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-Oral Presentation-. Influence of Near East on Greek Myth. Hye-Yoon Hwang CLS 215 08/16/05. MESOPOTAMIA. Geography It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. These rivers flow into the Persian Gulf. The word Mesopotamia means "The land between the rivers". RELIGION. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Influence of Near East on Greek MythHye-Yoon Hwang CLS 21508/16/05

    -Oral Presentation-

  • MESOPOTAMIAGeography

    It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. These rivers flow into the Persian Gulf. The word Mesopotamia means "The land between the rivers".

  • RELIGION In Mesopotamia, each town and city was believed to be protected by its own, unique deity or god. The temple, as the center of worship, was also the center of every city.

    Around the year 2000 B.C., temple towers began to be built to link heaven and earth.

    The towers, called ziggurats, were very large, pyramid-shaped structures on top of which the temple was built. The ziggurats were built of mud bricks with 3 to 7 terraced levels.


  • GODS AND GODDESSESThe people of Mesopotamia had very many gods, called dingir in Sumerian. Their gods and goddesses looked and acted just like people. They had feasts, marriages, children, and wars. They could be jealous, angry, joyful, or kind. The gods and goddesses had supernatural powers.

  • FOUR-FACED GOD AND GODDESS IraqOld Babylonian Period, 18th-17th century B.C. Bronze 17.3 cm H Purchased in Baghdad,1930


    CuneiformThe Beginnings of Writing

    Tokens Clay tokens came in different shapes and sizes. These represented different objects.


  • SUMERIAN MYTHSumerian lived close to the Persian Gulf near the estuary of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers ; irrigation agriculture greatly increased the food supply, but demand social cooperation

    The ruling elites most powerful tool was cuneiform writing (c.3400 B.C.)

  • CONTRIBUTIONThe earliest myths on earth are recorded in cuneiform writing

    We can find similar characters between Sumerian myth and Greek mythSumerian myths are divine myth, stories of the doing of superhuman beings

    Themes range from the creation of the universe and underworld to the creation of mankindThese story patterns influenced to Greek myth

  • AKKADIANS / BABYLONIANS MYTHSemites,(2000 B.C.) seminomadic peoples who in habited the steppe at the fringe of the Arabian desert Akkadian,(c.2340 B.C) Semitic, named after their capital , Akkad, took over the southern Sumerian cities and adopted Sumerian cultureSemitic Babylonian (1750 B.C) under their leader Hammurabi.From babylon comes one of our most important pre-Greek myths,the epic poem of creation The poem recounts a divine myth, the making of the world and its present arrangement


  • HEBREWSBest known of Semitic peoples, traced their ancestry back to AbrahamMoses monotheistic vision prevailed but many stories the Hebrew told about ancestors were adapted from Mesopotamian mythThe writing system used by the Hebrews is called the Phoenician Alphabet The Phoenician system of syllabic writing was of great importance in the history of writingGreek invented alphabet on the basis of the earlier Phoenician writingModern Arabic script is slightly modified form of it



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