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5 strong tips to decrease your site load time so that you can increase your blog traffic.


  • 1. DECREASE LOAD TIME Increase traffic By Bloglosophy

2. A 1-second increase in load time = 11% less page views People walk away-----bye bye! 3. Image by Davide Ragusa Go test your load time on 4. Was it over 3 seconds? 5. YES NO Keep reading Keep reading anyway 6. 5 TASKS for you to do right now! 1 2 3 4 5 PLUGINS IMAGES POSTS CACHING SIDEBAR 7. Less than 10 plugins? Give yourself a gold star! More than 10 plugins? Start pruning! 1 PLUGINS 8. Keep the essentials and ditch the rest WARNING: make sure it is not a plugin that is in use - that could create an issue if removed The less plugins you have = the faster your site will load 9. 72 res + 2 IMAGES Images must be under 100kb + The exact width of your post area Before loading them 10. 3 POSTS a b c On your dashboard, go to Settings/reading Look at Blog pages show Change it to 6 less to load, less load time!! 11. 4 CACHE PLUGIN A well- configured cache plugin will keep your blog mean, lean and speedy 12. 5 SIDEBAR Clean up that sidebar leave only the essentials. Every single item has to load with every single page. De-clutter it - you will do yourself and your readers a favor. 13. Image by Davide Ragusa Now Go back and test your load time on 14. Better? Of course it is. Simple wasnt it? 15. from


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