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  • 1.Hacking 101Balaji Narayanan

2. Hacking? 3. Someone who makesfurniture with an axe - Hacker in German 4. hacker: n.A person who enjoys exploring thedetails of programmable systemsand how to stretch theircapabilities 5. Hacking is a constructive term. Cracking is destructive 6. Altering a system to do what you want it to do using what is at your disposal - Christian Heilmann 7. Hack Day 8. 24 hours of un-interrupted, unrestrainedcoding and innovation 9. Hack 10. Eat 11. Get Help 12. Recharge 13. Hack Fix 14. Present 15. Win 16. Have Fun 17. Where do I start? 18. A good hack starts with an idea 19. Fix something you use everyday 20. Scratch your own itch 21. Build something you will use yourself 22. Hack for Good - Make the world a better place 23. Go local tools for helping your local community 24. 25. 26. Show us what can be builtusing the systems we (and others) offer. 27. 28. 29. 30. Presenting your hack 31. Do not show us slides about your hack 32. Show us what you have done 33. Technical glitches happen 34. Have a plan-B 35. And once you are done 36. Keep your hack live for others to see 37. Show other hackers what you have done 38. Publish your code on github 39. Join us and take it even further! 40. How we judge the hacks Working Prototype Solves a real problem Great User Experience Uses data or technology in a unique andinteresting way Uses technology or data from Yahoo! X-factor! 41. 1. Dont concentrate on your favorite toys 42. 2. A good hack doesnt need to be a big thing 43. 3. Dont look for features. 44. 4. Find things that already work 45. 5. You only have 24 hours 46. Innovation has no limits 47. Go Hack !!! Have Fun 48. twitter: @hackuindia event info #hacku add to all tweets flickr: #hacku irc: #hacku 49. Thank YouBalaji Narayanan@balajijegan 50. Hack Resources


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