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Initial Magazine Ideas R&B MUSIC MAGAZINE

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Initial Magazine IdeasR&B MUSIC MAGAZINE

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Magazine TitleI asked 30 people in my target audience which was their favourite magazine name out of the ones I had come up with, a few of these were by interview which I have included on my blog, but in order to reach a wider audience I sent out my questionnaire to more people and the results are below. I can see that Pulse, Volume, Listen, Xplode and loud are the most popular so I shall decide on my magazine name out of those options.







Magazine Name Ideas


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Themes and IdeasWhen planning my magazine, I have looked at existing music (R&B) magazines in order to gain inspiration and to see what themes and ideas are already available in order to gain an understanding of what is not already on the market that my magazine can fill the gap. I can see that most magazines do not clutter the front cover with lots of different pictures but tend to stick to just one artist to be the main feature in the magazine so I intent to replicate this with my magazine. I intend to have a professional and clean looking theme to my magazine in line with my target audience.

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GenreWhen considering which genre to choose for my magazine, I thought about which is my favourite music and therefore which genre I felt most comfortable writing about. The genre I have chosen is R&B for this exact reason. I also know that it is popular amongst my target audience and therefore there is an audience that will buy my magazine. There are also many current artists that fall under this genre that I can write about and some existing R&B magazines that I can take inspiration from and an understanding of what I need to include in my magazine.

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Existing Magazine Prices

Q Magazine = £3.70 Billboard = £3.99 Rolling Stone = £4.95 NME = £2.99

In order that my magazine is an attractive purchase for my target audience I need to ensure that it’s price is in keeping with the competition or be slightly cheaper. I therefore am going to price my magazine at around £3.50 as I feel that this beats most magazine prices but is not so cheap that the magazine loses it’s classy and clean look.