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We Offer Real Plant Based Hair Care Rituals. Our primary goal is helping your achieve the healthiest hair possible. Indigofera hair care was forumulated in a Natural Hair Studio in Philadelphia to meet the needs our clients with loose natural, transitioning and loc'd hair. Just like you they had concerns like dry hair, dry scalp, breakage, thinning and product build up . Indiofera plant based rituals and practical recommendations are proven and effective.


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2. Client Testimonial"This was a great buy. I findmyself reordering theseproducts a lot. Way betterthan Carols Daughter orMiss Jessies--theingredients are superior andthey penetrate the hair, notlie on top of it. Megamoisture= NO BREAkageladies!!!!" 3. First of all let me congratulate you for yourinterest in plant based hair care. I have helped countless women of color achieve healthynourished hair. Chanelle 4. Premium Plant Based IngredientsDelivers essential nutrientsRadiant shine without weight100 % Essential Oil InfusedSofter Healthier Hair & ScalpMore Moisture & Length RetentionAlways Petroleum, Sulfate & ParabenFree 5. [email protected] @iloveindigofera 6. Dry Hair Dry ScalpThinning Breakage TransitioningNatural LocsColor Care 7. Curly/WavyCoily/KinkyKinky/Coily 8. Daily Moisture RitualCommit to Plant Based Hair CareProtective Styling. Minimal Heat. SatinHydration TherapyHealthy Follicle & Scalp CarePeace of Mind. Nutrition. Activity Self Love & Acceptance 9. 1.800.308.1182 @iloveindigofera 10. 2X Monthly Cleanse and Restore Aromatic Hair Cleanser/ Botanical Conditioning Crme ( Deep conditioner/w heat) (shampoo every 10-14 days as needed) 1- 3 X Weekly Co Wash as NeededTarget your concerns ( Dry Scalp, Transitioning, Dry Hair Daily Moisture ritual select forCurly/Wavy, Coily/Kinky, Kinky/Coily Hydrate, Shine, Nourish 11. Step 1 Hydrate (Leave in Conditioner) Step 2 Shine( Aromatic Hair and Scalp Oil) Step 3 Nourish (Hair Milk, Souffle -Crme or Whipped Butter (quarter-half dollar size) 12. Cleanse.Exfoliate.Moisturize with plant based skincare2. Apply a sheer layer of tinted moisturizer parts Indigofera Hydrating Skin Creme/1 part foundation3. For a mineral finish & soft glow I use MAC face powders4. Define & Highlight the brow5. From lid to crease apply a neutral shadow(MAC Texture is a must have in my kit) over a cream base6. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara7. Apply a soft peach blush to cheeks8. Skip the lipliner and finish with achampagne or pink lip glossJoin the Inner Circle to Watch my makeup tutorials 13. My Locs Love This! I love that this mist makes my hairfeel hydrated and soft, and the peppermint aromamakes it so addictive! Reviewed by: Krystina Hartfrom Mississippi. on 9/6/2011Where do I begin? Its a plant based product thatsmells delightful. The shampoo cleans my hair, sudswell, without drying out my scalp. The other productsare not heavy and my scalp has NO FLAKES when Iuse Indigofera. My hair is soft and more manageablewhen I use it!Tamara 14. Shop Now 15. @iloveindigofera