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<ul><li><p>SEMINAR ON ELECTRICAL, INFORMATICS, AND ITS EDUCATION 2013 </p><p>B - 23 </p><p>INFRASTUCTURE AS A SEVICE IN CLOUD COMPUTING FOR </p><p>EDUCATION COMMUNITY USE PROXMOX </p><p>Hermawan Informatich Engineering Department </p><p>Engineering Faculty </p><p>Trunojoyo State University of Madura </p><p>Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162) </p><p>Firdaus Solihin Informatich Engineering Department </p><p>Engineering Faculty </p><p>Trunojoyo State University of Madura </p><p>Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162) </p><p> </p><p>Hamdi Mubarak Informatich Engineering Department </p><p>Engineering Faculty </p><p>Trunojoyo State University of Madura </p><p>Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162) </p><p> </p><p>Mulaab Informatich Engineering Department </p><p>Engineering Faculty </p><p>Trunojoyo State University of Madura </p><p>Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162) </p><p> </p><p>Abstract The resource requirements of information </p><p>technology in the field of software and hardware is </p><p>having highly increase, meanwhile the resource </p><p>investment will take time, cost, and power may not be </p><p>obtained for many organization. One of the solution is </p><p>using cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) </p><p>for community resources sharing. In this research, </p><p>implementation cloud computing by using proxmox that </p><p>is an open source operating system with the </p><p>infrastucture system of IaaS includes CPU, memory, </p><p>hardisk, and Networks management. IaaS in proxmox </p><p>using virtual server technology so that utility of the </p><p>server hardware will be share between many system </p><p>operating system (OS) that are installed inside. Proxmox </p><p>server virtual machine can execute many OS running </p><p>such as linux and Microsoft windows that are having </p><p>good evidence for active running simultaneously. </p><p>Keywords: Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as </p><p>a Service, proxmox </p><p>I. INTRODUCTION Cost for hardware requirements for the </p><p>information technology implementation are not </p><p>cheap, among the major components needed are the </p><p>services server, storage, operating system and internet </p><p>network. Also, for the installation and maintenance </p><p>need any special management organization which not </p><p>all organization can provides human Resources to </p><p>manage it. Of course it required technological </p><p>solutions that allow for the sharing of information </p><p>technology resources for the community that are </p><p>needed to implement information technology. </p><p>To overcome these problems, they can utilize </p><p>cloud computing technology to meet the </p><p>infrastructure needs without the need for </p><p>infrastructure investment independently and expert </p><p>resources to manage and maintaince. Cloud is able to </p><p>provide basic information technology resources, that </p><p>are include storage, power processing, memory, </p><p>operating system, and also computer networking </p><p>which can be used by users of cloud clients to run </p><p>they owned applications by maximizing utility of </p><p>existing infrastructures that are provided by third </p><p>party vendors. </p><p>Cloud computing has become the trend of the </p><p>implementation of the current resource sharing, Cloud </p><p>itself is defined as a cutting edge system of parallel </p><p>and distributed computing which is consisting of a </p><p>collection of inter-connected and virtualized </p><p>computers that are dynamically provisioned and </p><p>represented through the Service Level Agreement </p><p>(SLA) [1]. The scope of the cloud cover include </p><p>Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service </p><p>(PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) [2]. </p><p>SaaS is an application component that is built </p><p>from the composition of services trough the same or </p><p>different. Amongs SaaS that are familiar used by </p><p>public internet user through the web presentation and </p><p>they service sharing. Service providers that are </p><p>include this area are Gmap, GDocs, Flickr, Youtube, </p><p>Facebook, Amazon e-Commerce, Twitter, and others. </p><p>Through application programmable interface (API) </p><p>and web service, services from the provider can be </p><p>use-recycled easily. </p><p>PaaS is a platform application development </p><p>engine with a high level abstraction to be able to </p><p>produce efficient and reliable service. PaaS have a </p><p>support component library that allows developers to </p><p>easily implement enterprise systems likely </p><p>programming language Ruby, Java EE, Grails, .Net, </p><p>Python, PHP and others. Google's cloud provides </p><p>PaaS supporting for virtually all programming </p><p>languages including library supporters. </p><p>Focused on IaaS There are three types of cloud </p><p>computing service are clasified of public services, </p><p>private, and community. A public cloud is one which </p><p>the services and infrastructure are provided off-site </p><p>over the internet by service provider. These clouds </p><p>offer the greatest level of efficiency in shared </p><p>resources because user client only focus on their </p><p>business process operasional without maintaince </p><p></p></li><li><p>SEMINAR ON ELECTRICAL, INFORMATICS, AND ITS EDUCATION 2013 </p><p>B - 24 </p><p>hardware, software and data storage. Google cloud, </p><p>Amazon, Rackspace is amongs vendor that provide </p><p>public service. </p><p>A private cloud is one in which the services </p><p>and infrastructure are maintained on a private </p><p>Management and commonly running in a private </p><p>network. But as cloud all infrastructure still provide </p><p>by third party vendor which reduces the cost savings </p><p>and minimizing maintainance requirements. On this </p><p>type client will have own self responsebility on </p><p>security and data privacy. </p><p> While the latter type of Cloud Computing is </p><p>the type of cloud community. On this type of services </p><p>aimed at specific communities both in the provision, </p><p>management until using for common interest. So that </p><p>in this type there is a specification that provides a </p><p>wide space for organizations and corporations to </p><p>develop what they need [3]. For the community cloud </p><p>resource sharing, existing infrastructure and also data </p><p>that can be managed with together. The community </p><p>cloud more appropriate to be applied to communities </p><p>that have the same scope and interest. </p><p>Therefore in this research study design and </p><p>implementation of cloud services community defined </p><p>to the implementation of the education community </p><p>which is in the region of Madura by making the </p><p>Trunojoyo University as a provider of cloud services </p><p>within corporate with education authorities and </p><p>schools. </p><p>II. METHODS For the implementation of the education </p><p>community cloud is needed in the design and </p><p>implementation phases, as well as through the </p><p>following steps: </p><p>Preparation of cloud community regulatory Overshadowing regulatory cooperation </p><p>between community organizations in the cloud </p><p>requires a mutual agreement in policy, financing and </p><p>maintenance of the system to be built. In the cloud </p><p>community Which was built have work agreement for </p><p>the expansion of educational technology for the </p><p>education Community between Trunojoyo University </p><p>as a service provider with the Department of </p><p>Education and the Department of Religious Affairs </p><p>Bangkalan. </p><p>Research of Cloud Technology fo Community </p><p>Provider To meet the information Technology that is </p><p>needed by community, research is needed in meeting </p><p>the needs of software and hardware. Meeting the </p><p>needs of software development conducted with the </p><p>research at the level of SaaS and PaaS cloud </p><p>components whithin produce Products of a website </p><p>portal that manage internal management requirement </p><p>of education departemen and distributed website of </p><p>school agencies like is show in the Figure 1 and </p><p>Figure 2. </p><p> Figure 1. Website Portal for Internal Organization </p><p>Management </p><p> Figure 2. Data Integration and Maps of Schools </p><p>Networks in Bangkalan Regency </p><p>As well as for the provision of infrastructure at </p><p>the IaaS level intended to meet the independently </p><p>development and management for education </p><p>department to built and manage others requirement </p><p>likely education directory and email services. </p><p>Implementation of Cloud Technology To meet the required infrastructure should be </p><p>available idealy hardware with dedicate components </p><p>for the real implementation like is shown in Figure 3 </p><p>and listed in Table 1. </p></li><li><p>SEMINAR ON ELECTRICAL, INFORMATICS, AND ITS EDUCATION 2013 </p><p>B - 25 </p><p> Figure 3. Cloud infrastructure from the server farm </p><p>utility in IT Centre of Trunojoyo University </p><p>Tabel 1. The implementation of hardware </p><p>components </p><p>Analyze of IaaS Virtualization Use Proxmox Server </p><p>Proxmox as a virtualization platform that is </p><p>open source whitin supports for running virtual </p><p>machines based on KVM and OpenVZ. Proxmox can </p><p>be used to manage virtual machines and clusters </p><p>which provide web GUI control panel, while from </p><p>this control panel did virtual machines management </p><p>and also monitor using of resources [4]. </p><p>Because based on debian etch x86_64, </p><p>Proxmox can only installed in server engine base on </p><p>64 bit. To use KVM in proxmox required processor </p><p>with hardware virtualization support features inside </p><p>Intel VT or AMD-V, but for OpenVZ dont need this </p><p>spesification[5]. </p><p>On testing proxmox, using hardware </p><p>specifications are shown in Table 2, </p><p>Table 2, Hardware specification for IaaS testing </p><p>Component Specification </p><p>CPU </p><p>- Intel Core i5 2,50 GHz, 2 GB RAM </p><p>- Hardisk 320 GB Computer </p><p>Networking - Intranet 1 GByte </p><p>Software </p><p>Supports </p><p>- Proxmox VE 3.1, KVM, OpenVZ </p><p>- Virtual OS : Windows xp, Ubuntu 9 </p><p>- Browser : Firefox - Java Development Kit </p><p>(JDK) </p><p>- OpenVnc </p><p>Proxmox server for testing at a local testing </p><p>Networks as shown in Figure 4. </p><p> Figure 4, Network with star topology for testing cloud </p><p>computing </p><p>Server with multiple clients connected using </p><p>switches use the star topology. In server also did </p><p>access testing for proxmox administrator GUI from </p><p>client browser that provide administering service. </p><p>Administration service give fitur for controlling and </p><p>Monitoring of CPU, memory, hardisk and also </p><p>networks using. </p><p> Figure 5. Proxmox VE 3.1 administrator control panel </p><p>To access the installed virtual OS can be used </p><p>openvnc where with the java applet support can </p><p>access virtual OS through a web browser client, as </p><p>shown in Figure 6 accessing Windows XP through </p><p>mozilla firefox browse. </p><p>Komponen Spesifikasi </p><p>Server </p><p>Cloud </p><p>- Blade Server HP BLc7000 8 slot CPU 64 bit </p><p>- Prosesor 4 x Quad-Core 3 GHz - Memori (8 x 4) 32 GB </p><p>Jaringan </p><p>Komputer </p><p>- Koneksi Internet Up-Down simetris 40 MB </p><p>Software </p><p>Pendukung </p><p>- Proxmox VE 3.1, KVM, OpenVZ </p><p>- Virtual OS : Windows 7, Ubuntu 9, Centos5 </p></li><li><p>SEMINAR ON ELECTRICAL, INFORMATICS, AND ITS EDUCATION 2013 </p><p>B - 26 </p><p> Figure 6. Accessing virtual OS XP windows use </p><p>OpenVnc in Applet inside mozilla firefox client </p><p>browser. </p><p>In the system testing performed testing </p><p>scenarios, by following: </p><p>1. Running a virtual machine with windows xp operating system </p><p>2. Running a virtual machine with the operating system ubuntu 9 </p><p>3. Running a virtual machine with the operating system with ftp server </p><p>In the testing step, testing the ability of </p><p>proxmox virtual server to running multiple virtual </p><p>machines to obtain maximum load IaaS server with </p><p>turn on one by one virtual machine until IAAS server </p><p>get saturation condition. </p><p>On the system load at idle state, the results of </p><p>testing of the use of resources can be seen in Figure 7, </p><p> Figure 7. Server Proxmox Status </p><p>When server idle state CPU that is used </p><p>0,17%, memory 315MB from 1,86 GB total memory </p><p>and Hardisk 860MB as shown in Figure 7,8,9. </p><p> Figure 8. CPU Used Monitoring </p><p>When idle (when I / O wait 0%) CPU usage 0.17% of </p><p>the total available </p><p> Figure 9. Memory Used Monitoring </p><p>When idle memory in use 0.86 GB of total </p><p>memory 1.86 GB available </p><p> Figure 10. Network Used Monitoring </p><p>Shows the network at idle condition where </p><p>bandwith transfer between 3Mb/sec. </p></li><li><p>SEMINAR ON ELECTRICAL, INFORMATICS, AND ITS EDUCATION 2013 </p><p>B - 27 </p><p>Table 3 comparison of the load in the proxmox server </p><p>virtualization with Windows XP instance Number of Virtual OS </p><p>CPU Usage (%) </p><p>Memory Usage (GB) </p><p>Network (KB) </p><p>1 1,16 0,89 0,2 </p><p>2 3,33 1,39 0,3 </p><p>3 3,33 1,80 1 4 3,83 1,13 1,3 </p><p>5 4,82 1,09 0.3 </p><p>6 5,32 1,48 3,8 7 6,65 1,75 4 </p><p>8 8,89 1,49 4 </p><p>9 8,17 1,47 3,8 10 9,14 1,70 3,8 </p><p>11 10,44 1,81 3,9 </p><p>12 10,31 1,80 3 13 11,91 1,81 4,2 </p><p>14 12,96 1,95 8,3 </p><p>15 13,55 1,82 7,9 16 13,26 1,92 7,8 </p><p>17 16,13 1,98 5,2 </p><p> Figure 8. Graph CPU usage, memory and network </p><p>when proxmox server virtualize Windows xp OS </p><p>Table 3 shows the server load when running </p><p>the Windows XP operating system with 17 virtual </p><p>machines running simultaneously, cpu load is still </p><p>low on rate 16.13% but the load memory 1.98 GB of </p><p>total memory 2 GB. </p><p>While the load on the server when running the </p><p>virtual machine with the operating system ubuntu 9, </p><p>with specification 1 core cpu, 512 MB RAM and </p><p>hardisk 30 GB </p><p>Tabel 4. comparison proxmox server when load in </p><p>Ubuntu OS 9 </p><p>Number </p><p>of Virtual </p><p>OS </p><p>CPU </p><p>Usage </p><p>(%) </p><p>Memory </p><p>Usage </p><p>(GB) </p><p>Network </p><p>(KB) </p><p>1 1,88 0,88 25 </p><p>2 7 1,75 1 </p><p>3 5,17 1,15 3 </p><p>4 6,11 1,64 4 </p><p>5 13,76 1,67 4 </p><p>6 6,84 1,52 3 </p><p>7 37,99 1,23 2,5 </p><p>8 10.09 1,63 1 </p><p>9 12,73 1,59 1 </p><p>10 10,48 1,66 1 </p><p>11 31,12 1,1 4,5 </p><p>12 28,79 1,52 4,2 </p><p>13 41,52 1,54 5 </p><p>14 29,02 1,83 7 </p><p>15 23,32 1,77 3 </p><p>16 16,01 1,11 5,2 </p><p>17 30 1,61 4,5 </p><p>18 99,73 1,80 3,5 </p><p> Figure 9. Graph CPU usage, memory and network </p><p>when proxmox server virtualize Windows Linux </p><p>Ubuntu 9 OS </p><p>In Table 4, server load while running ftp </p><p>server with 10 virtual machines running </p><p>simultaneously, consumption only 50% cpu load but </p><p>the memory consumption 1.91 GB of total memory 2 </p><p>G, and network traffic 2.1 MB/s. </p><p>Obtained from the testing that increases server </p><p>resource consumption proportional to the amount of </p><p>installed virtual OS, but if the virtual OS is not used </p><p>then only require consumption for instance link, for </p><p>the real needs of the magnitude of the resources </p><p>needed by each virtual OS. </p><p>To running the OS with a number of large </p><p>amount, and for all tested operating system in an </p><p>active state operation, it also necessary to create </p><p>cluster operation. For the main computer cluster </p><p>system called the master controller can be connected </p><p>to other computers that are also to be installed </p><p>proxmox node. With this system there will be a </p><p>multiframe computer cluster which can be accessed </p><p>by a computer with a web control from the master </p><p>controller. </p><p>Through the addition of a computer cluster </p><p>resources owned by IaaS servers will increase the </p><p>capasity to load many client when active </p><p>simultaneously. </p><p>IaaS Proxmox Evaluation </p><p> Installation proxmox is very easy for the beginner administrator due supported with the </p><p>Beban Server</p><p>0</p><p>2</p><p>4</p><p>6</p><p>8</p><p>10</p><p>12</p><p>14</p><p>16</p><p>18</p><p>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17</p><p>CPU Usage (%) Memory Usage (GB) Network (KB) </p><p>Beban Server</p><p>0</p><p>5</p><p>10</p><p>15</p><p>20</p><p>25</p><p>30</p><p>35</p><p>40</p><p>45</p><p>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17</p><p>CPU Usage (%) Memory Usage (GB) Network (KB) </p></li><li><p>SEMINAR ON ELECTRICAL, INFORMATICS, AND ITS EDUCATION 2013 </p><p>B - 28 </p><p>interactive Web GUI also in instalation, </p><p>controlling, and monitoring. </p><p> When idle state resources taken by the virtual OS is fairly small just only by virtual instance, </p><p>and will increase during active use on each </p><p>virtual OS, while on active condition needs </p><p>minimal serv...</p></li></ul>