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  • INOSUS DESIGN - Metropolitan College of Guaramirim - FAMEG / UNIASSELVI / KROTON

    Guaramirim, Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Indiamaras handicraftReuse of plastic bagmore on: Key words: Enterprises, Households, craftsmanship, do-it-yourself

  • Context: in Brazil, plastic bags are used in large scale. The landfills no longer support many more plastics. Supermarkets were prohibited from using plastic bags, but still have a large stock of them and they dont know what to do with it. They cannot discard the packaging, also cannot burn them. This situation opens opportunity for reuse.

  • Project: Indiamara developed a technique for making handmade clothes by reusing plastic bags. She has done several clothing items with the use of more than thousand plastic bags. She still does not get bags to work on large scale. Few bags are donated by community members, but the amounts still are insufficient for production.

  • Design Role: we developed a SWOT analysis, which evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business. There will be a design workshop with the participation of teachers, students and the artisan. In that, the academics of Fashion Design develop projects of dresses to Indiamara for produce with plastic bags. The dresses will be featured in a parade collection. The INOSUS DESIGN team develop a system that will integrate the supermarkets, shops, businesses and partners with the artisan to supply raw materials. We will develop a web platform to integrate stakeholders. They can use other raw materials for making clothes with the same technique.