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Welcome to our presentation on Internet 1 S.M.ASHIF University Of Dhaka

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Use and Application of internet and intranet in libraries


  • Welcome to our presentation on Internet 1
  • Contents Internet Intranet Similarities & differences between Internet & Intranet Use and application area of Internet in Libraries Advantages of using Internet in Libraries Disadvantages of using Internet in libraries 2
  • Internet The Internet is essentially a global network of computing resources. the worldwide interconnection of all smart communication devices that have a valid TCP/ IP Internet is a collection of websites that are fairly connected to each other in every possible manner and readily accept new users to be registered irrespective of the fact that they are employees of that particular organization or not. 3
  • Background of Internet I963- ARPANET Theorized: The concept of ARPANET was introduced by professor Leonard Kleinrock 1969- Message transferred over ARPANET On the October 29, 1969 computers are connected for the first time by ARPANET. This is considered as the invention of Internet. 4
  • In 1973, National Science Foundation (NSF) continued the task to support the development & established the NSFnet. Link between NSFnet, ARPANET and other networks was called the Internet 1982- The term Internet was used for first time. In 1989, the U.S. government lifted restrictions on the use of Internet, and allow its usage for commercial purposes as well. 5
  • Basic services of Internet World Wide Web (www) Electronic Mail (e-mail) File Transfer Protocol Social Networking Using IM (Instant Messaging Services) 6
  • World Wide Web (www) Sir Tim Berners Lee Is the founder of www The www is the universe of network accessible information. world wide web is a way of exchanging information between computers on the internet. 7
  • Electronic mail (e-mail) E- mail is most popular service of Internet In 1972 email was first developed by Ray Tomlinson who also made the decision to use the @ to separate the user name from computer name. 8
  • File Transfer Protocol Download Allow user to move a file from one computer to another on the internet Upload 9
  • Social Networking Social networking has been making a great impact on our life. Nowadays millions of users use social networking site like twitter, bolg, facebook, linked in etc 10
  • IM (Instant Messaging Services) 11
  • Statistics of Internet Users Internet user per 100 in habitants 12 International Telecommunications Union, 3 June,2013
  • Background of Intranet In 1994 Dr. Steve Telleen was using the term Intranet The first commercially printed appearance of the term Intranet is found in Stephen Lawtons article on Intranets in Digital News and review in April 1995. 13
  • Services of Intranet 14
  • Similarities between Internet and Intranet Intranet uses the internet protocols including TCP/IP and FTP. Though the access is limited, intranet can work on any of the web browsers. Some organizations do have a customized web browsing environment as per their requirement. In Intranet, own instant messengers can be used as similar to yahoo messenger/ gtalk over the internet. 15
  • Difference between Internet and Intranet Factors Internet Intranet Access Large number of users Limited numbers of users Coverage wide area within an organization Users public Organizational members Information General Proprietary Speed Slower Faster Cost effectiveness More costly Economical Confidentiality Moderate Strictly confidential 16
  • Difference between Internet and Intranet Factors Internet Intranet System failure Unpredictable System availability is high as system is monitored by the authority Human effort in maintenance Beyond control of internet technical stuff Technical stuff to ensure system maintenance Update of information Some information may not be updated Regularly updated by intranet stuff Commercial potentiality Huge commercial potentiality Less commercial potentiality Security Moderate Strong security Safety May be unsafe Safe than internet Information type Necessary information Frequently used information related 17 with the orgaization
  • Use & Application of Internet in libraries Acquisition: library can use internet in acquisition section. Processing: library can use internet in processing section. Circulation : library can widely in use internet in circulation section. Reference: library can make thee best use of internet in reference section. Resource sharing: internet helps the libraries to share the resources 18
  • Advantages of using internet in libraries Accessibility: Internet service provide 24/7 accessibility to the library users. Overcome geographic barrier: Internet geographical location of the world. provides library services from any Searching & browsing: Internet provides searching & browsing facilities without going to the library. Information is always available: Users can find their desired information form the library database. 19
  • Advantages of using internet in libraries Easy acquisition: Internet makes the acquisition process very easy. Wide search options: Library can provide wide search options to its users through internet. Provide current information: Library can provide current information to the users through internet. Ex- new arrival Issue: library can makes easy the issuing process of resources 20
  • Advantages of using internet in libraries Renew: Library can provides easy renewal process of resources through internet. Reservation: Internet helps to make the reservation process easy. Notice: Library can provide instant notice to its users through internet. Ex- recall notice, reminder notice. Online reference service: library can provide online reference service to its users, like Ask a librarian. 21
  • Disadvantages of using internet in libraries Human interaction: limited face to face interaction. ICT skills: users & stuffs both are mandatory to have ICT skills. Internet cost: some people may not have the ability to bear the cost. Infrastructure: Some library may not have the infrastructure to provide internet facility 22
  • Disadvantages of using internet in libraries Theft of Information: Information may be theft from library through internet. Virus threat: Libraries face virus threat if they have internet connection. Hacking: Library website may face the threat of hacking. Privacy issue: there may be a chance of violation of privacy issue. 23
  • Just move to the Internet, its great here. We get to live inside where the weather is always awesome.____ John Green 24
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