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We are proud to announce our fourteenth Innovation Excellence Weekly for Issuu. Inside you'll find ten of the best innovation-related articles from the past week on Innovation Excellence - the world's most popular innovation web site and home to 5,000+ innovation-related articles.


  • January 4, 2013

  • Issue 14 January 4, 2013

    1. 21 Innovators on What Well Be Doing in 2013............................................... Mari Anixter

    2. How Renaming the C-Suite Can Spark Innovation ...... Luis Gallardo

    3. Igniting Innovators DNA to Flourish in 2013 ....... Janet Sernack

    4. Think Like Nature to Innovate .............................. Jocelyn Atkinson and Michael Graber

    5. Technologies for the Emerging Digital Universe .... Steve Todd

    6. January 2nd Kick Off ... Donna Sturgess

    7. 6 Digital Trends to Watch in 2013 ........ Greg Satell

    8. Why a Common Language Matters for Innovation ....... Jeffrey Phillips

    9. Let Me Speak! ........ Drew Boyd

    10. Why Corporate Culture is Important for Innovation ..... Jeffrey Phillips

    Your hosts, Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter and Rowan Gibson, are innovation writers, speakers and

    strategic advisors to many of the worlds leading companies.

    Our mission is to help you achieve innovation excellence inside your own organization by making

    innovation resources, answers, and best practices accessible for the greater good.

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  • 21 Innovators on What Well Be Doing in 2013

    Posted on December 30, 2012 by Mari Anixter

    What will innovators be doing in 2013? When we asked a sampling of our authors/bloggers/community members, inspiration for the New Year

    tumbled forth! Thank you for big picture predictions, personal proclamations and some gorgeous wishes. If even 50% of these come true it will

    make for a great new year.

    Scott Bowden

    IBM Global Services

    1. Innovators Will Be Surfing

    I am approaching 2013 like a surfer floating in the ocean scanning the horizon. I am looking for the next big innovation wave to ride, trying to

    make sense of a churning sea of one wave after another, counting to see which is the seventh wave, which in surfing lore is usually the best to

    ride. I worry that there is such an intense focus on innovation as a corporate panacea that as a practitioner I might choose a wave that is too big

    to ride. I have to remind myself that the smaller waves will still get me to the shore and, more importantly, in one piece.

  • Nicolas Bry

    Orange Innovation Group

    2. Innovators Will Have Timely Dialogue

    I wish Innovation will feature a timely dialogue in 2013 involving active co-creation, modular design, sparkling collaboration. This will ensure

    constant knowledge circulation across the innovation team riding in a collective adventure.

    - Timely means to me finding appropriate time to listen to and the tolerance to sometimes not to be listened to!

    - Catching the right moment for innovation to connect people, leveraging on digital to deliver a meaningful impact in a humanistic and social


    Lea Carey

    Principal of TheHealthMaven, LLC, IX Healthcare Editor

    3. Innovators Will Focus on Digital Healthcare around Lifestyle and Wellness

    It will be huge in 2013. Consumers will become more engaged in their own healthcare; employers and health plans will continue to search for

    the secret sauce to keep everyone healthy, reduce healthcare costs, and improve outcomes. Social media will be a key driver to move

    innovations forwardand forward.

    Dean DeBiase

    Serial CEO and Chairman of Reboot Partners, Innovation Excellence, and co-author of The Big Moo with Seth Godin

    4. Innovators Will Be Answering to Multinational CEOs and Boards

    CEOs and boards will be looking to their chief innovation officers, and key leaders, to move beyond incremental innovation and deliver on

    creative ideas that reboot slow growth sectors and make more significant impacts to their core business. Three key areas will be 1. Impacting

    the next generation of global growth with new product, service and customer/client programs; 2. Innovative, lower cost, partnerships the move

    the needle and their brands into new product/service areas or create entire new market categories altogether; and 3. Innovative ways to

    restructure the way they operate and deliver value, with systemic changes to the cost side of their business and driving smart/significant

    efficiencies through deeper adoption of technology, the Internet and social media.

  • Rowan Gibson

    Co-founder of Innovation Excellence and the author of Innovation to the Core

    5. Innovators Will Be Executing

    As the field the business discipline of Innovation Management continues to evolve in 2013, the general shift will be from idea

    generation to idea execution. All those ideation sessions, creative competitions and open innovation efforts have already produced scores of

    potential new opportunities for the organizations involved. Most of them are now struggling to turn at least the most promising of those

    opportunities into adequately funded and professionally managed projects with enough momentum and political support to stand a good chance

    of successful commercialization. Thats the challenge the bottleneck that is now keeping a lot of highly committed innovation VPs and

    managers up at night: Where can I find the money, the people and the time to put behind all these great ideas? Solving this challenge will be

    a major focus for organizations in 2013 as they continue their efforts to embed a deep, sustainable capability for innovation excellence.

    Judith Glaser

    CEO, Benchmark Communications, Inc. & Co-founder at Creating WE Institute and author of six books including TRUST At the Moment of

    Contact to be published in 2013

    6. Innovators Will Be Focusing on Co-creating Conversations

    on changing how we communicate with each other from power-over to power-with conversations which inspires our aspirational thinking

    about the future. The more we learn to shape conversational spaces, the more we are able to bring our greatest wisdom and insights into the

    world. Human beings are designed to co-create. The more we learn about how to shape conversational environments for co-creation, the more

    we will set the stage for deeper musings, for more profound innovations and for more powerful conversations to emerge around the world. We

    are now poised to learn, grow and nourish each others greatness co-creating conversations will lead the way.

  • Neale Godfrey

    CEO of Green$treets Inc. Just launched a bestselling App for kids 5-8 that teaches financial and ecological responsibility. Greenstreets:

    Unleash the Loot! Author of 17 books that deal with money, life skills, and value issues.

    7. Innovators Will Keep on Creating the Need

    Innovators have to not only react to the needs of the populace, innovators have to actually create the need. True innovators will continue to stay

    in front of the curve. An innovator has to listen, really listen to their market and collaborate to develop meaningful solutions to problems that

    heretofore, did not have apparent solutions. 2013 will bring that open, honest dialogue of collaboration to make the world a better place, starting

    with kids and families.

    Paul Hobcraft

    Frequent IX contributor and Innovation Knowledge Consultant who divides his time and Innovation Advisory services between Switzerland and


    8. Innovators Will Be Figuring Out the Power of the Innovation Bubbling Up

    And how to harness these insights into winning products quickly. As we grapple with all the value (and pitfalls) of social media, increasing

    avenues for our customers to connect and the world of innovators all around us in collaborations and through open innovation, the ability to

    capture all this open bubbling energy will need new ways to capture and interpret all of this into new offerings that can be channel back down

    into those meaningful products and services wanted. This will require increasingly nimble organizations, agile, responsive and prepared to

    invest in this more risky and fast changing environment, through new business models and innovation practices.

    Joan Holman

    Author, Internet Marketing Guru and Book Marketing Diva at Joan Holman Productions and IX Publishing Editor

    9. Innovators Will Harness the Explosion in Self Publishing

    Disruptive innovation in the publishing industry has created a profound transformation that is shaking the industry to its roots and has forever

    changed how books are produced, distributed and marketed. The stigma of self-publishing will continue to disappear and the shift to self-

    publishing will accelerate in 2013. Entrepreneurs and innovators will join the new Gold Rush in Indie publishing by providing an array of

    products and services for the needs of Indie authors that helps them publish and market better, smarter and more effectively. Opportunities will

    lie in making books more appealing and more discoverable to target markets, as well as tapping into the fast-growing markets in 2013 for

    English-language books outside the United States.

  • Saul Kaplan

    Founder and Chief Catalyst Business Innovation Factory and author of The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant

    when the World Is Changing

    10. Innovators Will Move from Tweaks to Transformation

    2012 was great for innovators. Our voice & collaboration muscle got stronger. The big trend now is self-organizing purposeful networks. In 2013

    lets put our networks to work to solve the big social challenges we face including education, healthcare and ene