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  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 2

    44tthh GGrraaddee SSppeelllliinngg LLiisstt

    able above act address agree airport alarm alive alphabet although

    always among animal answer arent army asleep aunt avenue baking

    bandage baskets began believe belong below benches between blanket bloom

    boil bold books bottle bought break breath brick bridge broil

    broke broken brook broom brought brushes bubble bucket building built

    burned busy button buying cabins calf cardboard caring carrying catch

    cause celery center certain chance changing chicken chief choice choose

    chose circle clock clothing coast coin comb common corner cotton

    couch cough couldnt counting couple cousin cover cracked crayon crime

    crow crowd crush crying curl damage damp danger dare deaf

    dear death decide deer didnt died dirt disappear discovered divide

    double downstairs drain drawer drew drill dump during earn earth

    edge either elbow electric engine enough evening everybody except exciting

    false famous fear feather felt fence few fifth fixed flight

    floor flour flow fold follow footprint forest forever forgive fork

    These words can be written on your word wall, assigned in blocks, utilized for writing assignments or spelling drills. Be sure to reference the Grammar Punk Tutorial CD to access the interactive SPELLING BEE for 4th grade.

  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 3

    44tthh GGrraaddee VVooccaabbuullaarryy LLiisstt

    Accurate: free from error Address: the place where a person lives Afford: to bear the cost of Alert: to make aware of; watchful against danger

    Analyze: to make an analyses of; to examine Ancestor: one from whom an individual is descended Annual: occurring once a year Arrest: the state of being stopped; taken into legal custody Ascend: to move upward Assist: to help another Attempt: to make an effort toward Attraction: the act or power of attracting; personal charm Awkward: clumsy or ungraceful Baggage: the traveling bags and belongings of a traveler Barometer: an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure Basic: concerned with the fundamentals Blend: to mix thoroughly Blossom: the flower of a plant Boastful: to praise oneself Burrow: a hole made in the ground by an animal Bystander: one present but not participating Calculate: to determine by mathematical process Capable: having ability or power to do something Captivity: held under control Century: a period of 100 years Circular: having the form of a circle

    Grammar Punk Sentence: T E 4 | Cecil couldnt resist the urge to analyze his report card for signs of teacher inattention.

    Teachers, challenge students to write sentences containing one vocabulary word and one word that contains at least one dice word. Dice words are created by rolling the (white) consonant and vowel dice and creating a word that contains at least one letter from each die.

    When students seem to be comfortable with creating dice words, roll the (black) number die and create the number of dice words dictated by the number rolled. See examples below.

    As students comfort level and confidence grows, introduce the punctuation and grammar dice as students assimilate these vocabulary words.

  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 4

    Coax: to gain by gentle urging or flattery

    Column: supporting pillar Communicate: to make known Competition: the act of competing, rivalry Complete: having all parts of elements Concentrate: to fix ones powers, efforts, or attentions Concern: interest or anxiety Confuse: to make mentally unclear or uncertain Congratulate: to express pleasure on account of success Considerable: important; large in degree Content: satisfied; something contained Contribute: to give along with others; to help, assist Create: to cause to exist, to bring into being Dare: to have sufficient courage Dependent: relying on another for support Discover: to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time Discuss: to argue or consider carefully Doldrums: a spell of listlessness or despondency

    Domestic: relating to the household or family Draft: to draw a preliminary sketch Drama: series of events involving conflicting forces Dream: a series of images occurring during sleep Dual: having double characters or nature Dwell: to abide or remain Ease: comfort of body or mind Entertain: to amuse or divert Entire: complete or whole; sound and perfect Entrance: permission or right to enter Envy: resentful awareness of anothers advantages Essential: of the utmost importance Extraordinary: notably unusual or extraordinary Flexible: yielding to influence Focus: adjustment that gives clear vision Fragile: easily broken Function: the particular purpose for which a thing exists Fusion: the union by or as if by melting

    Grammar Punk Sentence: D O 3 | Nothing dispelled Natashas doldrums like a trip to the mall to shop for hats that would inevitably turn out to be too hideous to wear.

    Grammar Punk Sentence: C A 5 | When it came to her grandchildren Myra was a real pushover; it didnt take much to coax her into making a batch of her famous chocolate-chip-cherry-macadamia cookies.

  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 5

    Vocabulary Crossword

  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 6

    Vocabulary Crossword Clues Across 2. a hole made in the ground by an animal 4. condition of full development 7. to bend the knee; to rest on the knees 9. of or relating to the moon 12. yielding to influence 13. to amuse or divert 16. to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time 17. an inherited, or established pattern of action 18. to answer or reply 21. undertaking involving chance or risk 22. filled with excitement, activity or confusion 23. rapid or speedy Down 1. having the form of a circle 3. material left over, rejected or thrown away 5. of common quality, rank, or ability 6. addition or enlargement in size 8. regular, standard, natural 10. to bear the cost of 11. person who has the care of a building 14. exceeding the usual in size 15. of high rank or station, excellent and stately 19. containing or yielding plenty 20. strict or stern; hard to endure

  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 7

    Whats That Word? Answer Key Fill in the blank to match the word (in the box below) to the definition 1. Astound: to fill with bewilderment or wonder 2. Belief: something believed 3. Curious: having a desire to investigate or learn 4. Diamond: figure having four equal sides 5. Eggplant: large and dark purplish fruit 6. Grateful: expressing gratitude 7. Hedge: boundary formed of bushes 8. Icicle: a hanging mass of ice 9. Liquid: neither solid nor gaseous 10. Mirror: smooth surface that reflects an image 11. Octopus: sea creature with eight long arms 12. Piano: musical instrument played with keys 13. Reindeer: horned deer 14. Speak: to utter words 15. Television: system for transmitting pictures and sounds 16. Upstairs: on an upper floor 17. Salesman: person who sells 18. Whisper: to speak very softly

    Astound Icicle Belief Grateful

    Speak Hedge Reindeer Liquid

    Diamond Mirror Whisper Octopus

    Piano Upstairs Curious Eggplant

    Salesman television

  • Grammar Punk Intermediate Spelling/Vocabulary Addendum v. 2.0 2011 8

    4th Grade Vocabulary Puzzle

    I I E M X O N E W W E R S Z I P P E R D

    Z I N G I O R L O M D G I T J G V X E E

    E C J T T N E D R U N H A P P Y G R H W

    W I S H E S B D R N I D Y D G R E T T J

    H E I I C R M I O X U I O P N V T A A D

    I N U M I C E M M H E H U S O A E M F Q

    G S W M R D M S O E E S R C L T B Y D Y

    H N D X T O E P T V H O S P I T A L N J

    E G I N C G R O C E R I E S V R H K A S

    S S I D E W A L K R D V L Z B U P C R N

    T A O B L I A S A Y K V F E F C L I G L

    X S C S E I R A R B I L Z N H K A U T F

    Q I I D T S U F O O T P R I N T Y Q Y B

    O X L S J E R B W D C E C T S D G S T K

    Q E B Q N D K U M Y H K T N Z G R E Z X

    P J U A S I S C N T E S W E S O O L T S

    I B P O L E E K A N N O R L N R U T E R

    J D Z R F D U E K J D P E A G L N I M O

    D T X U R G W T O I X Y H V Z A D T A D

    J E L R D V S S I O W