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LOGO Industry in the Basque Country Structure and location Maite Fresnillo

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  • 1. LOGO Industry in the BasqueCountry Structure and location Maite Fresnillo

2. Industry in the Basque Country 1An industrial region 2 Basque industrys structure 3 Basque industrys location 4 Continuity and change Maite Fresnillo 3. IntroductionNew industrialization after the crisis of the 70sConservation of some constitutive elements of the industriesBasque country has suffered the following evolution: Old industrialization Deep crisis in the 70s and 80s Harsh re-structuring Maite Fresnillo 4. Industrial region: terciarization 1 23Development of Development ofNewservices of high tourism and alternatives toqualitynew substitute the technological traditional ones, spaces of reduced environmental Maite Fresnillo 5. Industrial regionActivities in crisis-Basic metallic Consequences:-Metallic -Loss of employment-Closing of factoriesconstructions -Important influence-Machineryon urban spaces.-Transportmaterial Maite Fresnillo 6. Industrial region Biggest part in the Spanish industrial employment Highest number ofoccupied populationEmployment Important industrial density: only overcome by Maite Fresnillo 7. Industrial region Home electrical appliances 40% Metallicmelting 50 % Equipment industriesPrintingforge 65 %Machine- tools 78 Maite Fresnillo 8. Industrial structureVizcaya GuipuzcoaAlava-It has the-High industrialhighest-Lowest level ofconcentration industrialindustrial- Related to iron concentrationemploymentsindustry- More-Concentration- Dominium of equilibratedaround Vitoriabig sizedistribution- Macro-- Concentrated- Transversalcephalicaround Bilbao valleys Maite Fresnillo 9. StructureSize of industries Coastal locationEmployment regularlydistributedBigger Characteristicscompany, fewer numberDominiumof smallcompanies Few big companies Maite Fresnillo 10. Localization Industrialareasneed ofB industrial soil Importance of AC Creation ofVizcaya (Bilbao) technological parks Modificationafter 70sChanges in ED Industrialization traditional of rural areas location www.themegallery.comMaite Fresnillo 11. Location1 2 3High density Medium densityLow industrialregions: regions:density:-Affected by re- -Goierri, Urola-Coast -Rest of the regionsstructuringand Tolosa-Scarce industrial-Nervions left margin -Medium and small activity-Head of manycompanies -Some related tocompanies-Also in Plencia- food industry.-Metallurgic Munguia, and-Expands to: Cantabrica region inDuranguesado, Deva,AlavaDonostialdeawww.themegallery.comMaite Fresnillo 12. Maite Fresnillo 13. Continuity and change Reduction of big industry in benefit ofmedium and small Importance of metallic industry Transformation in location Industrial axes located in the traditionalareas: Bilbao and Duranguesado Guipuzcoan valleys and Donostialdea Vitoria Loss of importance of some regions Change of activities: Services Maite Fresnillo