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  1. 1. Indoor GardeningUsing LED Grow LightsAlfred Ang
    Eco City HydroponicsPte
  2. 2. Photosynthesis
    Plant absorbs light, water and carbon dioxide to produce food and release oxygen
  3. 3. Advantages of LED Grow Light
    • Energy Efficient
    • 4. Cooler
    • 5. SpecificWavelengths
    • 6. High Intensity
  4. Kessil LED Grow Light
    • Light Weight
    • 7. Compact
    • 8. High EnergyEfficiency
    • 9. High qualityLEDsfabricatedidnUS
    • 10. High quality Glass
    • 11. Assembledin Taiwan
  5. Kessil LED Grow Light
    H150 Purple
    General Purpose LED grow light that can carry many different kinds of plants through the whole growth cycle.
    H150 Magenta
    General purpose LED grow light that focuses on performance during the bloom phase.
    H150 RED
    The all red emissionduring the blooming and fruiting phases.
    H150 BLUE
    Use this one-of-a-kind LED grow light to supplement the blue spectrum at any time to keep plants healthy and strong.
  6. 12. LED Grow Light is the Future
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