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  • Tips from The Wow Factory: Party Planner for the Working Mom

  • Looking for a Family Fun and Entertainment Center in the South Florida Coconut Creek Area with attractions, activities like wall climbing, laser tag, birthday parties and more. Call us today

  • Planning birthday parties can be a lot of fun if you have a

    good plan and the mother-load of shopping lists. This is the

    basic list with a bit of an entrepreneurial twist that you can

    keep close to your cell and well even recommend a few party

    planners nearby that can help you when the power of one isnt

    quite enough.

  • Although this blog is intended for our working mom readers, we

    hope that it can be used by everyone, including working dads,

    event planners and human resources people. The best thing is

    we give you the foundation for the party that will help you plan

    like a train engineer.

  • 1. Guest list first! By estimating the size of the party, you can then make the other

    decisions. Depending on the guests, this may

    even help you plan the partys theme.

  • 2. Location, Location, Staycation! After the guest list has been planned, the next part to determine is the venue or place

    that youll want everyone to meet. Consider using places other

    than your own home, since this is one of the biggest stress

    factors. You dont need to have a staycation for the next birthday

    party or any other celebration. When you have your party

    elsewhere, you can leave the mess, drive home and soak in the

    hot tub.

  • 3. Decorations and themes, dream, minus the nightmares! Finding the right decorations will be easier once you determine the location of the party. If youre attending a party in the park, your decisions for

    decorations and party favors will vary greatly than if you have it at home. Keep the theme simple for

    guests and for yourself. Themes can be creative and wild or something really easy, but keep in mind your

    guests and how likely they are to follow suit. Crepe paper decorations with a few balloons as a center

    piece continue to be a decorative stand by. If the venue room or house will be dark liven it up with a

    decoration such as Starshower Laser lights can brighten up a room and can be used in large spaces like

    the outside of a home.

  • 4. Foodies, kids and leftovers. This is a big part of any party or event. Depending on the age of the children or if its an adult, your food choices may vary. The next portion to consider is trash and leftovers. Leftovers that have to be transported elsewhere

    can often be a pain to deal with. Remember to bring Rubbermaid and Tupperware containers to help you transport. The other

    items to pack before going on location, would be that of cheaper containers. Save old cottage cheese and butter dishes just for

    these events. Then you wont care if these containers make it back. The reason why we include Kids in this part is because

    many kids dont eat at parties. They pick, have snacks that are nutritious, but dont make the snacks monster sized. Instead,

    serve finger sandwiches, small foods, pizza, and small bottled water. A case of water goes a long way, but at some parties you

    can fill a land mine. Make these little turkeys a part of your food planning and determining how much budget and food.

  • 5. Gifts, Games and Gags are sometimes tricky. Many children and parents are putting a limit on the gift giving and telling their guests to stay modest in this area. This is an area that can be handled a many number of ways. For instance, one child

    asked to have the gift donations be cash. But its not what you think. He requested that all people gifting money to him would

    make a donation to his favorite charity in his honor. and yes thats a true story! Games and gags are the next item to cross off

    your list. You decide if you will have games and you now need to give prizes, cleanup as a pre-clean-up, prep etc. Look up game

    ideas for childrens parties on Pinterest. This is a great resource thatll make you look like a hero. The next thing is gags. Will you

    have entertainment? Belly Dancers? A clown? A bounce house? These are all a part of this section of your planning. You may

    need to make a deposit or reservation so consider doing this right away. No matter if you plan on opening gifts or playing games

    this should be the moment that youre taking a small nap cause the next part will surely put you over the edge!

  • 6. Cleanup Wait, where did everybody go? Seems that when this time of the party is presents itself, its as if an ugly Gila monster has reared its head in the middle of the festivities and scares everyone off. Everybody

    except your true friends, family and the person who has nothing better to do. Be thankful and grateful for them.

    But be happy this is the end of your evening, with then end near. Dont forget to pack plenty of extra-large

    garbage bags Small bags, foil, freezer bags and bring a granny cart for all these items. Granny carts sell at

    most grocery stores and retail for $15 bucks, every mother should have one! If you have the ability to plan a

    cleanup crew ahead of time, then by all means do so. If not, then consider this to be one of the best reasons to

    plan your party at a venue that cleans for you. Think of how nice it will be to pack the car and head home with

    a bunch of happy kids and adults.

  • Looking for kids indoor activities and entertainment around Broward County, Florida? Check out the Wow Factory. Call us today for all of your fun indoor birthday parties needs!!


    5891 Lyons Road

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