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1. Influential AlbumCovers Within the Indie genre 2. Vampire Weekend are avery popular Indie band,who have a large fan base.Their album cover isambiguous, as theaudience does not knowwho the girl is. The coloursare faded, the focus isunconventional, and thefont colour and style iskept extremely simple. 3. This album cover is veryrandom and obscure.The colours arecontrasting (the brightstripes with the fadedbackground), and theimage is unrelated to thealbum title. The text isminimal and once againkept simple in font andcolour. 4. This cover is possibly themost obscure, there is noconnection between theimage and the album title.This creates humour, andmay attract the audienceto the ambiguity of it. Thecolours are fairly bright,but the design is keptsimple andstraightforward, and thetext is easily readable. 5. This is the most popularand successful album. Ithas the most simpledesign, and the mosttext. This isunconventional, but thechallenging ofconventions may havebeen what made it sosuccessful. 6. Our Album CoverAfter considering the conventions of differentalbum/digipak covers within our chosen genre, wehave decided our cover wants to have the followingfeatures: Contrasting colours Obscure/random image Simple text/font