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Our seventh issue of Innovation Excellence Weekly for Issuu. Inside you'll find ten of the best innovation-related articles from the past week on Innovation Excellence - the world's most popular innovation web site and home to nearly 5,000 innovation-related articles.


  • November 16, 2012

  • Issue 7 November 16, 2012

    1. Buncee, Arturi, Curie and Discovery ........ Julie Anixter

    2. Innovation Goal Growth or Strategic Renewal? ..... Rowan Gibson

    3. Why the Top 20 R&D Spenders Waste Their Money .... Adam Hartung

    4. How Innovation Processes Began at Shell and IBM ........ Geovanny Romero

    5. Leadership, Influence & Relationships ... Mike Myatt

    6. Innovation Cannibalism . Peter Cook

    7. Building Your Innovation Language and Culture ..................... Braden Kelley

    8. Making Innovation a Reality in Your Company ........ Julian Birkinshaw

    9. Innofacturing, the Real Innovation in Manufacturing ... Geovanny Romero

    10. Serendipitous Predictable Innovation ... Michel van Hove

    Your hosts, Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter and Rowan Gibson, are innovation writers, speakers and

    strategic advisors to many of the worlds leading companies.

    Our mission is to help you achieve innovation excellence inside your own organization by making

    innovation resources, answers, and best practices accessible for the greater good.

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  • Buncee, Arturi, Curie and Discovery

    Posted on November 12, 2012 by Julie Anixter

    We love meeting serious roll-up-your sleeves, get-it-done innovators. When Marie Clarke Arturi told us her story about how raising 40 million

    dollars for medical research inspired her to create buncee, we wanted to share it with you. With a Madame Curie sense of purpose, CEO Arturi

    speaks of two strong desires that intersected, and motivated her. Drawn to using the renaissance tools of the web, she wanted to uniquely

    acknowlede the people she met who are moving science forward. Buncee, Communication through Creation, is the startup that resulted.

    Julie Anixter: You have a powerful life story that has informed everything youve done for the last 17 years? Can you share it?

    Marie Clarke Arturi: I created buncee LLC, to be a fun online and mobile digital canvas where users can create interactive multimedia

    messages to better express themselves across all their social and private networks.

    The start of our journey began many difficult years before I was even ready to dream of buncee, though. Our family lost one of our daughters,

    Daniella, to a very rare disease, Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). To honor her much too short, but remarkable life, we decided to channel our

    grief into the development of a medical research foundation in her name with the goal of helping to cure this little known disease for the children

    and families living with DBA. Over the years, the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation has been very fortunate to help raise millions of dollars for

    the cause that has not only let us fund individual research projects, but also host several international medical conferences that have helped

    inspire and multiply research initiatives around the world.

  • Julie: How did you raise so much money?

    Marie: Our family spent years hosting fundraisers in all the traditional ways foundations do golf tournaments, cocktail receptions, silent

    auctions, you name it, and we have dedicated personal finances, as well. We also spent time helping people in Congress and within the

    relevant federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and Center for Disease Control understand the value of rare disease

    research and the complex and important connections DBA specifically has to other disease areas. We really did our homework and tracked

    down as many doctors and researchers that may have known about DBA as we could in the beginning. With them, we formed a wonderful team

    that has grown remarkably over the years. They have helped us articulate to Congress and the agencies the tremendous promise in

    researching DBA, both for the children and families living with DBA, but also for communities living with other blood disorders, birth defects and

    cancer. We are grateful that the researchers and health policy experts within the NIH, CDC and Congress agreed with the research potential

    and that this work is yielding exciting discoveries for each of these disease areas. There is still a lot to do however and were thrilled that

    buncee has come together as a way to give something fun and useful to people to use, while hopefully also helping us raise awareness and

    funding we need to cure this disease and help other disease communities find their cure, too.

    Julie: What is Buncee?

    Marie: buncee is an online content sharing platform and mobile app that helps users create and share their everyday memories, interests,

    greetings, digital scrapbooks, and business stories in a fun and social way.

    To create a buncee, you simply log on and open your digital buncee canvas

    where you can grab a background (ours or yours) and add as little or as much

    multimedia content as youd like, then share anywhere, via email or by posting

    across your social networks with just a few clicks. We provide users with multiple

    easy-to-use tools to add photos, text, messages or quotes, drawings and online

    content such as YouTubes, Soundcloud, flickr, Google images and even public

    Instagram images into a postcard sized buncee, which can be expanded into multiple slides if you like. We also have an iPhone and iPad

    mobile app, buncee bits, for quick, on-the-go bit sized buncee creations. Click here for video presentation (1:20 sec).

    Julie: What kind of innovation does it represent?

    Marie: Creative communication. In a time when so many of the outlets we use for communication today, the twitters and facebooks of the

    world, have become more and more truncated, we give people an easy tool to say a little more.share a little more! Were a group of people

    that doesnt think a happy birthday post on your wall cuts it. We appreciate the drive toward quick, digital communication, but dont believe it

    should limit our personal connection to people, particularly the people we love. It seems to me there are times where we need to say a little

    more, be a little more personal, get a message across more effectively, and buncee is a tool to do just that. You can mix as much or as little

    digital content as you like to get your point across and easily share with one person or all your people in just a few c licks.

  • Julie: Why did you start the company?

    Marie: It was upon leaving one of our medical conferences, while writing email thank you notes (I know, horrible) to the amazing doctors and

    researchers that attend our conferences that the thought came to me. I wished I had a way to share the picture we took of all our doctors on an

    attractive background, with the all the personal text I was writing, so that I could create a digital thank you that would really feel special to

    them. Not a canned e-card, but something truly unique, creative and personal online! I googled around for something like, but

    there wasnt anything out there. Im happy to say now there is! We thought that by creating buncee, we could help fill the void for people like

    me who were searching for a flexible, easy to use platform like this, while also becoming a fun new way to help us raise awareness and funding

    for our DBA research efforts.

    Julie: Youve just started up a startup! How do you feel about this?

    Marie: I underestimated by a monstrous order of magnitude how challenging this would be. While I have a business background, Im also a

    Mom and one that until now has been dedicated to rabidly learning medical lingo and the basics of running a foundation for more than a

    decade. Embarking upon a tech start-up at this stage in my life wasnt exactly what I anticipated. But, here I am. Living out on the east end of

    Long Island, NY, on the North Fork, has also presented some challenges as well as some perks. While the east end would not be considered

    a hotbed of technical talent, we were fortunate to discover the wonderful talent that Stony Brook University has within their Computer Science

    department. With outreach to Stony Brook and other local colleges we began hiring graduates and now have a very talented and energized

    team. Weve also benefited from our proximity to NYC where weve been able to set up a small satellite office within the very cool shared co-

    working space at the Alley NYC, which has given us great access to networking and creative talent in the City.

    All in all, Im really proud of where we are as a start-up. Ive also realized there is a huge upside to doing something like this at an older age. As

    you get older, you learn about force multipliers. You have done enough different things in your life to know that when your team is on the same

    wavelength which is when you feel it in your bones that together you can achieve just about anything. Our medical effort has been somewhat

    miraculous in this way and I can feel this happening at buncee now, too. You can feel when energy begins to converge and marvelous things

    await you. Im not trying to sound too new age here, but prior to that moment Ive had to simply. Stick to it! Stick to it! Stick to it! That pretty

    much sums it up. Dont get too excited, dont get too devastated stay focused and keep going.

  • CEO Marie Arturi, with buncee team member and daughter Francesca, showcasing buncee at the 2012 HOW Design Conference

    Julie: What job does Buncee allow people to do?

    Marie: buncee allows people to create, share, express themselves and even m