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Indy Mini MarathonExpo: Thu, May 1, 2014, 4:00 pm 8 pm, Fri, May 2, 2014, 10:00 am 9 pm. Location: Indiana Convention Center Halls F & G

ALL TIMES LOCAL TO INDY, (add 1 hour from our time)Hotel: Westin hotel: room rate $166. Susan has a special rate, so she will be responsible for the rooms and has to charge them to her account. Pay susan the $166, do not trash the room as susan will be responsible, so no rock-star moments. Hotel location 50 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Parking is located underneath the hotel in the Capitol Commons parking garage. You can enter off of either Washington Street or Maryland Street. Its $25 to park overnight. Once you get to Indy, we will leave our cars parked until we leave the hotel as we can walk everywhere we need to.(317) 262-8100 travel to Indy on your ownFriday noon-ish 3seth, susan and kids heading to the Indy childrens museumFriday 4ish: seth and susan heading to the dental school to see the new drill-lab

Friday 5pm-ish: Meet at the expo, best bet, park at the hotel (see above) and walk to the convention center via the skywalk accessible on the 2nd floor of the hotel. 100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225, text each other when you arrive, we will try to meet up.

Friday dinner: WE HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM ONE OF THE FOLLOWING, cancel the rest1. St. Elmos Steak house--quintessential indy, known for their shrimp cocktail. A very short walk from the convention halla. Reservations at 6:30 (5:30 chicago time) orb. Reservation at 8:452. Dunaways: also good food, less of a steak-house. known for their creme-brulee. A longer walk, or a short car ride. If the weather is awesome we may choose this and sit on the roof-top. Reservation at 7:30.Friday evening options: 1. Enjoy outside-walk to the monument downtown and to the canal2. cocktails in Rays room, I heard he throws a nice hotel party3. swim (open from 6am till 11pm)4. get ready for race

Saturday morning: race starts 7:45 am (or alter depending on your wave). Breakfast at the hotel (complementary- hot breakfast and continental), note starbucks in the lobby opens at 6am. Go with plan A or BPlan A.1. Estimated finish for everyone by 11am. After the race post-race party at the finish line, goes until 3pm. 2. Figuring a quick shower/relax and then sushi lunch at Sakura. Lunch hours: 11:30-2:30 (but they do not kick you out!), head back to the hotel for a swim or chill out, check out at 4 pm3. Drive back homePlan B1. Estimated finish for everyone by 11am. After the race post-race party at the finish line, goes until 3pm. 2. head back to the hotel, take naps, lots of showering, swim, relax. LUNCH ON YOUR OWN, pack up and check out3. head to Sakura sushi for dinner, opens at 5pm4. drive from Sakura back home Things to remember1. running shoes, socks2. running clothesa. shorts/t-shirtb. running pants if needed3. vasoline, baby oil, baby powder, bandaids4. suntan lotion5. goo or blocks6. water/Gatorade7. throw away clothes 8. swim trunks9. camel back/ water belt10. nicer clothes (st elmos is nice jeans/pants)