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Project Report on Industrial AutomationPLC, SCADA, HMI, INSTRUMENTATION.


Project Report on Industrial Automation

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the degree of Bachelor of TechnologyinMechanical Engineering

Under Guidance of:

Submitted By:

Mr. Praveen Chugh Md.Shamsher Ansari(Associate Professor) 93059 ME-A (8th SEM)

Session 2009-2013Department of Mechanical Engineering

Shri Ram College of Engineering & Management, Palwal

Affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak (Haryana).

Declaration of Originality and Compliance of Academics Ethics

I/We hereby declare that this project will contain literature survey and original work by undersigned candidate/candidates, as part of their B.Tech (Mechanical) studies.

All Information for the project will be obtained and presented in accordance with academic rules and ethical conduct.

I/We also declare that, as required by these rules and conduct, I/We will be fully cited and referenced all material and results that are not original to this work.

(Signature of on the job guide with date)

(Signature of Students with date)

Mr. Praveen Chugh

Md.Shamsher Ansari (Training Guide) 93059 2

Certificate This training report is a genuine works by Mr. Md Shamsher Ansari, final yr, from Shri Ram college of engg & mangt. The report was made under my supervision, and I express my delight on it Successful completion. I also very happy to have offered her guidance whenever it was required.

I wish her successful in all her future endeavors.Mr. Surinder Kumar

Md Shamsher Ansari(HOD Mechanical)


ME-A (8th SEM)



I am thankful to the Institute Prolific for providing necessary facility to carry out my training successfully. Id also like to thank Er. Arun sing(M.E) and Er. Miss lofa (E.E), for enduring support and guidance throughout the training I am very grateful to the whole control and instrumentation Department for their support and guidance. Also, I am highly obliged to the head of our training and placement cell Who provided me such a great opportunity to do my summer training in a reputed institute like. Prolific Systems & technologies

ISO 9001-2008 Certified CompanyMr. Praveen Chugh

Md. Shamsher Ansari(Internal Guide)


ME-A (8th SEM) 4PREFACEIt gives me an immense pleasure to submit this report as a part of practical training of 4 Months .Practical training is the most important part of the engineering studies.

During the course of the training a trainee learns to correlate both the practical problem to the possible theoretical knowledge or solution .This training record is prepared on the basis of my own experience gained during my practical training. On the basis of information collected and guidance provide I had prepared a comprehensive training report. This report contain the history,

Introduction, quality policy and description op PLC, SCADA, HMI, instrumentations

Md Shamsher Ansari


ME-A (8th SEM)


6 Table of Content

S.NoParticularsPage No.




Example of automation8 to 9

Types of automation, industrial automation10 to 13

3.Programmable logic controller PLC

Introduction, Relay13

History of PLC, Advantages14 to 15

Inside PLC, CPU, RAM, ROM, EEPROM, I/P Module16 to 17

Output Module. Sensor, Actuator 18 to 19

Number system, decimal, binary19 to 20

Converting binary to decimal, Bits, byte words.logic1, logic021 to 22

BCD, Hexadecimal, communication23 to 24

PLC operation, Programming PLC, Ladder logic, Example24 to 30



System concept32

Tags, types of Tags, classification of tags32 to 33

Alarm, System components, Salient features34 to 35

Benefits SCADA/HMI, Recommend 35

5. HMI

Introduction, types, difference between35 to 36

6.Instrumentation, Application of automation, plc SCADA37 to 39



9.Bibliography 42

General Abbreviation

PLC: Programmable logic controllers.

SCADA: Supervisory control and data acquisition.

I/P: Input

O/P: Output.

T-On: On timer.

T-Off: Off timer.

M: Memory Bits.

Q: Output in program.

MW: Memory words.

NO: Normally open.

NC: Normally closed.

DCS: Distributed Control System.

HMI: Human machine interference.

VFD: Variable Frequency Drive.

MD: Memory Double Word.

MB: Memory Byte

XIC: Examine If Closed

XIO: Examine If Open

7AUTOMATION IntroductionAutomation is the use of control system such as computers to control industrial machinery & process, reducing for need for human intervention. In the scope of industrialization,

Automation is a step beyond mechanization. whereas mechanization provided human operators with machinery assist them with physical requirement of work, automation greatly reduces the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well. Process and system can also be automated.

In other words

Automation is a delegation of human control function to technical equipment for increasing productivity, to better quality, to reduce cost & increase in safety working condition, to reduce manpower.

Example of automation

Automatic machine tools to process parts- CNC m/c Industrial robots Automatic material handling Feedback control system 8EXAMPLE OF AUTOMATION Automatic Material Handling Conveyors. Industrial Robots feedback control systems 9TYPES OF AUTOMATION Fixed automaton

Programmable automation

Flexible automationFixed automation

Fixed automation refers to the use of custom-engineered (special purpose) equipment to automated a fixed sequence of processing or assembly operations. This is also called hard automation.The primary drawbacks are the large initial investment in requirement and the relative flexibility.Programmable automation

In programmable automation, the equipment is designed to accommodated a specific class of product changes and the processing or assembly operation can be changed by modifying the control program.

Flexible automation

In flexible automation, the equipment is designed to manufacture a variety of products or parts and very little time is spend on changing from one product to another . A flexible manufacture various combination of products according to any specified schedule.INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATIONPLANT

Monitoring & controller

Field instrument

Intelligent controller

10Field instrument This type of instrument mainly used to get the feedback any type of process carried our so they mainly plant used Sensors, Transducer, Transmitter Proximity Sensor.

Intelligent controller

This device are basically micro control based or micro controller device mainly intelligent controller are:

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

PID Controller

Distributed controller system (DCS)

Computer Numerical c


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