inciting incidents: reading as a springboard to 21st-century literacies

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Two secondary teachers -- one social studies, one ELA -- share five websites they have both used with great success in their different disciplines and with different age groups. Students develop skills for close reading, writing for different purposes and audiences, collaborations, and presentations.


  • 1. INCITING INCIDENTS: READING AS A SPRINGBOARD TO 21STCENTURY LITERACIES Kristi Nourie Lauren Debaun St. Thomas Aquinas High School Overland Park, KS

2. Create interactive timelines LinkURLs, videos, or documents Students create and comment on events 3. Read and write about primary sources Findready-to-use activities Search thousands of documents by category, topic, or period 4. Curate information from across the Web to suggest content Use bookmarklet tool to scoop content 5. Create interactive posters Linkpictures, videos, or audio files Students create and comment on posters 6.