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A quick introduction to using hack days as a means of innovating in a company and why it makes sense to take part as a developer.


  • Innovating with hackdays. Christian HeilmannITV Innovation Luncheon

  • What makes you happy?

  • What makes you happy?

    Delivering something Getting recognition for your work Solving problems Learning something new Finding ways to improve things

  • This is hard in our day-to-day job!

  • This is hard in our day-to-day job!

  • Leaving our comfort zone.

  • Hackdays work!

    Take 24 hours to build something new Disregard all the protocols you have in delivery Collaborate with people you havent worked with Deliver a working prototype and explain what you want to

    achieve with it

    Prepare a damn good 60 second pitch

  • Why take part?

  • Hackdays are for you!

    Show off what you are interested in - no matter how geeky Learn something new - is there a technology you always

    wanted to play with?

    Get out of your shell - partner with people with complimentary skills and give a great pitch.

    Release something on your terms and without waiting! Show that if your manager is not breathing down your neck

    you can release awesome in no time

  • Scratch your own itch!

  • Hackday awesome can leak...

    Write a tool to make a day-to-day process more efficient Show that by using a certain tool or technology you can

    deliver something very quickly

    Make the first step to learn that skill you always wanted to have but always pushed further out

    Show that your department can innovate and deliver Join a community outside the company

  • Hackdays are about delivery...

    Dont bother building the best thing ever Concentrate on one thing and deliver a working prototype Steal, borrow, cheat... whatever it takes, get the message


    Start something - make the code available If the hack works only on your machine, also create a

    screencast ( rocks for that!)

  • Use whatever tool you need!

  • Tools to use...

    Open technologies make it easy to build prototypes (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

    Use libraries (jQuery, Google Visualisation libraries, d3.js, rafael.js...)

    Use APIs for data and conversion ( Find APIs to do time consuming jobs for you ( for video

    conversion, YQL for data mashing)

  • Re-use and connect solutions

  • Prepare your delivery...

  • Pitching hard and fast...

    Show what your hack does Explain the effect this has - why is it a cool hack? Give ideas where this can go and how the company could

    benefit from it

  • After the hack day...

  • After the hack day...

    Have your hack as a package for people to show around the company (screencast, screenshots, working code, 3 sentence pitch)

    Keep hacking on it (freetime or ask your boss to get some extra time)

    Demand follow-up from your company!

  • My turn!


  • Interactive video effects?

  • Scene change detection



  • Facial detection / analytics










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