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Indigofera hair care is formulated for Curly, Coily and Kinky Curl Patterns. Premium plant based ingredients and aromatic essential oils leave your hair with envious softness and shine. See immediate results from the first use and leave hair more manageable, moisturized, and protected. Indigofera's Hair Care Ritual is exactly what your hair has been waiting for! Our ritual is customizable for natural, transitioning, loced and chemically treated hair. Select your products and create your own rituals and plant based cocktails. ~ Chanelle


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2. First of all let me congratulate you for yourinterest in plant based hair care I have customized a hair care ritual to for loose natural hair.~Chanelle 3. Benefits of the Indigofera Hair Care Ritual* Noticeable softness, manageability and shinefrom first use* Delivers essential nutrients* Imparts brilliant shine without weight* Formulated with certified organic ingredients*Infused with aromatic botanicals, herbs, &100% essential oils 4. 1.800.308.1182 @iloveindigofera 5. Dry hair coily/kinkyloose natural hair 6. Deep Conditioners are essential for natural hair to maximize moisture for yourcoily/Kinky hairTake a hair, skin, nail supplement dailyNourish Daily with Organic Hair Souffle or Nourishing Hair Milk Remember sleep on satin pillowcases( Co wash with Indigofera Botanical Conditioning crmebetween shampooing Botanical Hairdress is excellent for delivering nutrients new growthScalp massage 3 X week before bedFor max growth Wear protective styles a min of 3 days per weekhydrate, shine, nourish follow your daily (follow your ritual)Visit a salon with a steamer or invest in one for home useAvoid Heat Styling/ Try Indigofera Sophisticate Twists 7. Be patient with your hair careto see optimal growth potential Follow your Daily Moisture ritual Avoid tension and tight styles Avoid heat stylingDo not allow your hair to get completely dry( keep a petite hair mist in your purse) 8. Watch the video 9. Cleanse.Exfoliate.Moisturize with Indigoferas Skin Essential Set2. Apply a sheer layer of tinted moisturizer parts Indigofera Hydrating Skin Creme/1 part foundation3. For a mineral finish & soft glow I use MAC face powders4. Define & Highlight the brow5. From lid to crease apply a neutral shadow(MAC Texture is a must have in my kit) over a cream base6. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara7. Apply a soft peach blush to cheeks8. Skip the lipliner and finish with achampagne or pink lip gloss 10. 1.800.308.1182 @iloveindigofera 11. 2X Monthly Cleanse and Restore Aromatic Hair Cleanser/ Botanical Conditioning Crme ( Deep conditioner/w heat) (shampoo every 10-14 days) Weekly- 2-3X week ( Co wash with Botanical Conditioning Crme Generously Nourish with Souffle then twist/protect 2X Weekly Moisture (Botanical Hair Dress) apply to scalp Apply immediately after cleanse/and restore Daily Nourish Nourishing Hair Milk/Souffle/Hair Butter) ***Hydrate ( Hair Mist) Shine (Hair Serum) apply to lightly scalp and hair *Mid Day/Evening ( Hydrate/Nourish/Satin Wrap) carry petites 12. Cowash every 2-3 days when hair is loose or in protective style ( notextensions)Use Deep Conditioner weekly until dryness is no longer a concern Apply Aromatic Hair Cleanser to scalp only (until dryness improves Apply Co Wash Crme to hair (at the same time Work through hair rinse thoroughly with cool water Immediately Nourish while hair are is damp (Souffle/Butter/) Do you allow hair to get completely dry Use your fingers to detangle in shower Only style hair while damp Hydrate your hair or mist with warm water as often as you need to think oflike reapplying lotion after washing your hands. Your Hair Is Beautiful! 13. Client Testimonial"This was a great buy. I find myself reordering these productsalot. Way better than Carols Daughter or Miss Jessies--theingredients are superior and they penetrate the hair, not lie ontop of it. Mega moisture= NO BREAkage ladies!!!!"Where do I begin? Its a plant based product thatsmells delightful. The shampoo cleans my hair, sudswell, without drying out my scalp. The other productsare not heavy and my scalp has NO FLAKES when Iuse Indigofera. My hair is soft and more manageablewhen I use it!Tamara 14. Shop NowFree [email protected] 15. @iloveindigofera