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    Hermawan Informatich Engineering Department

    Engineering Faculty

    Trunojoyo State University of Madura

    Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162)

    Firdaus Solihin Informatich Engineering Department

    Engineering Faculty

    Trunojoyo State University of Madura

    Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162)

    Hamdi Mubarak Informatich Engineering Department

    Engineering Faculty

    Trunojoyo State University of Madura

    Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162)

    Mulaab Informatich Engineering Department

    Engineering Faculty

    Trunojoyo State University of Madura

    Bangkalan, Indonesia (69162)

    Abstract The resource requirements of information

    technology in the field of software and hardware is

    having highly increase, meanwhile the resource

    investment will take time, cost, and power may not be

    obtained for many organization. One of the solution is

    using cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    for community resources sharing. In this research,

    implementation cloud computing by using proxmox that

    is an open source operating system with the

    infrastucture system of IaaS includes CPU, memory,

    hardisk, and Networks management. IaaS in proxmox

    using virtual server technology so that utility of the

    server hardware will be share between many system

    operating system (OS) that are installed inside. Proxmox

    server virtual machine can execute many OS running

    such as linux and Microsoft windows that are having

    good evidence for active running simultaneously.

    Keywords: Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as

    a Service, proxmox

    I. INTRODUCTION Cost for hardware requirements for the

    information technology implementation are not

    cheap, among the major components needed are the

    services server, storage, operating system and internet

    network. Also, for the installation and maintenance

    need any special management organization which not

    all organization can provides human Resources to

    manage it. Of course it required technological

    solutions that allow for the sharing of information

    technology resources for the community that are

    needed to implement information technology.

    To overcome these problems, they can utilize

    cloud computing technology to meet the

    infrastructure needs without the need for

    infrastructure investment independently and expert

    resources to manage and maintaince. Cloud is able to

    provide basic information technology resources, that

    are include storage, power processing, memory,

    operating system, and also computer networking

    which can be used by users of cloud clients to run

    they owned applications by maximizing utility of

    existing infrastructures that are provided by third

    party vendors.

    Cloud computing has become the trend of the

    implementation of the current resource sharing, Cloud

    itself is defined as a cutting edge system of parallel

    and distributed computing which is consisting of a

    collection of inter-connected and virtualized

    computers that are dynamically provisioned and

    represented through the Service Level Agreement

    (SLA) [1]. The scope of the cloud cover include

    Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service

    (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) [2].

    SaaS is an application component that is built

    from the composition of services trough the same or

    different. Amongs SaaS that are familiar used by

    public internet user through the web presentation and

    they service sharing. Service providers that are

    include this area are Gmap, GDocs, Flickr, Youtube,

    Facebook, Amazon e-Commerce, Twitter, and others.

    Through application programmable interface (API)

    and web service, services from the provider can be

    use-recycled easily.

    PaaS is a platform application development

    engine with a high level abstraction to be able to

    produce efficient and reliable service. PaaS have a

    support component library that allows developers to

    easily implement enterprise systems likely

    programming language Ruby, Java EE, Grails, .Net,

    Python, PHP and others. Google's cloud provides

    PaaS supporting for virtually all programming

    languages including library supporters.

    Focused on IaaS There are three types of cloud

    computing service are clasified of public services,

    private, and community. A public cloud is one which

    the services and infrastructure are provided off-site

    over the internet by service provider. These clouds

    offer the greatest level of efficiency in shared

    resources because user client only focus on their

    business process operasional without maintaince


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    hardware, software and data storage. Google cloud,

    Amazon, Rackspace is amongs vendor that provide

    public service.

    A private cloud is one in which the services

    and infrastructure are maintained on a private

    Management and commonly running in a private

    network. But as cloud all infrastructure still provide

    by third party vendor which reduces the cost savings

    and minimizing maintainance requirements. On this

    type client will have own self responsebility on

    security and data privacy.

    While the latter type of Cloud Computing is

    the type of cloud community. On this type of services

    aimed at specific communities both in the provision,

    management until using for common interest. So that

    in this type there is a specification that provides a

    wide space for organizations and corporations to

    develop what they need [3]. For the community cloud

    resource sharing, existing infrastructure and also data

    that can be managed with together. The community

    cloud more appropriate to be applied to communities

    that have the same scope and interest.

    Therefore in this research study design and

    implementation of cloud services community defined

    to the implementation of the education community

    which is in the region of Madura by making the

    Trunojoyo University as a provider of cloud services

    within corporate with education authorities and


    II. METHODS For the implementation of the education

    community cloud is needed in the design and

    implementation phases, as well as through the

    following steps:

    Preparation of cloud community regulatory Overshadowing regulatory cooperation

    between community organizations in the cloud

    requires a mutual agreement in policy, financing and

    maintenance of the system to be built. In the cloud

    community Which was built have work agreement for

    the expansion of educational technology for the

    education Community between Trunojoyo University

    as a service provider with the Department of

    Education and the Department of Religious Affairs


    Research of Cloud Technology fo Community

    Provider To meet the information Technology that is

    needed by community, research is needed in meeting

    the needs of software and hardware. Meeting the

    needs of software development conducted with the

    research at the level of SaaS and PaaS cloud

    components whithin produce Products of a website

    portal that manage internal management requirement

    of education departemen and distributed website of

    school agencies like is show in the Figure 1 and

    Figure 2.

    Figure 1. Website Portal for Internal Organization


    Figure 2. Data Integration and Maps of Schools

    Networks in Bangkalan Regency

    As well as for the provision of infrastructure at

    the IaaS level intended to meet the independently

    development and management for education

    department to built and manage others requirement

    likely education directory and email services.

    Implementation of Cloud Technology To meet the required infrastructure should be

    available idealy hardware with dedicate components

    for the real implementation like is shown in Figure 3

    and listed in Table 1.


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    Figure 3. Cloud infrastructure from the server farm

    utility in IT Centre of Trunojoyo University

    Tabel 1. The implementation of hardware


    Analyze of IaaS Virtualization Use Proxmox Server

    Proxmox as a virtualization platform that is

    open source whitin supports for running virtual

    machines based on KVM and OpenVZ. Proxmox can

    be used to manage virtual machines and clusters

    which provide web GUI control panel, while from

    this control panel did virtual machines management

    and also monitor using of resources [4].

    Because based on debian etch x86_64,

    Proxmox can only installed in server engine base on

    64 bit. To use KVM in proxmox required processor

    with hardware virtualization support features inside

    Intel VT or AMD-V, but for OpenVZ dont need this


    On testing proxmox, using hardware

    specifications are shown in Table 2,

    Table 2, Hardware specification for IaaS testing

    Component Specification


    - Intel Core i5 2,50 GHz, 2 GB RAM

    - Hardisk 320 GB Computer

    Networking - Intranet 1 GByte



    - Proxmox VE 3.1, KVM, OpenVZ

    - Virtual OS : Windows xp, Ubuntu 9

    - Browser : Firefox - Java Development Kit


    - OpenVnc

    Proxmox server for testing at a local testing

    Networks as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4, Network with star topology for testing cloud


    Server with multiple clients connected using

    switches use the star topology. In server also did

    access testing for proxmox administrator GUI from

    client browser that provide administering service.

    Administration service give fitur for controlling and

    Monitoring of CPU, memory, hardisk and also

    networks using.

    Figure 5. Proxmox VE 3.1 administrator control panel

    To access the installed virtual OS can be used

    openvnc where with the java applet support can

    access virtual OS through a web browser client, as

    shown in Figure 6 accessing Windows XP through

    mozilla firefox browse.

    Komponen Spesifikasi



    - Blade Server HP BLc7000 8 slot CPU 64 bit

    - Prosesor 4 x Quad-Core 3 GHz - Memori (8 x 4) 32 GB



    - Koneksi Internet Up-Down simetris 40 MB



    - Proxmox VE 3.1, KVM, OpenVZ

    - Virtual OS : Windows 7, Ubuntu 9, Centos5


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    Figure 6. Accessing virtual OS XP windows use

    OpenVnc in Applet inside mozilla firefox client


    In the system testing performed testing

    scenarios, by following:

    1. Running a virtual machine with windows xp operating system

    2. Running a virtual machine with the operating system ubuntu 9

    3. Running a virtual machine with the operating system with ftp server

    In the testing step, testing the ability of

    proxmox virtual server to running multiple virtual

    machines to obtain maximum load IaaS server with

    turn on one by one virtual machine until IAAS server

    get saturation condition.

    On the system load at idle state, the results of

    testing of the use of resources can be seen in Figure 7,

    Figure 7. Server Proxmox Status

    When server idle state CPU that is used

    0,17%, memory 315MB from 1,86 GB total memory

    and Hardisk 860MB as shown in Figure 7,8,9.

    Figure 8. CPU Used Monitoring

    When idle (when I / O wait 0%) CPU usage 0.17% of

    the total available

    Figure 9. Memory Used Monitoring

    When idle memory in use 0.86 GB of total

    memory 1.86 GB available

    Figure 10. Network Used Monitoring

    Shows the network at idle condition where

    bandwith transfer between 3Mb/sec.


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    Table 3 comparison of the load in the proxmox server

    virtualization with Windows XP instance Number of Virtual OS

    CPU Usage (%)

    Memory Usage (GB)

    Network (KB)

    1 1,16 0,89 0,2

    2 3,33 1,39 0,3

    3 3,33 1,80 1 4 3,83 1,13 1,3

    5 4,82 1,09 0.3

    6 5,32 1,48 3,8 7 6,65 1,75 4

    8 8,89 1,49 4

    9 8,17 1,47 3,8 10 9,14 1,70 3,8

    11 10,44 1,81 3,9

    12 10,31 1,80 3 13 11,91 1,81 4,2

    14 12,96 1,95 8,3

    15 13,55 1,82 7,9 16 13,26 1,92 7,8

    17 16,13 1,98 5,2

    Figure 8. Graph CPU usage, memory and network

    when proxmox server virtualize Windows xp OS

    Table 3 shows the server load when running

    the Windows XP operating system with 17 virtual

    machines running simultaneously, cpu load is still

    low on rate 16.13% but the load memory 1.98 GB of

    total memory 2 GB.

    While the load on the server when running the

    virtual machine with the operating system ubuntu 9,

    with specification 1 core cpu, 512 MB RAM and

    hardisk 30 GB

    Tabel 4. comparison proxmox server when load in

    Ubuntu OS 9


    of Virtual










    1 1,88 0,88 25

    2 7 1,75 1

    3 5,17 1,15 3

    4 6,11 1,64 4

    5 13,76 1,67 4

    6 6,84 1,52 3

    7 37,99 1,23 2,5

    8 10.09 1,63 1

    9 12,73 1,59 1

    10 10,48 1,66 1

    11 31,12 1,1 4,5

    12 28,79 1,52 4,2

    13 41,52 1,54 5

    14 29,02 1,83 7

    15 23,32 1,77 3

    16 16,01 1,11 5,2

    17 30 1,61 4,5

    18 99,73 1,80 3,5

    Figure 9. Graph CPU usage, memory and network

    when proxmox server virtualize Windows Linux

    Ubuntu 9 OS

    In Table 4, server load while running ftp

    server with 10 virtual machines running

    simultaneously, consumption only 50% cpu load but

    the memory consumption 1.91 GB of total memory 2

    G, and network traffic 2.1 MB/s.

    Obtained from the testing that increases server

    resource consumption proportional to the amount of

    installed virtual OS, but if the virtual OS is not used

    then only require consumption for instance link, for

    the real needs of the magnitude of the resources

    needed by each virtual OS.

    To running the OS with a number of large

    amount, and for all tested operating system in an

    active state operation, it also necessary to create

    cluster operation. For the main computer cluster

    system called the master controller can be connected

    to other computers that are also to be installed

    proxmox node. With this system there will be a

    multiframe computer cluster which can be accessed

    by a computer with a web control from the master


    Through the addition of a computer cluster

    resources owned by IaaS servers will increase the

    capasity to load many client when active


    IaaS Proxmox Evaluation

    Installation proxmox is very easy for the beginner administrator due supported with the

    Beban Server











    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

    CPU Usage (%) Memory Usage (GB) Network (KB)

    Beban Server











    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

    CPU Usage (%) Memory Usage (GB) Network (KB)


    B - 28

    interactive Web GUI also in instalation,

    controlling, and monitoring.

    When idle state resources taken by the virtual OS is fairly small just only by virtual instance,

    and will increase during active use on each

    virtual OS, while on active condition needs

    minimal serv...