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<ol><li> 1. Indoor Playgrounds Activities For Kids Every parent wants their kids to be healthy and active and to take part in the play activities in their school. Play activities keep kids sharp in decision making and helps in their physical growth. It is the first step in making your kids strong and energetic in an early age. It is very important for your kids to jump, run, dance, stretch and play to pump blood circulation in their bodies for healthy and disease free life. Both indoor and outdoor activities are necessary for your child for stronger muscles and smarter brain. In this winter season dont let your kids to become lazy and dull buy watching T.V and playing video games for hours. Get them into indoor play activities by some simple daily exercises and by playing with their favorite fitness equipment kids such as jumping rope and hula hoop. It is also a great way for kids to jump start their day so that they can perform better in studies. Ask your kids to help you in cleaning house or cleaning their room to keep them busy and healthy at the same time. You can also arrange a little dance party with your kids and their friends so that they can do some fun full exercises. Let each child to choose their favorite music so that kids can have what they love most. With some home made healthy meals for lunch can add extra fun in keeping your kids fit. You can also play some </li><li> 2. traditional games such as pass the pillow and ring around the roses. Make sure that you reward them with little gifts for encouragement. This will make kids to perform better to earn the reward. If you want some playground equipments, then you can also buy home playground equipment for your children. They are available in various sizes according to age group of children. Prices may vary according to size of home playground equipment; they can be as large as your room and small as one foot. You can choose from different type of material such as plastic, wood and steel. Play structures made of plastics are considered much safer for children. If your toddler is too young for school and outdoor activities, you can buy a small sized sport climber with slider which can also be easily folded. It will help your young one to learn how to climb and slide while being safe at home. It will make your child to get active in playing games and to get prepare for the early challenges in this growing age. Spider-Wall - best home gym for your Kids. Kids and Fitness Inc. is a company that specializes in supplying equipment for home gyms for kids. For more info please visit: </li></ol>