BI solutions that can </p><p>provide multiple perspectives and visualizations utilizing </p><p>a variety of analytical tools and modeling techniques </p><p>comprising management information system, marketing </p><p>effectiveness, data standardization &amp; cleansing, </p><p>Salesforce effectiveness, analytics services, data quality </p><p>certification.</p><p> Our mobility Centre of Excellence (CoE) </p><p>leverages the latest in mobile technology to craft and </p><p>implement your organizations digital strategy, with the </p><p>mobility focus being on enterprise applications, data </p><p>analytics services, cloud applications, machine learning </p><p>solutions, and IoT.</p><p> Technology and </p><p>functional experts in communication technology bring </p><p>forth specialized offerings for OEMs, service providers </p><p>and pharma/finance/industrial- technology solution </p><p>providers.</p><p> Focus on your core business while </p><p>improving agility, reducing costs and expanding ability to </p><p>scale with our services across the cloud ecosystem. Our </p><p>cloud services cover strategy and consulting strategy, </p><p>assessment and design, saas, iaas and paas.</p><p>Data Management: </p><p>BI &amp; Analytics:</p><p>Mobile:</p><p>Communication Technology:</p><p>Cloud: </p></li><li><p>Core ServicesOur core services that form the foundation of our </p><p>offerings:</p><p> Our offerings help you </p><p>constantly innovate, quickly adapt to changing </p><p>customer needs, improve time-to-market </p><p>capabilities and maintain large product portfolios at </p><p>reduced costs.</p><p> We work across </p><p>open-source and proprietary technologies to </p><p>develop customized applications or enhance existing </p><p>ones on web, desktop and mobile platforms.</p><p> With a team of SMEs and </p><p>technical experts, we provide best-in-class </p><p>application support and critical maintenance </p><p>services to help you lower operational costs and </p><p>optimize process efficiency.</p><p> We help you earn a </p><p>quick return on your outsourcing spend by reducing </p><p>service costs, improving customer retention and </p><p>increasing overall revenue per customer.</p><p> Our infrastructure practice </p><p>will help you derive the cost-saving and efficiency-</p><p>boosting benefits of emerging services like </p><p>virtualization, cloud management and BYOD.</p><p> Our proven quality assurance </p><p>methodologies help ascertain that things are built </p><p>right the first time and focus on improving quality </p><p>and performance metrics while managing risks.</p><p>Product Engineering:</p><p>Application Development: </p><p>Application Support: </p><p>Business Process Services:</p><p>IT Infrastructure: </p><p>Quality Assurance:</p></li><li><p>The Incedo EdgeWhy Our Clients Work With Us </p><p>Strong engineering talent - high calibre, </p><p>talented technologists and leaders. Practitioners </p><p>first!</p><p>Focus and passion for innovation </p><p>Flat organization structureresponsive </p><p>engagement model</p><p>Agile and flexible delivery and commercial models</p><p>Focus on long term partnership with clients</p><p> For </p><p>a Top US based Biotechnology Corporation we </p><p>automated the process for collating, organizing and </p><p>transforming the Speaker Program data collected </p><p>from 3 different vendors. </p><p> We seamlessly </p><p>integrated with the engineering team to take over key </p><p>product lines and deliver enhanced support.</p><p> We </p><p>supported our clients with the right solutions and </p><p>teams for their needs across data modeling, </p><p>architecture, data warehouse and reporting </p><p>initiatives. We supported them throughout the </p><p>lifecycle.</p><p>Self Service BI Solution for Field Operations:</p><p>Engineering Support to a US-Based Industrial </p><p>Wireline Solutions Company:</p><p>Data Management, BI &amp; Analytics for a Bank:</p><p>Our Work</p></li><li><p>Incedo Inc. (formerly a part of $ 4Bn Indiabulls Group)</p><p> USA:</p><p>INDIA:</p><p> | 2350 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 246 Santa Clara, California - 95054 | Tel: +1408 531 6040</p><p> | 248, Udyog Vihar Phase-IV, Gurgaon - 122 015 | Tel: +91 124 4345900/ 01/ 02</p><p>Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7</p></li></ul>